More on Flynn case -

Part of the "Watergate Prosecutors" group who filed a brief opposing the DOJ motion to dismiss is Jill Wine-Banks.

Ms. Wine-Banks is a Trump/Russia collusion nutter who claimed General Flynn would get "immunity for kidnapping"

Good job Judge Sullivan!
"Watergate Prosecutors" member Jill Wine-Banks was a huge fan of the Steele Dossier.

She also took the "Avenatti Dossier" seriously.

The Avenatti Dossier ID'd financial transactions of the wrong Michael Cohen(s).

Watergate Prosecutors member Jill Wine-Banks:

Peddling Trump/Russia criminal conspiracy lies.
Those who oppose the Flynn case dismissal - Watergate Prosecutors member Jill Wine-Banks:

"Mueller can prove conspiracy with Russia beyond any doubt."

Peddlers of conspiracy theories.

These are the people Judge Sullivan will listen to.
From their motion:

"The Watergate Prosecutors . . . are uniquely suited to help ensure a fair presentation of the issues raised by the Govt's Motion [to dismiss]."

What a joke.
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