The Public Servant who is the CEO of the Nev Power commission says he doesn't know which Departments the Commission's manufacturing taskforce has been speaking with. Other than the department for fossil fuels, of course. #auspol #oversight
Admits the process is "opaque".
The CEO of the COVID Commission is unable to describe when and how its documents will become cabinet in confidence.
Now giving a general description of how it might work based on his "expectation"


what is this operation?
the CEO of the COVID Commission expects but is not sure if all of the Commissioners are company directors

far out
"i'm not trying to say I don't know what's going on, I know a bit... at least" - the CEO of the COVID Commission

Meanwhile the Chair, Nev Power, is nowhere to be seen.
Committee has requested Nev Power's attendance - so where the bloody hell is he?
CEO of the COVID Commission does not know how Nev Power was selected and who selected him as Chair
CEO of COVID Commission does not know anything about cabinet or PMC process for appointing the Commissioners

un be f lievable
PMC says the appointments were made by the PM.

PMC 'discussed' the choices and process w PMO but choice made by PM.
There's been one conflict of interest declaration and recusal so far, but they wont tell us who and what about.
Mr Liveris is not a Commissioner, apparently, but an "appendage" TO the Commission.
PMC and CEO of the Covid Commission cannot say whether the Liveris manufacturing 'taskforce' is subject to conflict of interest requirements and recusals
The CEO of the COVID Commission DOESN"T KNOW if Mr Liveris is getting PAID to advise the Commission !>?!?!?
Ah - the Commissioners are getting paid.

Individual contracts apparently will go on Austender. Let me go check
$2,000 a day to work on the COVID commission.

Nev Power is getting $500,000 per year.
Sorry, Nev Power is getting half a million for SIX MONTHS. And this is supposed to cover his travel and accommodation.
CEO doesn't know whether or not the Commission is subject to the Foreign Influence Transparency requirements.
have to drop out here to give a presentation on... gas! but will circle back to cover
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