Alright, I'm gonna try something new here (although I'll admit I've seen a few other people do this on this site) so here goes. Music has been one of the main things helping me get through this craziness, so I'm going to start posting the albums I'm listening to at the moment.
I've discovered a lot of great albums that I either overlooked or failed to fully appreciate in the past. I'll probably only do 1 per day going forward but for now, here's a few that's I've been digging lately. A lot of classic rock, but trust me there will be lots of jazz,
classical, R&B, soul etc. to come.
Continuing my #albumoftheday this is what I am digging today. It's often credited as the first full "album" and "concept album" in popular music.
This man's birthday was yesterday, so this is a carryover and I'm going with 2 from the legend Stevie Wonder for my #albumoftheday #StevieWonder70
Today's #albumoftheday is one of my all-time favorites. I just love the variety of styles on this Beatles record, which is reflective of what was going on with the band at the time.
Today's #albumoftheday comes from Phoenix's very Own Meat Puppets! To many people, they are most known for their cameo in Nirvana's "Unplugged." These guys have quite a following of their own a have been around for almost 4 decades!
Today's #albumoftheday comes from Faith No More, the album that introduced them to the mainstream as their most commercially successful release. Everyone knows about "Epic" but they covered a lot of range on this album with elements of funk, metal, prog rock, and hip hop.
For today's #albumoftheday I'm highlighting Marvin Gaye's iconic "What's Going On," which was released 49 years ago today. What I can say about this recording that hasn't already been said? It was trailblazing and remains one of the finest albums ever recorded.
Here's today's #albumoftheday from @GreenDay . Their following up to the massively successful American Idiot album, 21st Century further solidified them as one of the top rock bands on the planet.
Today's #albumoftheday is from @pinkfloyd. Meddle features the 23 minute "Echoes" which took up all of side 2 on the original album release along with the well known instrumental "One of These Days."
Today's #albumoftheday is from the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. "The Payback" was a landmark album, one of Brown's finest works. Intended as the soundtrack for the film "Hell Up In Harlem" but the film's producers rejected it - a decision the film's director later regretted.
#albumoftheday today is "Trick of the Tail" by @genesis_band, which was the first of the band's efforts to feature Phil Collins on lead vocals (which he did after the search for Peter Gabriel's replacement was unsuccessful)
#albumoftheday for today comes from The Gap Band. Although titled "IV", it was actually the group's 6th album, and their 2nd straight to go platinum. Featuring the legendary @CharlieWilson with his brothers Ronnie and Robert.
the #albumoftheday is the brilliant "so" by @itspetergabriel. Considered by many to be Gabriel's best album, it was undoubtedly his most commercially successful. One of the lasting legacies of this record was how it introduced world music to a new audience. #album
today's #albumoftheday comes from @PatMetheny. "Still Life (Talking)" won the Grammy for Best Jazz Fusion Performance in 1987 and combines elements of jazz, folk, pop, and Brazillian jazz. Metheny currently holds the record of winning a Grammy in 10 different categories.
Today's #albumoftheday is the classic "Horses" from Patti Smith. The impact of this one cannot be overstated because it had a far-reaching influence on punk, new wave, and of course on numerous female artists. #album
The #albumoftheday today is @EricClapton "Backless." Released in 1978 this album marked the end of an era in many ways as it was the last studio album to feature Clapton's main backing band of the 70's comprised of his Tulsa trio, along with guitarist George Terry #album
Today's #albumoftheday by @KaceyMusgraves is the follow up to her acclaimed debut album. My personal favorite of hers, and I think it is overlooked compared to the accolades her 1st and 3rd albums received. #album
today's #albumoftheday from the R&B Princess @rihanna, "Good Girl Gone Bad" is credited as the #album that set her career in a new direction after departing from the Caribbean sound of her first 2 efforts. It was a massive success and her top-selling release, going 6 X Platinum
in honor of the 50th anniversary of its release, today's #albumoftheday is "Deep Purple in Rock," the band's first album consisting of the classic Mark II line-up. This album is considered one of the first full-fledged heavy metal recordings in rock history. #album @_DeepPurple
Today's #albumoftheday is 2012's Black and Blu by @GaryClarkJr. His major-label debut, Clark was the first artist nominated for Grammys for Best Rock Song and Best Traditional R&B Performance in the same year. The #album spanned genres such as soul, hip-hop, R&B, rock, and blues.
today's #albumoftheday comes from the Queen of Soul. Her first recording with Atlantic Records is one of the seminal works of her career. This one really vaulted her into the realm of music superstar. #BlackMusicMonth #album @ArethaFranklin
today's #albumoftheday is Burnin' by @bobmarley & The Wailers. Their first release to reach Gold status in the US, it featured some of their best known songs including "Get Up, Stand Up." #album #BlackMusicMonth
Today's #albumoftheday is Vivid from @LivingColour. Their debut #album released in 1988 is still considered one of the great metal albums of all time #BlackMusicMonth
#albumoftheday is The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by @MsLaurynHill. Still her only solo studio #album to date, it's considered a landmark work in the genres of hip hop and neo soul. #BlackMusicMonth
the #albumoftheday today is The Country Way by Charley Pride. It was his first number 1 #album on the US Country Charts (the first of his 8 number 1 albums). #BlackMusicMonth
released 25 years ago next month, today's #albumoftheday is Brown Sugar by @TheDangelo. His debut #album, it's credited as the start of the revival of soul music, and with popularizing the neo soul genre. #BlackMusicMonth
today's #albumoftheday is Electric Ladyland by the @JimiHendrix Experience, the last studio #album released before Hendrix died 50 years ago this September. Many consider it to be his finest work, and it's often listed among the greatest albums of all time #BlackMusicMonth
today's #albumoftheday is the debut by the Songbird Supreme @MariahCarey that was released #OTD 30 years ago. It was Billboard's top album of the year, and catapulted Carey into superstar status. #BlackMusicMonth #MC30
#albumoftheday is The Spinners self titled 1973 release, their first of 3 straight albums to hit no. 1 on the R&B charts, and one of their 14 straight studio albums to make the Billboard 200. #album #blackmusicmonth
Today's #albumoftheday was the first full-length #album released by Def Jam records. Radio by @llcoolj. #BlackMusicMonth
today's #albumoftheday is A Day in the Life by Wes Montgomery, who passed away #otd in 1968 while at the height of his popularity. He is considered one of the great jazz guitarists in history, and this #album featured his biggest Hot 100 hit, Windy. #BlackMusicMonth
June 15th is a significant day in jazz history as Montgomery was not the only legend who was lost. The First Lady of Jazz, the Queen of Jazz Ella Fitzgerald also passed away #otd in 1996 at the age of 79. #blackmusicmonth @EllaFitzgerald
the #albumoftheday today is Boys & Girls by @Alabama_Shakes. Released in 2012, the #album reached no. 1 on the US. Indie, Alt and Rock charts, while hitting 6th on the Billboard 200. The lead single, Hold On, was named the best song of 2012 by Rolling Stone. #blackmusicmonth
today's #albumoftheday is Monk's Dream by Thelonious Monk. He was known for his improvisational style and the second most recorded jazz composer in history (behind Duke Ellington). This was his first release under Columbia records
today's #albumoftheday is Heavn by @jamilawoods. This was her debut album released in 2016 and it was named to numerous lists of the top #albums from that year. #BlackMusicMonth
today's #albumoftheday is At Last!, which was the debut studio #album by @EttaJames. It is considered one of the greatest albums of all time, and was James' most successful on the Billboard 200, peaking at no. 68. #BlackMusicMonth #JUNETEENTH2020 #JuneteenthDay
today's #albumoftheday is the composition Lilacs by George Walker. With this work, Walker became the African-American composer to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music #BlackMusicMonth
today''s #albumoftheday is Walk Through Fire by @iamyola. The #album earned a total of 4 Grammy nominations for the artist, including Best New Artist and was named one of the 25 Essential Nashville Album's of the 2010's by The Tennessean. #BlackMusicMonth
the #albumoftheday today is Music of My Mind by @StevieWonder. Many consider this #album to be the beginning of his classic period and it has been ranked as one of the top 500 albums of all time by Rolling Stone. #BlackMusicMonth
Today's #albumoftheday is Genuine Negro Jig by @_CCDs. This was their debut #album and it won the Grammy Award for Best Traditional Folk Album. #BlackMusicMonth
the #albumoftheday is Coming Home by @leonbridges. Released in 2015, it peaked at no. 6 on the Billboard 200 and earned a Grammy nomination for Best R&B #Album. #BlackMusicMonth
the #albumoftheday is @BlackPumasMusic self-titled debut #album that was released in June of last year. The duo earned a Grammy nod for Best New Artist, and combines elements of psychedelic soul, soul and R&B. #BlackMusicMonth
The #albumoftheday is Here, My Dear by Marvin Gaye. The #album was unsuccessful upon its initial release but was later hailed as one of Gaye's best works and a landmark in his career. #BlackMusicMonth
the #albumoftheday is All 'n All by @EarthWindFire. Released in 1977 it topped the R&B charts, and earned the group 2 Grammy wins. This #album, inspired by Maurice White's month-long trip to South America. #BlackMusicMonth
The #albumoftheday is Fear of a Black Planet by @PublicEnemyFTP. It is considered one of the greatest and most influential albums in hip hop, and is even in the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress. #BlackMusicMonth
the #albumoftheday is Sex Machine by James Brown. Considered one of the most important funk #Albums of all time and the high point of his creative heyday. It contains a mix of both live and studio recordings. #BlackMusicMonth
that was my final #albumoftheday for #BlackMusicMonth, and it was really had to only pick 'ONE' album per day because there are just so, so many great artists past and present that could be highlighted. I'm doing one last compilation of various albums I also wanted to consider.
I could go one with this forever but here are a few more.
In honor of #canadaday and the anniversary of its release, the #albumoftheday for July 1 is Music from Big Pink by The Band (4/5ths of the lineup was from Canada). This was the group's debut album, after having spent their career as a backing band up until that point
A lot of the tracks from the album were written while the group stayed at a house called "Big Pink" in upstate New York that was rented by some of the band members after they had finished touring as Bob Dylan's backing band.
the #albumoftheday is John Barleycorn Must Die by Traffic, released 50 years ago this month. Considered their comeback album after a 2 year hiatus, it began as a Steve Winwood solo project before he asked his former Traffic bandmates to join him (minus guitarist Dave Mason).
The #albumoftheday is The Way That I Am by @martinamcbride. Released in 1993, this was considered her breakthrough #album and spawned 4 hit singles on the Country charts, including Independence Day.
Speaking of Independence Day, the song is about domestic violence and not celebrating the birth of our country
The #albumoftheday is Winelight by Grover Washington Jr. Released in 1980, it featured the hit Just the Two of Us with Bill Withers on vocals
In honor of his 80th birthday, the #albumoftheday is Beaucoups of Blues by @ringostarrmusic! Released 50 years ago, this was his 2nd solo #album and marked a departure in style as it focused on his country and western influences, and it actually hit no. 35 on the country charts.
Today's #albumoftheday is Breakfast in America by Supertramp. By far the band's most successful #album, it produced 4 hit singles, topped the Billboard 200 and won 2 Grammys
the #albumoftheday is Aja by Steely Dan. Released in 1977, it hit no. 3 on the Billboard 200, which was the highest of any #album in the band's career. It has also been praised as one of the essential #yachtrock albums and as one of the best albums of the 1970's
the #albumoftheday is Chicago V by @chicagotheband, released #OTD in 1972. It was the group's first single #album, (the prior 4 albums were all doubles, & a 4 LP live effort), their first no. 1 on Billboard & featured their biggest hit single at that point (Saturday in the Park)
The #albumoftheday is Eye in the Sky by The @alanparsons Project. It is notable for winning 2 Grammy awards, 37 years apart. It won Best Engineered Album in 1983 and the 35th anniversary edition won Best Immersive Audio #album in 2019 #yachtrock
the #albumoftheday is Losing My Religion by @kirkfranklin. It was his first release on his own record label (Fo Yo Soul). The #album was critically acclaimed and won the Grammy for Best Gospel Album in 2017.
the #albumoftheday is Boz Scaggs by @bozscaggsmusic. The #album was basically ignored upon its initial release, but has received praise in retrospective reviews and was even named to Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums list.
Also, while technically his second solo album, his debut album (Boz) was never released outside of Sweden and went out of print
The #albumoftheday is Homecoming by @americaband. The follow up to their debut, it didn't top the charts like its predecessor, but in retrospective reviews it's been called their best album, and contains possibly their most well known song, Ventura Highway. #yachtrock
the #albumoftheday is Daylight Again by @CSNofficial. Originally intended as a Stills-Nash album, but due to Atlantic's refusal to pay for any non-CSN album, the duo eventually allowed Crosby to return. This is why there are guest vocals on the album, such as Art Garfunkel
the #albumoftheday is Time Out by @TheDaveBrubeck Quartet. One of the most legendary #Jazz #Albums of all time, it was notable for its usage of time signatures that were not common in jazz at the time. It's been recognized by the Grammy Hall of Fame, and the Library of Congress
The #albumoftheday is Stoner Witch by @melvinsdotcom. While it went out of print after the 90s it was reissued in 2016. The #album was named to several "best grunge album" lists in the 90s.
the #albumoftheday is Sheer Heart Attack by @QueenWillRock. Mostly written by Brian May while he was in the hospital, it was their first top 20 #album in the U.S. and has been hailed as one of the group's best #Albums.
the #albumoftheday is Vida Blue's self-titled debut album. The group consists of @phish keyboardist @pagemcconnell, @OteilBurbridge & @russellbatiste. The group was named after former MLB Pitcher Vida Blue. The #album was mostly instrumental pieces with a few lyrical tracks.
the #albumoftheday is Five-A-Side by Ace. The #album featured the band's biggest hit, How Long, which reached no. 3 on the Billboard 100. Their vocalist, Paul Carrack, is also well known as one of the lead vocalists of Mike + The Mechanics. #yachtrock
in honor of #MLBOpeningDay the #albumoftheday is Centerfield by @John_Fogerty. At the time, it was his first #album release in almost a decade and he notably played all instruments using overdubbing.
as a bonus here's Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School from @OfficialWZevon, which featured the song Bill Lee, which was a tribute to former Red Sox and Expos pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee. #MLBOpeningDay #albumoftheday
in honor of #BACKINBLACK40 the #albumoftheday (and all weekend) is the legendary Back in Black by @acdc. It is the biggest selling rock/hard rock/metal #album of all time, with over 29 million certified sales, and has been recognized numerous times as one of the best albums of
all time. It was the group's first recording with vocalist Brian Johnson, after Bon Scott died earlier in the year and the black album cover was meant as a tribute to Scott. More notes to come this weekend on this one.
Back in Black was released in the U.S. 40 years ago #OTD. The title track was also the album's lead single and was written as a tribute to Bon Scott. The opening guitar riff is one of the most iconic in rock history. #BACKINBLACK40 #albumoftheday
The album's opening track, Hells Bells, was the second single. Its iconic opening was a recording of 2,000 lb. Bronze bell using a mobile recording studio. #BACKINBLACK40
today's #albumoftheday is The Stranger by @billyjoel. This was Joel's first big commercial success after prior albums failed to chart highly. It was also the first of a series of successful collaborations with producer Phil Ramone.
Today's #albumoftheday is Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) by @DavidBowieReal. It was his last album with RCA and his first after the Berlin trilogy. It was a commercial comeback for Bowie and has received critical praise since.
the #albumoftheday is The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle by @springsteen, recorded in the summer of 1973, it was well-received critically and eventually went double platinum. It did not receive much attention on the radio until after Born to Run was released in '75.
As a result of BTR's massive success, tracks from Bruce's first 2 releases began to receive attention as well.
the #albumoftheday is Agent Provocateur by @ForeignerMusic. It was the band's only no. 1 album in the UK, and contained their biggest hit single, "I Want to Know What Love Is."
took a break from this thread, but here we go. The #albumoftheday is Backspacer by @PearlJam. The 2009 release featured Just Breathe, which was the band's highest-charting single since Wishlist off of 1998's Yield. #album
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