Hyoyeon: The Well Respected Dancer in The Industry - A Thread

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Minzy talked about how Hyoyeon is her dance inspiration (Queen influencing Queen!)

Shindong talked about Hyoyeon:

"All dancers know about her!"
Poppin J (Professional Popping dancer) on Hyoyeon:

"Hyoyeon's debut stage (as a dancer, before SNSD's debut) really left an impression on street dancers"
J Black (Professional Hip Hop dancer) on Hyoyeon:

"I don't want to say that i just like it, i'm going crazy over it. It's not just simply a fun dance, but a kind of art"
Bae Yoon Jung (Professional Kpop choreographer) on Hyoyeon:

"Ballroom dance is not something you can do in a day. but she nailed it sexily, which i am very impressed about it"
From Dancing With The Stars - Samba Ep.

Alex Kim (Int'l Judge from World DanceSport Federation) and Kim Joowon (Professional Ballerina) comments on Hyoyeon's Samba Dance

"I wonder, what is the limit of Hyoyeon's abilities?"
Taemin chose Hyoyeon as the candidate who'd win HTS Ep 1 and praised her dancing skills https://twitter.com/taembrat/status/1221564728817811456?s=20
Park Jieun (Master of DanceSport) on Hyoyeon:

"There's Latin dance called 'Rumba Walk'. It's a basic movements professional dancers practice all their lives. but her knees lay straight at once, and her balance is really good"
Chungha fangirling over Hyoyeon's performance on HTS😁
TWICE's Momo picked Hyoyeon's performance on HTS Ep 1 as the most impressive one
Feeldog talked about how Hyoyeon inspired him to go to Seoul to learn dance
J Black comments on Hyoyeon's Hip Hop performance
PS: This was from HTS Ep. 10 where Hyoyeon did Locking performance https://twitter.com/taembrat/status/1260361455242633216?s=20
From Dancing With The Stars - Jive Ep.

Alex Kim (Int'l Judge from World DanceSport Federation) and Kim Joowon (Professional Ballerina) comments on Hyoyeon's Jive Dance

"Some ppl call Hyoyeon the Korean Britney Spears. but imo, don't u think she's better than Britney?"
Red Velvet chose Hyoyeon as one of SM's Top 5 dancers
When asked about who are the best dancers in SM Taemin mentioned Hyoyeon (her name is on his top of mind among females😁)
EXO’s Kai

Hyoyeon used to talk about her desire to do couple dance with Kai, and Kai replied by saying Hyoyeon dances very well, so he’s really thankful she wanted to do it with him and it’s an honor for him.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

“Hyoyeon dances very well ever since she was trainee, she stood out among 100 trainees. I also went to Hyoyeon and learned to dance”

SHINHWA’s Minwoo

He was asked who he noticed the most on ggs, “I’m an SNSD fan, especially Hyoyeon dances very well ever since she was a kid i thought she’s the second BoA, i was interested in her”

From Dancing With The Stars - Cha-Cha dance

Song Seunghwan (Musical Actor/Producer) comments on Hyoyeon's expressions for Cha-Cha dance

"Even though Hyoyeon is good at dancing other styles too, Latin seem to suit her very well. I could feel her charms 100%"
Sistar's Bora

She chose Hyoyeon's HTS performance as the 1st place candidate. She thought Hyoyeon looked so cool since the first filming
Block B's U-Kwon

He also chose Hyoyeon's HTS performance as the strongest contender to win 1st place. He thinks her facial expressions on the stage felt different
SHINee's Taemin

Taemin picked Hyoyeon's stage as the strongest contender to win HTS ep 1 as well:
"from watching her stage performance i also think Hyoyeon noona was the coolest. I thought 'she must be the winner'"
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