I want to use my platform to say one last thing — ALL AFGHANS ARE SUFFERING and you are a fool if you think that AFTER DECADES OF WAR AND BLOODSHED fingers should be pointed at SPECIFIC GROUPS/ ETHNICITIES OF AFGHANISTAN
if you want to turn oppression into a competition EVERYONE CAN JOIN hazaras will explain the hazara genocide, pashtuns will explain how ahmad shah massoud worked with russians to kill off pashtuns, ARE WE GOING TO SIT IN THE PAST AND MAKE PAIN A COMPETITION?
as afghans, it is important for us to acknowledge our history and feel empathy towards what each ethnicity went through, but keep in mind that HISTORY IS NOT REPEATING ITSELF HERE. there is external involvement and they have made our country unstable during the past few decades.
have I denied racism in our country? NO.
hazaras have been called PUCHOOK and low class in front of me and pashtuns have been called DEYAATI villagers who are wild in front of me. I am not denying racism, I’m simply saying that it’s not the cause of this LONG WAR.
do you want to know why these attacks are continuing till this day? because afghans refuse to start a CIVIL WAR. the entire agenda is for afghans to spill each other’s blood and divide so AFGHANISTAN HAS NO CHANCE AT BECOMING A STABLE AND STRONG COUNTRY AGAIN.
USE YOUR BRAIN why are all ethnicities suffering? why are the attacks happening everywhere? why’s there Taliban involvement? why are US soldiers in Afghanistan? why do our Afghan presidents kiss America’s ass? why are minorities targeted? do you really think AFGHANS STARTED THIS?
it’s always DIASPORA AFGHANS who want to teach all of us what our people are going through back home. if racism was the issue, the civil war in Afghanistan would have began twenty years ago. why hasn’t it happened? because our AFGHANS BACK HOME know who’s behind everything.
may Allah give our people strength, sabr and ease. may Allah give our people the resilience to stay united with one another. may Allah punish those who are behind all of the chaos.

you can turn our country into dust, but you cannot take our country from our hearts.

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