1/ This is one of the most liked tweets #bcpoli's Health Minister has sent since the #Covid_19 shutdown began. It honours his critic, @NormLetnick. I know there are policy differences between political parties that should yield lively debate.

#cdnpoli https://twitter.com/adriandix/status/1260049141951901697
2/ I know both @NormLetnick & @adriandix could seek & find fault with each other's take on how to deal with #Covid_19. They could promote the negative as there will always be failings in something as complex as a government of a province of 5 million people.
3/ The wisdom of #Politics over the past (???) yrs has been to amplify the failings & minimize the success of opponents. To score likes & retweets through insults. To let fear and anger drive the discourse as parties search for the ballot box question.
4/ But we *know* this approach wins elections at the expense of trust. Lack of trust in democratic government opens the door to autocrats and worse. We don't need to look far for examples.
5/ Parties might win elections, but if they inherit a government so weakened by public mistrust, they won't be able to achieve their agenda, unless their agenda is the kind of government that is incapable of maintaining the necessary conditions for a functioning society.
6/ So how about we take this from #Covid_19: Let's try, just try, for the next election cycle to debate ideas without the hate. I suggest that the @bcliberals @bcndp & @BCGreens try for just one cycle to present distinct options amid a collaborative goal.
7/ Put out a #bcpoli platform that first identifies the directions where all parties agree. That highlights how our province can keep working together for the benefit of all. Only after that opening, highlight the points of diversion.
8/ Someone will lose and someone will win. But it just might be that politicians achieve the goal they say they are in public service for: to leave the province in a better spot when you leave politics than you found it in when you entered.
9/ You might also find that politics becomes a better, less soul-crushing profession. If it doesn't work, you can always go back to the old #bcpoli ways the next time.
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