"Intentional living" will be the big trend of 2020's.

Communities of like-liked people who work remotely will settle in the same geographic areas.

You've seen this trend in Jackson Hole and White Fish, as the super rich flee high tax blue states.
If you have a "frontier mindset," coronavirus is opening new world.

There is so much beautiful land in the U.S.

Problem: You "had to live in ____" if you wanted to work in "____." NYC for finance. SF for tech.

Coronavirus is remaking our assumptions on geography and career.
Pre-coronavirus, it took a MULTI-BILLIONAIRE like Thiel to move a company out of SF.

Smaller nodes were stuck until network effects / collective action cascades, and "everyone" leaves.

Coronavirus is forcing this.

Work for home means like-minded people can move to ______.
lolbertarians had this kooky idea called the "Free State Project."

Which.... isn't that goofy anymore.

With work-from-home becoming the norm, people can relocated to other states / cites and remake governments.
Every group of friends has had the "compound" conversation....

- Why don't we all just live around people who we actually like?

Jobs being tied to geography made a compound mindset fantasy.

With jobs decoupling from society, you'll see more "Intentional living" communities.
"The future of the Internet is small." - Cernovich

By this I meant, many people myself included, are tired of being around assholes online. (Others feel same about me!)

Paid membership groups became norm.

Jobs decoupling from geography mean entire cities will form like this.
Wild Wild Country (must-see) had me wondering... Why don't we have more Rajneesh-style intentional living communities?

You can't, because jobs are tied geography.

Post-coronavirus, jobs are decoupled from specific areas.

True freedom and intentional living are on the horizon.
I want to live in a community that is

- Pro-home schooling
- Gun friendly
- No alcoholics / partiers
- Physical culture / neighbors have saunas, ice baths

With jobs untied from cities, remote workers could form co-ops with such a Choose Your Own Adventure Checklist.
Whenever I post about intentional living, people show up to point out (obvious) potential downsides and you're proving my point.

I really wish you people weren't following me.

I don't want to live around people who only see downsides and can't think like a visionary.
I post an idea and 10000 losers will point out (obvious) potential downsides, as if no one has thought of those.

I'm stuck with dumb f*cks like this, really don't like it, but there's no way to get rid of those people.

Paid membership group *filters* those types out.
I don't want to live around negative people, people who only see downsides, who never see upsides.

But we are all sort of stuck with each other.

As remote working becomes normalized, we can have planned / intentional communities that filter out those we don't vibe with.
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