So let's say we have identified stakeholders and a problem-space outcome that we can really impact, and have decided on a solution, and now we want to Get to Work and balance that mother across its constraints!

Not all constraints are created equal

We need a constraint stack
Constraints come in two flavors, problem-space constraints and solution-space constraints

Problem-space constraints generally outrank solution-space constraints because they exist even without the solution

Solution-space constraints exist by virtue of the solution's existence
So if we set a priority stack we start with problem-space constraints and below that put solution-space constraints

Within those groups I prioritize maintaining standards that are currently met, then achieving unmet standards, and finally observing attributes of interest
Observability is the key for all of these - because an attribute can be observed even if a standard is not set for it

In fact the ability to observe an attribute without spontaneously placing a standard on it is a prime desired outcome of meditation practice
For my next trick I will provide examples and simpler syntax...
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