I asked this same question in 2018 on FB, because people are quick to ask margenalized groups Googleable questions & I can't make sense of why.

Tip: It's better to look it up to see what you find, then asking for further clarity if anything is confusing.
Sure, I can understand not using The Googles with things like autism. Where online search results are significantly more skewed outside of our favor.

But with just about everything else- you can even use the Twitter search feed 🤷🏾‍♀️
Play around with typing in the key words to your question in either search bar.

Chances are that someone has already asked &/ someone has already written on it.
Also don't expect to get/ assume to have full clarity on a topic that could fill a whole degree program.

It's great that we can ask each other questions directly, but also be mindful that most questions are repetitively asked w answers already available.
Just put in the work.
Adding: It's not margenalized folks jobs to make answers feel good. Especially if you're looking for answers to a question that taps into a history of oppression/abuse. It might hurt your feelings hearing the truth, but thats on you to sort out. It's not the time to get defensive
Yeah, like some stuff you'll look up & you'll get splat.

It makes sense to ask questions when search results are confusing. Not everything is as easily googleable. https://twitter.com/NoPuzzl98/status/1260281058664361985?s=19
My personal preference in being asked questions is, "I looked into this, this is what I found, but this part doesn't make sense to me. [Asks question]"

It's a lot easier to navigate than
"How do I not be racist?"

Which would clearly be a lot more to unpack.
We should really bring this back into general knowledge 😩 https://twitter.com/gosuperdonnie/status/1260294309166772224?s=19
These are some well-known, reputable fact-checking sites that publish their findings online for quick reference:

Also, it's really interesting prompting the questions that I did to nonautistic spaces (my fb) within what is now an autistic space (my Twitter)
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