$Grub is SOARING today! I wish I would’ve purchased more stock when it was in the $30s
And this whole Grubhub and Uber merging!?!???? Whew!!!
Buy merging, I mean takeover. Uber wants to buy Grubhub, yet Grubhub is soaring by $16 and Uber is up $1.55
By...grrr 😩😩😩
Keep going.
Morning bell.

Time to rise, grind, wake and medicate.

Made $100 off of Grub. $32x4. I got in at $30 weeks ago & held on, just wish I bought more. I didn’t wanna buy more stock at the current $60+, so I just bought a few fractionals.
As for today?

$BYND is moving nicely. I’m hella PISSED I didn’t get on this until much later, but those that jumped in when it was $48 are making bank.

While I don’t own a full share I’m up almost $15. My daughter owns the same stock, just $10 of it & she’s up also.
$ZM is moving too, as w/ $BYND, the kid & I don’t own a full share, but we’re making a couple bucks on this stock also.

I’m in no way shape or form an expert, but I’m learning as much as I can & implementing.

I made $170 from stocks I own, it aint 4figs, but I’m happy!
Please take this time and set aside some money to buy stocks. If you don’t want to do it for you, then set up an account for your offspring.
Start teaching them how to buy stocks at 4/5. If they know how to work iPads/phones, teach them this.

Have them invest in what they like: Mattel, McDonald’s, Nintendo, Microsoft, Apple, Kraft, etc.

All you need is ONE DOLLAR to start off with & they can own their stocks!
I wish I would’ve known this when my kids were younger, they’d be millionaires —26/20/17 years worth of stock. Since I can’t go back & change it, I can teach them now to start changing their lives & create generational wealth.

I also started an account for my 11 month godson
Take that $Sbux money & instead of buying a venti, buy the stock for that exact price.

Remember: ALL YOU NEED IS ONE DOLLAR TO BUY STOCKS. Fractional shares are a blessing.

For example:

$AMZN is worth $2k a share, I’m broke AF. So I bought $40 worth .2 shares I’m up $7
If you’re interested in starting, LMK & I’ll give you a referral code via DM so that you can get free stock as well as $5 that you can use towards the purchase of any stock.
I had ZERO KNOWLEDGE about stocks and was hella interested, but I had a LOT of fear (as I’m sure you do as well). Then I said as much money as I waste on food and other BS, I can throw it in stocks & see what’s what. That was 12/30/19.
I wanted to start 2020 making extra cash. It was a few penny days and if I was lucky a dollar.

Then the pandemic happened. At the time I only invested $200, I lost about $80 & that hurT.

But then I realized that this was the best time EVER to start investing.

Every single damn stock was on sale. Hell, some of them were on CLEARANCE!! Now I dunno about you, but when I go shopping I head STRAIGHT to the big yellow and black clearance sign!

$DIS went as low as $79. $MRO (speedway gas) dropped to $3. $Uber hit $14. I can afford THOSE #s
So I re-evaluated the stocks I currently had, made a few switch-a-roos, added some more $ and bought a bunch of affordable stocks.

They might still be falling, but when it goes back up — which it WILL — I’ll be getting my Scrooge McDuck on.
I need to reiterate one mo time.

I am not an expert.


I’m learning as I go along and I’m dropping a few gems along the way. Pick them or not. You do you. But I’ll be
I’m giving away referral codes & links to those who’re interested. Just hit me via DM & I got you. https://twitter.com/cosmo2389/status/1260580958786502663
Shoutout to the 8 people in my DMs wanting to learn and create passive income for themselves. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

Let’s get this money!📈📈📈
I put y’all on game back in March when the prices were SUPER LOW & no one reached out.

Here I am 2 months later with even more $ made from these stocks and a ton more (I sold a handful of these, especially Tesla) https://twitter.com/mizteefranklin/status/1237404983433273349?s=21 https://twitter.com/MizTeeFranklin/status/1237404983433273349
The first pic is from March, this is today’s.

Two months time. Do you see the price increases? I told y’all hop to it TWO MONTHS AGO & you didn’t.

That’s okay. Start TODAY! Earn money, take these gems and implement.

Hit me via DM if you want referral codes.
I have losses in there. Disney took a hit, so I sold a few shares & only kept $10. I took the balance & bought Beyond meat
Once I understand trading options, y’all not gonna be able to tell me shit! Imagine making triple your amount within hours. Whew!
1st thing anyone said when I posted back in March, “you’re hacked”. I wasn’t hacked, I just wanted to put people on game so they can make money.

We gotta stop with this mentality of you’ll lose money, it’s a waste, XYZ. Investing is NOT a waste & you can earn big $ YT folx do🤷🏾‍♀️
4 people already got their free stocks, why haven’t you? It’s literally a free stock, all you have to do is sign up & that’ll be your first trade.

@shawnrpryor received GoPro for his free stock.

If you want referral codes, hit my DM.
It might not be much but I love getting notifications from @cashapp letting me know about my dividends.

It might not be much but it’s more change than I had earlier this month. I don’t own full stocks of these, just fractional shares.

It’s a brand new week, start investing!
I still have referral codes if you’re interested investing, you get a free stock as well as $5 towards a stock purchase. Hit me via DM.
I’m up $50 today, this is the most I’ve been up, usually it’s $10-12 a day. It’s not noon and I’m up $50. Hopefully it’ll keep on rising to the top.
Owwww!!! Fractional shares on @RobinhoodApp 💃🏽💃🏽

Time to buy a few dollars worth of stocks I can’t afford. 💃🏽💃🏽
It was a $50 day, but it ended up $35 total. Not bad at all. I’ve been researching and found some new stocks to invest in.

I’m thinking I should start a group DM with those who’ve been following this thread, asking questions and investing. 🤔🤔🤔
I wanna see us all succeed in one way or another.

IDK much about stocks but I’m researching and taking courses, so I can get better at it. I’ll just pass on whatever knowledge I have to you.

Hence this thread.

Hit me up if interested and if you want free stock referral codes
Alright now to see what’s happening today.

Facebook is going up today ($5) and this stock Nvidia is rising hella high. Up by 11 already. I don’t have enough cash to get a whole stock, so I own 0.014237 shares and I’m up sixteen pennies. It’s not much but I’ll take it.
Chipotle broke $1000 yesterday. 2 months ago it was at $420! Some people are up almost 600. Currently it’s at 1017. I didn’t have enough money to purchase chipotle, so I copped $47 worth. I’m up by almost 5 bux, I just wish I had paper to get in at 420 😩😩😩😩
$FB and $BYND gonna take off. Especially with them acquiring GIPHY which I have a problem with.

How are companies making money off of gifs that are of OTHER PEOPLE!?! Do you have permission to use their likeness? This is corny they need to get paid.

However, the stock is rising
I still have referral codes to those who want FREE stock as well as $5 towards the purchase to said stock.

Hit me via DM & let’s start investing in your future.
$FB is up $13 today, and I believe it gained around there yesterday as well.
Aight y’all. Let’s get to this money!

What stocks are you watching this week? Have you purchased anything new for this week?

I’m eyeing a few cannabis companies . $FB is rising again, I think it’s gonna be a good week for them, so I’m gonna get a few more fractionals
$JBLU is also rising, I’m gonna have to purchase more airline stock. Since the states are opening up (weirdos) folx are flying again.
I still have plenty of referral codes if you wanna start investing in stocks as prices are low due to the virus. Hit me via DM to get FREE stocks and $5 towards any stock purchase.
$BYND has dropped $10 today so Ima wanna grab more of that stock, gotta get in where I can fit in.
Was in the red yesterday, $12 gone, but it’s no biggie had a $40 day on Friday. Today is a red & Green Day — more red that green.

$FB did excellent last week. These past 2 days notsomuch 😩😩😩
Soooo $ZM went up $24 today. That was a nice surprise seeing I didn’t check RH til just now.

Damn. I wish I bought more stock 😩😩😩
Market opened and I was up $30. It’s down now but I know it’ll keep on rising to the top.

I’m up on Stockpile and Cashapp as well. Get to investing folk. Idk it all, but what I do know has been nice little gains.

DM me if you want referral codes for free stock.
All my stocks — save Walmart— are green.

10 am with a slew of hours to go.
These airline stocks @CJ_Johnson17th lobbed to the TL weeks ago is making it rain on folx.

Same with casinos.
Today was such a 🔥 day $98 gains today. If y’all haven’t purchased any stocks, ima need you to get on that tomorrow!

DM me for referral codes & learn from @CJ_Johnson17th, I’m not an expert, but I’ve learned a lot from him.

Get his course here: https://gumroad.com/a/912815219/IDaKd
Welp. I guess since I’m up, i #minuswell start doing more research before the opening bell.

I know I can do better than $98 gains, just like I did better on the $50, 20, $14 & 90 cent gains.

Those 3-4 digit gains next! Thanks to @CJ_Johnson17th https://gumroad.com/a/912815219/IDaKd
Morning bell!!!

May today be a money Green Day.

Don’t wait another day to start investing, all you need is $1. Hit me if you want referral codes to free stocks.
I’m eyeballing $CHK, but idk. They just filed for bankruptcy. 🤔🤔🤔
A lot of red happening today. It was predicted this would happen. Guess some stocks will be on clearance again if this keeps up.

Down $40 already. 😩😩😩

Might gotta make some moves.
After 2 days of losses, I’m finally seeing some gains. I added different stocks to my portfolio last week and I’m glad cuz I’m finally seeing these gains.

Check out


As always, I’m not a financial advisor, so don’t hit me if you lose your money. K?
I truly hope y’all have $BYND $ZM $MRO in tour portfolios tho.

Here’s my top stocks (it was soo much more last week, 😩😩)

Add them...or don’t. 🤷🏾‍♀️

If you want a referral for FREE stocks, hit me up.

I learned abt stocks here, so should you. https://gumroad.com/a/912815219/IDaKd
Ayeee $AAPL stock up $13!!! 🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾

I can’t afford the full stock, but my money deflee rising today!

Multiple income streams people, get into it!
Almost a month ago.

First image was June 20th, 2nd us today.

These gains thoooo. I’m not expert @stocks but I’m learning.

Shoutout to those who’re holding $AMZN. Up $234, $3500 a share soon come. Get in where you can, you can own this stock for as little as a $1.

Hit me via DM if you want free stocks & I highly suggest you sign up to learn how to invest properly: https://gumroad.com/a/912815219/IDaKd
I’m up $56 so far today. I don’t check often otherwise I’d be stressed. I love $50 days. $500 days soon come
I hope y’all been investing in $AAPL since I told y’all months ago in this thread.

Apple was $212 in March it’s now over $500 a share.

I hope y’all eating.
Just last month Apple was under $400. Now it’s over $500.

This thread has tons of FREE gems in it. Y’all betta jump on this. https://twitter.com/mizteefranklin/status/1282704136698462208
😩😩😩 $AAPL dropped, I’m down a LOT, but all that means is that it’ll soar again soon enough.

$AAPL & $AMZN are 2 stocks you should ALWAYS put $$ in.

Stock split made it easier for folx to jump in on. Hit me up free stock codes & Learn about stocks https://gumroad.com/a/912815219/IDaKd
These past few weeks been killing my pockets, but that means things are on sale again.

$AAPL event in a few hours, so time to purchase more stock, it’s inexpensive it’ll open high teens early 20s. I’d finagle and move money and grab more stock. Currently own 4 I need more.
I lost the most money ever 2 weeks ago i didn’t even check my portfolio while in the hospital— I wasn’t finna set myself up for my HBP 217/112 was good enough for me.

Considering I’m up $124 my bottom didn’t completely fall out. That week? $-500 🤬🥴🤦🏾‍♀️😡
Even tho market will always fluctuate I stay grabbing $AMZ $T & $AAPL

Them $T dividends >>>>
As Always.

Im not an expert, I’m learning as I go. I bought courses to teach me more about the stock market.

You can learn here: https://gumroad.com/a/912815219/IDaKd

Nothing in this thread is financial advice, I’m just posting the stocks I dig, my gains AND losses & jewels I picked up
$PLUG is a nice stock ive been enjoying. I don’t own much (lemme change that) — almost 5 shares—only invested $26 & gained $33, it was more before everything dropped, but at $12.25 a share, it’s beyond affordable.

Remember all you need is $1 to own stock.
Marijuana stocks have been real iffy for me. $ACB has ruined my pockets too many times and I don’t have the anxiety in check enough to deal with their losses.

With this vote coming to the house this week for federal legalization I’m gonna add more to $CGC & $CRON
$SNE $SNOW got my attention today
$MGM gave me a few bucks yesterday so thanks to Twitter for telling me to follow them 😩
Uce been telling y’all for 6 months to invest in stocks I really hope y’all were able to.

Today is a big day & it’s only 830, still after hours.

I really hope y’all eating.
Actually I told y’all in March but y’all swore I was hacked 😒

I wasn’t. I just tried to put y’all on game but. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Tons of free gems in this thread. You pay your AT&T bill y’all sending me money. 🤷🏾‍♀️

I love my $T dividends.
Morning hell ain’t even ring yet and I’m up $27
This past week I was up $133. 🤷🏾‍♀️

I hope y’all eating right along with me.
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