1) there have been a large number of surveys suggesting that stress is up across Canada due to #COVID19
2) This stress has been called "anxiety" and "depression". Feeling stressed is a normal response to the circumstances of #COVID19 and not necessarily a sign of greater mental illness
3) Surveys and polls measure at a point in time, but my experience of this pandemic is that it is an incredibly dynamic period of time.
4) It will be really important to measure repeatedly and iteratively to truly understand the mental illness and addictions implications of #COVID19
5) And there was a LOT of #mentalillness unmet need prior to the pandemic that will likely be magnified with the second wave (although the magnitude is difficult to estimate)
6) It would be great to see this as an opportunity for a mental health "new deal" - building infrastructure and a system to address mental health needs have been chronically unmet.
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