20 lac crore economic package announced by @narendramodi. 10% of our GDP.

THIS, for me, was the most important message of the speech, and if realised we are truly looking at a new India.

44% of our 475 million-strong labour force is in the Agricultural sector (2% in the West); and yet the latter contributes only 12.5% to GDP. https://twitter.com/PMOIndia/status/1260221665364992002
As far as Science and Technology is concerned, this is draconian and monumentally regressive.

Most hi-tech equipments used in the domain of the sciences, esp Biology, are not made in India. How will Government research centres and labs function? MADNESS. https://twitter.com/ANI/status/1260528751491739648
Local has to be sector-based. You can go local in Agriculture or Tourism, but not when it comes to Science and security.

Uncle chips over Pringles; Amul over Häagen Dazs; Ajanta Ellora over Big Ben - sure. But Guduchi over Bedaquiline; Shilajit over Viagra; Tejas over Rafale?
Spine always grows in the back that is against the wall, and it is time for @narendramodi to hold true to his vow of yesterday to reform Agriculture.

My views on his speech, and also on the perils of going local across all sectors. #BackAatmanirbharBharat
Dawn of a new era. Essential Commodities Act Amended; State barriers removed; Boost to micro food enterprises; Contract farming realised; Markets integrated. Phenomenal slew of reforms, has to be said.

May 15, 2020. Independence Day for our Farmers.
The financial measures and reforms announced today would transform the farmer from a serf to a businessman. Yes, this should have been done decades ago; but then who is to be blamed?

My views on @TimesNow with @navikakumar.

It is ironical that the Congress is blaming Modi for unemployment and the state of the economy, when all what he has ever done is follow the Congress socialist policies.

My views on @TimesNow with @navikakumar. #ModiBirthdayPoliticised
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Unless you are on a treadmill.

Narendra Modi has been walking the treadmill these past six years. Today, he jumped on to the travelator.

Monumental. Historic. Congratulations, India. https://twitter.com/ANI/status/1310200768624906241?s=20
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