Whats most fascinating about #Ertugrul on Ptv is that the avg Pakistani gets to see a completely different take on the cultural values of a predominantly Muslim country. For the longest time the only Islam that existed here was the one derived & practiced from Saudi & the MIdeast
Since Turkey has undoubtedly created one of the most popular shows about Islamic history ever, there’s a fascination with the people who acted in it. And as their apparent “piety” gets demystified through their social media personas, the avg. indoctrinated Pakistanis can perhaps
see how a different progressive yet Muslim country functions in the world. I mean in general Pakistanis respect Turkey & harp on about shared values. perhaps after the initial shock there can be reflection & minds can be opened about other types of Islamic states & ways of being
Or do you think we will go around morally judging & denouncing the Muslims of another country as non-Muslims also? A bit of a conundrum for our clergy that try to control the narrative so stringently, I’d say 🤔
Might turn out to be one of the shrewder moves this govt has made.
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