2. She says her family has been harassed and called “anti-Chinese.” Even more stunning, for Lin, her mother in Vancouver, informed her that Chinese national security agents had questioned a family business colleague in China.
3. “If I speak up, people of my background would feel tremendous fear. Many people have tremendous anger towards the Chinese Communist Party, but also tremendous fear,” Lin said.
4. “We can talk about how its censorship of information endangers global health, and now the coronavirus outbreak is a perfect example," Lin said in her Oxford speech. "I can tell you personally how ..."
5. A Chinese-Canadian academic ⁠— who is studying Beijing’s influence networks ⁠— asked to remain anonymous, due to concerns that officials in Chinese consulates in Canada could interfere with research.
6. “You see that the Chinese embassy and consulates are trying to get members of the diaspora to work on its behalf. The increasing control of the media in Canada is part of the United Front, how they are reporting. It is important, for the sake of this country,to research this.”
7. Manthorpe said the United Front diaspora control operations have only been successful “to a limited degree.”
8. “It certainly hasn’t been very successful amongst the Canadians of Chinese heritage. I mean, the antipathy towards Beijing in Richmond, Scarborough, wherever, is huge and building,” Manthorpe said.
9. "I think it’s also important to give support to Canadians of Chinese heritage who are under attack by these infiltrators.”
10. “The public voice of Canadian authorities is so crucially needed,” Lin said. “The fear to speak up (in the Chinese-Canadian community) is enlarged by the silence in the mainstream society. Because the Chinese Communist Party are so good at speaking into the race identity."
11. “They fear strength,” Anastasia Lin said. “They can’t bully everyone. We need to form a united front ourselves.”
12. PM Trudeau on Tuesday did not answer whether Ottawa is doing anything to expose the United Front influence networks, but said. "The Canadian government has always highlighted concerns around human rights and respect for basic human democracies and liberties with every country
13. that we engage with around the world including China," Trudeau said. "We will continue to defend human rights while at the same time looking to protect Canadians everywhere around the world."
14. "My Father told me, if I don't stop speaking, my family will be persecuted, like in the Cultural Revolution." Anastasia Lin and others told Global News family members are visited by secret police in China, if they speak out in Canada. Lin said she had no where to go. And now
15. Canada's government is not responding responsibly, to the national security and personal threats posed, by the United Front. She says in our video, UF influence networks see Hong Kong and Taiwan, almost like the "school" of influencing Western democracies. She says if
16. all Canadians can not speak up for the Chinese Canadians that are under pressure, the threat will grow, and CCP influence networks will increase.
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