It’s the 19th day of Ramazan, terrorists attack Kabul, Jalalabad, Logar, and Paktika. There are countless civilians casualties.

Currently, Afghan Special Forces are rescuing babies from maternity wing of a Kabul hospital under an ongoing terrorist attack.
The hospital under an ongoing terrorist attacked is in Dasht-e-Barchi area of Kabul’s PD13. It is where majority Shia and Afghan Hazaras live. Part of the hospital under attack is operated by Doctors Without Borders.

Attacking a hospital is a war crime.
Source: @Etilaatroz
More than 80 people, including women & children, rescued from Kabul hospital. One terrorist inside hospital killed, attack is ongoing reports @rtaworld.

Initial news from terrorist attack at Jalalabad funeral: 17 people killed, +30 wounded. Patients are arriving at hospital.
The operation against Kabul hospital terrorist attack is over. Terrorists inside hospital killed by Afghan Special Forces, according to MoI.

The death toll in Nangarhar funeral bombing is now at least 21 dead, 55 wounded, reports @MujMash. More wounded brough to hospital.
In the Paktika attack, three tribal elders and a child were killed and two others wounded. (I don’t know if this one is a terrorist attack)
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