Part 2 gov't AU (Split for convenience)

Izuku was struggling. Ever since he'd been enrolled in the Plus Alpha program, been paired with Katsuki, it'd become hard for him to do or think about much of anything else. At first he was deprived of his choices.
Now, he cannot even find refuge in his own thoughts from the situation. As he sat at his desk, staring down at his homework, Izuku felt frustrated.

He felt /angry/.

Strewn across the desk were papers, homework he needed to catch up on after taking several rest days.
But Izuku's brain was not cutting him any slack here. He tried working on his math problems, scribbling and erasing and scribbling again, but thoughts of the alpha and the program had such an unyielding magnetism that he could hardly focus on school - or anything.
Izuku was lucky he managed to get any of his schoolwork finished at all, or the scolding he received from his teacher on his first day back might've been even worse. She had no empathy for his situation. Not that she'd ever empathized with any of his struggles in the past.
Nobody ever paid attention to him, except to hurt him.

Izuku sighed, dropping his pencil down onto his desk. No homework would be finished right now, not with his current head space. He was too far gone in his rumination.

So he let himself be sucked into those thoughts.
Many of those thoughts were abstract, solely flashing images... an alpha with blood for eyes and whose pheromones were a wood fire. Whose body caged Izuku like he was nothing, a rabbit trapped in the gnashing teeth of a powerful wolf.

Katsuki Bakugou.

He was the wolf.
Izuku was nothing but prey. Food for the predator to use and devour as he pleased. That's what he'd been assigned to Katsuki to do - to cater to his whims and needs.

But Izuku still wasn't entirely sure what to make of Katsuki.

Izuku had a lot of weaknesses of his own.
Izuku couldn't speak very well. When he was nervous or flustered, the words would catch in his throat, coming out instead as stutters or strange aborted noises. Sometimes he couldn't get any sounds out. Like when the bullies were upon him... in the doctor's office.
But Izuku did have his strengths. In his relative silence, he'd grown really good at watching people. He was perceptive. More than that, he was intuitive. He could just sense when things weren't as they appeared.

And there was a lot going on beneath the surface with Katsuki.
Even Katsuki's visible traits and behaviors left Izuku puzzled. He /bullied/ Izuku, much like everybody else... but it was different. The smile stretching Katsuki's lips wasn't malicious. His teasing appeared good-natured.

He overpowered Izuku and ignored his protests.
Katsuki's overtaking of Izuku resembled the way everybody else had done it. No consideration for Izuku's desires. Except it didn't quite feel the same when Katsuki did it, for whatever reason. When Katsuki did it, it made him feel strange inside.
Katsuki's bullying made Izuku's tummy tingle, and not in nausea or dread. It was hard to describe exactly how it felt... like soda pop tickling his insides. Like the anticipation he felt waiting to see if he won a prize from a comic giveaway. But it didn't feel /bad/.
At least, the alpha's teasing and roughing of Izuku didn't feel bad for the most part.

Izuku still had his doubts and his shame, and they weighed on him heavily the week after their first meeting at the organization. He felt pathetic, like a slut whose only use was sex.
Even if there was an undercurrent of excitement a part of him tried to bury away. It was easier to do so after the contraception was inserted, the cramping dulling his spirits further and zapping him of his capacity to feel anything good for several days.
When he'd showed up at the Bakugou residence, it had been hard to believe that Katsuki wasn't going to try to fuck him, and that fear followed him throughout their interactions, as much as he tried to quell it.

But Katsuki... didn't.
The alpha did all that other stuff that Izuku had mixed feelings about, but he didn't try to fuck him. They... they did do /sex stuff/, but even then, Katsuki didn't hurt Izuku. Didn't insult him - at least not sincerely, as far as Izuku could tell.
The day hadn't gone horrible at all, even if Izuku had done or said some embarrassing things. At least, it didn't until it ended.

Izuku frowned.

He knew he shouldn't expect any level of intimacy or respect, but to be thrown out like that felt disappointing.
And Izuku hated himself for letting it bother him, for feeling hurt by something done by some knot head he was assigned by a government organization. As rational as Izuku was, he was also emotional, and his emotions didn't bow down to his rational side.
So Izuku had spent time crying over it, all the while feeling stupid for crying about it at all.

Why should it matter to him if the alpha was mad at him? If he kicked him out? Izuku did what he was supposed to do, and that was more than enough.
But Izuku couldn't stop that awful feeling in his stomach from returning and the voice in his head from whispering things that made him feel /bad/.

'Kacchan's mad at us,' the voice would say. 'We disappointed Kacchan.'

Every time it reared its ugly head, Izuku felt depressed.
'Who gives a shit about stupid Kacchan?' Izuku would roar back... but deep down, he knew exactly who gave a shit about Katsuki.

He did. Izuku could feel it the whole week as more time went by without him hearing from the alpha, without any known plans for their next meeting.
Izuku would try to focus on other things, to live as if Katsuki was no factor in his life, but it felt like time passed for solely the purpose of bringing him closer to seeing Katsuki, or talking to Katsuki, or even hearing about Katsuki. He felt tethered to the alpha.
Like his mind had reconfigured, the planets of his universe realigning, and Katsuki had become the sun it orbited around, and try as he might to focus on something, anything else, the gravitational pull of the alpha always yanked his thoughts back to him.
And that's what /pissed/ Izuku off. He didn't want to think about Katsuki. He wanted to separate /him/ from Katsuki - to live a life independent of the alpha he was assigned to pleasure. But Katsuki was invading that, too.

And worse, Izuku was hurting himself /for/ the alpha.
Izuku beat himself up emotionally for not being good enough, for pissing Katsuki off, for not being able to give the alpha what he really needed when he was over. And then for not being good enough to warrant even a text message, a phone call.
Hell, even some weird message through their mothers.

But there was nothing but radio silence. And Izuku hated that he missed the alpha. He hated that with each passing day, he felt more and more depressed.

And not just because of the self-deprecating voice in his head.
Izuku felt depressed because he knew that he missed the alpha.

Izuku knew he had become attached to Katsuki.

But he didn't want to be. And that's why he left the ball in the alpha's court, determined not to be the instigator, to not subjugate himself to Katsuki willingly.
Unsurprisingly, his stubbornness made him feel no better. It left him feeling lonely, yearning for Katsuki again, and the war between his emotions and his pride left him exhausted. Too exhausted for school work.

Katsuki was consuming his life.
And the alpha wouldn't even talk to him. Izuku sighed.

He dragged himself out of his desk to go flop down on his bed. He couldn't focus on school right now. He might as well get some rest.

But rest, much like his concentration, had also been evading him.
Izuku's body was traitorous whenever he found himself trying to unwind. His eyes closed only for images of Katsuki to flash behind the lids. Very /inappropriate/ images.

Izuku saw those broad, muscled shoulders, his thick arms, his well-defined belly, and that trail of hair...
None of those images compared to the flash of those eyes, or that bright sharp-toothed grin of his. Electricity jolted through him every time his mind's eye met the blood-red gaze of Katsuki's... and his blood poured into his lower body, inflating his cocklet.
Izuku's hole would grow sensitive from the memories, slicking in anticipation of sex that would not come, and when his body was reacting like that, it was hard for him to remember why he was trying not to think about Katsuki, why he shouldn't entertain his arousal.
Izuku's memories and reservations would all fade away under the weight of his heady arousal, and he once again found himself tearing all of his clothes off to throw onto the floor. They felt too hot, too stifling on his warming skin. He wanted to be bare for his alpha.
If Izuku weren't so aroused, he might feel shame at the Katsuki of his fantasies. The alpha wasn't nice in them. He was teasing, like he'd been when they were together. His grin was cruel, and Izuku was grateful it was only his imagination or he would've averted his gaze.
It almost felt pornographic to look at, so obviously promising to do nasty things to the omega. But Izuku didn't care when his body became like this. He wanted what Katsuki would give him. He was /desperate/ for it. And this Katsuki was as generous as he was cruel.
Every time, Izuku's mind went back to the image of Katsuki between his leg, mouth wrapped around his tiny cock, lapping and suckling and /working/ it between his lips.

Katsuki's mouth had felt so amazing on Izuku. No one had ever /done/ anything like that to Izuku before.
Not that Izuku had ever done any sex stuff with /anybody/ before, but he'd never imagined someone wanting to put their mouth on him /there/. And Katsuki enjoyed it. And the small, low sounds Katsuki made while his head bobbed on Izuku's cock sent even more pleasure through him.
Just remembering how Katsuki /enjoyed/ himself sucking Izuku off had his belly heating. Izuku's hand went to play with his erect cock, pumping as he pretended it was Katsuki down there again working to get him off. It was Katsuki looking up at him with those red eyes.
All while his lips were wrapped around Izuku's member. Fuck, Izuku's legs were /shaking/. His other hands reached down to brush over his rim. Katsuki's fingers there had felt so electrifying, gentle but promising as the alpha circled the skin.
Izuku saw it in his mind, the alpha descending lower on his body, abandoning his cock to touch that skilled tongue to his wet hole. It was positively /vulgar/, Katsuki's tongue on such a dirty part of him. But it felt so good, his fingers brushing his hole to the thought.
What would it feel like for Katsuki to put his tongue there? Would it feel better than his fingers? It had to, Izuku decided. No, not just better. It would feel /divine/. And in his fantasy, Katsuki made those same noises as he lapped at his hole.
As if it wasn't gross... as if he /wanted/ to be tasting him there, and it made Izuku feel good, not just sexually, but... like maybe there was nothing wrong with him. And that Katsuki liked all of him.

The prospect made every aspect of the fantasy so much /hotter/.
"Nnn," Izuku groaned as a fingertip snagged at his hole, slipping in just slightly. He hadn't tried to put anything inside him in a while, too scared of how it might feel with the cramps he'd been getting, but that fear seemed to lessen.
In fact...

Izuku pressed in deeper, just a little bit, muscles clenching around the end of the digit.

"Ooooh..." he sighed.

That felt /good/, and as his ass gripped at it, he knew his body was just as hungry for penetration as he was. He wanted to feel something inside.
Izuku's finger dipped deeper, just enough to reach the little bundle of nerves that provided him with some semblance of relief during his heat. He wasn't super familiar with it, having only explored it during his heat haze, but now he was eager to find it again.
It took only a second for his finger to brush against it, and he gasped.

It felt /incredible/. He couldn't remember a lot of his heat from how delirious he was and how much pain he was in, so this felt new to him in the most amazing way.

How had he not done this /before/?
Izuku pressed another finger in beside it, rim stretching easily to accommodate the other digit. He gently rubbed them back and forth over it, trying to suppress the little mewls that threatened to come out, but he just couldn't.

"Ah... ah.." Izuku moaned.
Izuku couldn't keep his hips from jerking back and forth. Back onto his fingers and forward into his hand, chasing pleasure on either side. He didn't want to stop it either. It felt too good.

And his thoughts were somewhere else, preoccupied with a blonde alpha.
He imagined it wasn't his fingers but rather that tongue again, a disgusting but so very sexy thought. The little pink appendage pumped within him, probing his squishy, wet walls and lapping up his slick. The alpha moaned at his taste, complimented Izuku for his flavor.
Then the alpha removed his tongue, and Izuku could /feel/ disappointment until it was replaced with one of those long fingers. It pierced him, making the omega cry out in pleasure.

"Kah-Kacchan," Izuku moaned into his empty room. The alpha curled his finger.
Izuku wished in that moment that his own fingers were longer, that he had more strength, so he could truly emulate the Katsuki of his fantasy in his own ministrations. He didn't want his short, weak omega fingers. He wanted Katsuki's strong alpha fingers.
It was hard to remember his own grievances when every brush against his prostate had him seeing white. It felt so fucking /good/.

"You like that?" Katsuki would say. "Huh?"

"Kacchan," Izuku moaned, "It feels so, /so/ good."

The alpha increased his force.
Katsuki ground his fingers down harder inside of Izuku, roughly pumping inside him, and Izuku cried out from the pained pleasure.


He spread his legs even wider, splayed out on his sides. The way they burned reminded him of when Katsuki held them apart.
The alpha had sucked him like that, forcing him to stay open for whatever it was he decided he wanted to inflict on the omega, and the stretch in his thighs brought back flashes of the sensation of Katsuki's tongue on him.

It was erotic.
But he didn't want Katsuki's tongue on his cock right now. He tried to force his fingers deeper, but they were just too short.

Izuku whined.

He needed something bigger, something longer.

And then it flashed through his mind. The reason for all of this.
The image of Katsuki's cock was forever burned into his retina.

Being a male omega, Izuku had been shown a /lot/ of cock. In the same way alphas flashed each other to show their dominance, they flashed omegas to show their eligibility and fitness as alphas.
It made Izuku nauseous.

Being pulled into hallways, behind alleys... away from groups, only for some overzealous alpha to unzip their pants and try to show off to him, as if Izuku would be anything other than frightened by the act.

But it happened, over and over again.
Sometimes they'd force him down, too. Slap him in the face with it. Izuku had been forced into many long, hard looks at alpha cocks, many of which were absolutely /huge/. But not one of them compared to Katsuki.

And not one of them did to him what Katsuki's did.
When the image came unbidden to Izuku's mind, he didn't feel that same disgust he felt with the other's cocks. If another alpha had shown him a cock like that in another context, he would have been terrified.
Sure, he had been scared when he saw it... but there was also a heat that came with it, curling and settling in his belly. It was so much bigger than anything Izuku had ever seen, warmer. It was flushed with heat, cockhead red and straining out of the alpha's foreskin.
And when he moved down past the head, Katsuki's prick was at least as thick around as Izuku's wrist, which was why he compared it to an arm in the first place. Hell, it could probably beat Izuku in an arm-wrestling match. The thing had way more presence to it than Izuku did.
As intimidating as it was, just the thought of it had Izuku feeling even more empty. He didn't just want Katsuki's fingers anymore. He wanted... he wanted that cock.

His arousal had dulled his inhibitions, making Katsuki's member far less scary and more desirable.
Izuku imagine... what would it feel like to have Katsuki pushing it inside of him? Katsuki would probably have to stretch him out with his fingers first, nice and slow. Izuku had never taken anything nearly so big. He just used those heat toys his mother bought him.
God, would Katsuki even /fit/ inside? Izuku wondered, but he knew immediately that, of course, Katsuki must. That was the whole reason they were paired up. Because Izuku could take him.

But with Katsuki so big, Izuku couldn't stop himself from wondering at the feasibility.
Would it hurt? Would it feel good? Izuku didn't know... but his omega kept pleading for it, pining for the cock, that Izuku knew on some intuitive level that it would feel good to have Katsuki piercing his insides with it, no matter whatever pain might come with it.
It pressed against his rim, forcing it to open against the force of the tip against it. He could feel himself stretch for it, opening up to welcome Katsuki inside. The tip moved forward, so slowly, and Izuku knew it would feel intense.
Izuku felt it burn through his insides as it pushed forward more, whole tip immersed. He panted, forcing more fingers inside of his hole, but it wasn't enough. It could never be enough to simulate /him/.

He groaned in frustration. He /needed/ Katsuki.
"Ah... Kacchan," Izuku sobbed, fingers rubbing frantically against his inside and around his tiny cock. He was getting so close, so close to coming just imagining getting fucked by the alpha... the alpha he had no choice but to fuck.

And he couldn't care in that moment.
Izuku wanted Katsuki to fill him up. His omega was screaming for it, its voice bubbling up through Izuku's throat, begging for the alpha's cock and knot and seed, for pups, for things that would later heat Izuku's cheeks with shame.

But he couldn't feel that right now.
Izuku couldn't feel shame when his body seized, useless come bursting forth from his cocklet, muscles clenching and unclenching around his fingers as they trembled from his orgasm.

"Kacchan," Izuku whimpered, coming down from the high and haze of his desire.
Just like that, as his impotent spend was expelled from his body, his shame was invited back in, and he felt that heavy feeling descend upon him once again like a deep, dark fog.

Perhaps distance truly did make the heart grow fonder.
Their relationship had made more progress in Izuku's mind since they last saw each other than it had when they met in person, and that was more than bothersome.

He'd made himself beholden to the alpha who hadn't even contacted him.

Izuku growled in his frustration.
"Izuku?" a voice called as the owner knocked on his door. His mom. "Are you all right in there?"


"Yeah, I'm fine, mom. Thanks."

"... All right, sweetheart. Just let me know if you need anything."

"Sure thing, mom."

Izuku was not all right. He was slipping. /Hard/.
It wouldn't be long now until he couldn't trust his own judgment at all. His mind was too polluted with his own omega instincts, his life and motivations overrun by biology. He was being overtaken, and conflicting emotions stirring within him left him feeling utterly depressed.
He was too exhausted, mentally and physically, to extract himself from bed to put some clothes on, so he just laid there, naked and covered in his own slick and spend.

Like a genuine omega whore, Izuku smiled ruefully before his weariness pulled him under.
School the next day was /hard/. It wasn't because nobody talked to him. It wasn't because when they /did/ talk to him, they were cruel and mocking.

This time it was his teachers. They had no empathy for his situation, not that Izuku spoke up to defend himself.
They knew he had been assigned to an alpha and was going through some changes, but they were still hyper-critical of him for not having his assignments made up. They told him that if he didn't turn them in before the middle of the next week, he would receive zeroes on them.
With the assignments that were due, that would effectively fail him in a couple of the classes.

Izuku skipped lunch and cried from all the stress.

When he got home, his mother noticed his puffy red eyes as soon as he walked through the door.
"Oh, Izuku... Honey, what's wrong?"

"The teachers got mad at me," Izuku replied, setting his bag down on the kitchen counter. He tried to stop the wobbling of his bottom lip, the welling of the tears in his eyes again, but he couldn't control it.

"Oh, no," she said.
"Yeah," Izuku said, chin quivering. "They said if I don't get my work done by Wednesday, I'm getting zeroes on them."

"That's not very nice of them," she said, gently brushing hair off his forehead. "But you can finish your work by Wednesday, can't you, honey?"
"I don't know," Izuku sobbed, "I can't concentrate."

"Do you need to try to work on it out here?"

"No, mom," Izuku blubbered, tears tracking down his face. "I can't stop thinking about... about Kah-Kachu.. Kacchan."

"I know this is a big change, baby."
Red eyes flashed in Izuku's mind, that gravelly voice purring at him. 'Little baby,' he'd call him, mocking him. Izuku squirmed, his thighs brushing together as tears dripped down his cheeks.

"I haven't even heard from him," Izuku whimpered. "It's all I can think about."
"Oh, Izu-"

"He's mad at me, mom," Izuku sobbed.

"Honey, he's not mad at y-"

"But he /is/! He told me to leave." Izuku sniffled, scrubbing tears away with the backs of his hands. "He doesn't want anything to do with me."

She wrapped her arms around him.
"That's not true, Izuku," she sighed. "He really wants to see you. We've just been trying to give you time to get caught up on your schoolwork. This is a big adjustment for both of you."

Izuku removed his hands from his eyes to glance up at her. "He's not mad...?"
"No, no," she assured him. "Well... he /is/ mad, but not at you. He's mad at Mitsuki and me for not letting him see you right now."

"Oh," Izuku sniffled.

"I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but... he's been throwing a tantrum. Mitsuki said he's acting like a big baby."
"Kacchan's the baby," Izuku muttered, narrowing his eyes.

"Uh, yeah," she continued, "but she said they didn't want to reward his bad behavior. So he's sort of been grounded, and we wanted you to focus on getting caught up."

"I can't focus..."

"I know, sweetie," she cooed.
"What would help you focus to get your work done?"

Izuku pursed his lips, cheeks heating. He knew what would help him focus... /who/ would help him focus. Making the request just solidified how far he'd fallen, and he was reluctant to do it, but...

"Can I see Kacchan?"
His mother winced. "Well... I suppose I don't have a problem with it, if you get your work done, but I'll have to check with Mitsuki to see what she and Masaru have to say, since Katsuki's having some... discipline issues. And Izuku, I'm not sure if I want you around that.
From what I hear, he's being /very/ wild right now."

Izuku knew Katsuki had behavior issues if he was in the program, but it was hard to imagine anything truly wild with how the alpha acted around him. Izuku sniffed, trying to control the pout on his lips.

"I want to see him."
"I'll talk to her," his mother sighed, pressing a soft kiss to his temple. "I can't promise anything... But Izuku, this can't keep you from getting your work done, and I'm going to make sure Mitsuki knows that."

"Okay, mom." Izuku mumbled.

"Izuku is coming over tomorrow," Mitsuki said.

Katsuki almost didn't hear her, the sounds of his fists and legs pummeling the punching bag all too loud. He'd really been trying to get himself under control, but it hadn't been going well.

His body froze.

"Izuku is going to come over tomorrow after school."

Katsuki just stared at her, expression blank. She sighed.

"He's behind on some homework after missing school, and he's having some trouble getting caught up on it. So he's coming over to work on it."
That got Katsuki talking. "He's coming over... to do homework?"

"What?" Mitsuki mocked. "You don't think you're smart enough to help him? So much for that private school education."

"Tch." He turned back to the bag and began punching again.
"Now, /listen/, Katsuki," the hag yelled. He stopped, gritting his teeth. "He's going to come over after school until he's caught up, and you're going to make sure he finishes. And there are rules. You're going to work downstairs in the office. No going up to your room with him.
At least not until he's all caught up. Once he's back on track, you guys can go do whatever you like. Safely. Understand?"

Katsuki didn't like that he was getting restrictions put on him about what he could or couldn't do with Deku... but he was desperate.

"Fine," he spat.
His mother left him alone to finish his work out.

Katsuki tried not to let on around her, especially with how his parents had treated him this last week, but he was excited to see Deku. Definitely not grateful, as he'd have seen Deku sooner if it weren't for them.
But Katsuki was certainly pleased that he would be seeing the omega again, though it wasn't under the conditions that he'd prefer.

Katsuki was confident he'd be able to help Deku get all caught up on assignments. He just wished he didn't have to wait to get his hands on him.
Katsuki knew not to take his mother lightly, so he really had no choice but to comply. Besides... it felt kind of nice imagining how Deku would react to seeing just how smart Katsuki was.

Would Deku be impressed with the alpha? His teachers were probably stupid compared to him.
Deku would be so grateful to Katsuki, too.

Katsuki would never admit it, but he kind of liked that he would have this opportunity to show off for the omega.

Who knows? Maybe he could finish things up with Deku tomorrow with how intelligent he was.
The two of them could jet through his homework and then go back up to Katsuki's room to do more of what they did last Friday... a /lot/ more.

Katsuki liked his plan. He couldn't even go back to his workout now, despite how restless he was feeling. He needed to prepare for Deku.
The next day went by impossibly slow for Katsuki. Everyone at school got on his nerves. He just narrowly avoided being sent to the principal's office /twice/.

The only reason he could even rein it in was because he had something to look forward to.
Katsuki absolutely didn't want to lose his opportunity to see Deku because he beat the shit out of one of his classmates. As much as he'd enjoy it, the pleasure of pummeling them would be nothing compared to what he could get from his time with Deku.
So Katsuki uncharacteristically showed them mercy in pursuit of the greater goal - getting to see Deku.

The whole day, his anger and frustration had been simmering, and by the time the school day ended he was close to boiling over.
If this didn't work out, if he didn't get to see Deku today, Katsuki wouldn't be able to stop himself from rearranging all of their furniture into pieces, and then he'd maybe never see Deku.

Katsuki paced in their living room as he waited.

"Sit the fuck down, Katsuki."
His mom said.

"Fuck off, hag," he growled, but he plopped down on the couch, bouncing a leg irritably as he tried to get some of that energy out. Deku's school let out fifteen minutes ago, but he still hadn't shown up yet, and it had Katsuki on edge.
"You're going to put a hole in the floor, son," Masaru said as he passed through the room. "He'll be here any minute."

"They're here!" Mitsuki called from the other room.

Katsuki shot to his feet to run to the front door. Mitsuki stood in front of the doorway.
It looked like she was talking with Deku's mother...

Katsuki had never actually seen the woman before. She was short and kinda stout, not freckly like Deku. She had the same green hair and eyes, but she didn't have any real distinct smell... Maybe a bit of Deku on her.
She was definitely a beta.

"Oh," Mitsuki said, glancing back at him. "Katsuki, come meet Inko Midoriya." She moved out of the doorway and he moved into her place.

The first place his eyes went was to Deku. He was just behind his mother.
As soon as he saw Katsuki, his cheeks pinked and he glanced away, chin quivering. Katsuki wrenched his gaze away from him to look at his mother.

Deku was short, but she was even shorter than him. She had this nervous look about her.
Her posture and expression gave away how hard she was trying to hide her nerves, but she must have found Katsuki too intimidating. Katsuki frowned. The thought didn't make him feel pride like it usually would.

"I'm Katsuki Bakugou," he said, bowing slightly. "Nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you, Katsuki," she said with a tight smile. "Thank you for agreeing to work with Izuku on his homework today. It's very generous of you."

"It's no trouble at all," Katsuki said, manners rote. His eyes returned to Deku, burning into him.
"Well," Mitsuki said, "why don't you come on in, Izuku? Inko, thanks again for bringing him by."

"Oh, no problem," the woman said, stepping aside and gesturing her son through the door. "I'll be back around 7:30 to pick him up."

"Sounds good. See you later, Inko."
Mitsuki closed the door, and Katsuki could hear as Inko drove off from their home.

He didn't really care about that with Deku standing in front of him, fidgeting with his sweater, eyes anywhere but Katsuki.

Cheeks so pink.

He wanted to bite one again.
"Hey, Deku," Katsuki breathed. "Long time no see."

"H-hi," Deku stuttered, glancing up at him, "Kacchan."

The alpha sucked in a breath. He missed that look.

"There's a spot set up for us in the office," he said, turning away from Deku to lead him there.
He heard Deku's stumbling steps as he followed after him to the room.

Katsuki was at the very least happy they were allowed to use the office. It had a door on it, which gave them relative privacy, even though his mother could intrude any moment, as she liked to do.
The alpha was just eager to get some space between them and the rest of the world. He led Deku into the office and quickly shut the door behind them.

Deku approached the big table in the middle of the room that already had Katsuki's backpack on it and deposited his own there.
Katsuki seated himself next to Deku.

They weren't even doing anything yet, but... Katsuki was /thrumming/. That same agitation that had him tense all day dissipated, replaced with a pleasant undercurrent of excitement and contentment. Deku was like bad mood repellant.
It was even harder for Katsuki to be made with Deku being so cute next to him. The omega was clearly nervous for them to be so close again, still not as familiar with Katsuki as the alpha would like. The omega chewed on his bottom lip while his hands continued to fidget.
Deku's scent was another balm to Katsuki's nerves, as laced with Deku's nerves as they were. They perfumed the room and set Katsuki at ease. Now if only he could put Deku at ease.

Katsuki took a deep breath and exhaled, releasing along with it soothing pheromones.
With one breath, the tension left Deku, his hands releasing the fabric of his sweater to relax upon the table. A soft hum escaped the omega, and it warmed Katsuki's belly.

He wanted to get his hands on him as soon as possible. "What all are you behind on, Deku?"
"Um," the omega hummed, unzipping his bag to rifle through it. He tugged out a beaten-up looking planner, chicken scratch handwriting on the cover barely decipherable to Katsuki. "Let me see..."

He flipped it open to the present date, and Katsuki leaned closer to better see.
Yep, he was right before. Deku's handwriting was /bad/, chaotic like the boy's mind whenever he started up that cute mumbling thing he did. Still, Katsuki could make out just enough to know Deku had quite a bit to get done.

"Looks like quite a bit," Katsuki commented.
"Uh... yeah," Deku replied, a defeated tone in his voice.

Katsuki frowned. He didn't like Deku sounding like that, not when he could have the boy sounding how he did the last time they were together.

"Buuuut… I'm top of my class," Katsuki boasted, "so this should be easy.
Bet you've never been tutored by someone as smart as me before, huh, Deku?"

"Tutored?" Deku said, his little nose wrinkling like some kind of rabbit.

"I'm not gonna do it for you, nerd," Katsuki scoffed, yanking the planner from Deku toward himself.

"You're gonna teach me?"
"Something like that," he said, staring down at the list of things Deku needed to get done. Deku's handwriting was so, so bad. He wished he could fix /that/. "What the fuck does this say, Deku?"

"Oh," he said, laughing nervously. "Yeah, it's... kinda hard to read, huh?"
"Looks like you'd never held a pen before in your life," Katsuki teased. "Now what the hell does it say, nerd?"

"It says..." Deku said, leaning closer to Katsuki. The boy was much shorter than Katsuki, which meant seeing the notebook required even closer proximity.
With Katsuki, he was just able to look over Deku's shoulder before. Deku had to lean close to him, the omega's shoulder brushing with his arm. Warm. "I have three math assignments, two science assignments, one paper to write, and... a group assignment, I guess."
"Group assignment?" Katsuki asked.

"Yeah, well, it was supposed to be," Deku answered with a frown. "Since I missed a couple days, I have to do it on my own." Katsuki would have congratulated him on being allowed to do it on his own, hating group work himself...
But Deku looked /sad/ about it, and something told Katsuki it didn't have anything to do with the extra workload.

"It's basically a group project, anyway," Katsuki said, "since I'm gonna be standing over your shoulder the whole time. You don't need any other stupid extras."
The omega smiled, one of those wobbly ones. "That's probably true," he conceded.

"See?" Katsuki smirked. "You're a smart one. Now, get your stuff out so we can get started."

The omega complied, digging into his book bag to retrieve his textbooks and notebooks.
The omega began to set the different books and notes on the table, and Katsuki took the liberty of rummaging through them. The first thing was the math textbook.

When he opened it, Katsuki realized it was a workbook.
Page after page, Deku's work and answers for problems were filled in. At the top of each page, Deku's name and the date of the assignment were written, however illegible they were. The pages were a /mess/ of notes in the margins, long-winded calculations and smudges.
When Katsuki finally came upon the pages for the previous week, he found... nothing. It looked like Deku hadn't even started. The pages were immaculately empty, no name, answers, or work, the only pen marks the dates Deku had written at the top for when each page was assigned.
"What have you already started on?" Katsuki asked, voice even-toned as he glanced at the omega out of the corner of his eye.

Deku's chin quivered, and that unpleasant smell began to leak into the air again. Katsuki preemptively released more pheromones.
The quivering stopped, but Deku still seemed sad as he answered. "I haven't started on anything," the boy responded, exasperation in his voice.

"Shh," Katsuki hushed. He didn't want to hear Deku sounding like that. "Here," he said, shoving the workbook toward the boy.
"Work on this."

The boy wordlessly took his math book from him, grabbing a pencil bag from his backpack.

Katsuki enjoyed the way the boy listened to him, immediately doing as he asked. Katsuki had tutored before, once or twice and not entirely willingly, much like this time.
However, the other times, Katsuki didn't give a solitary shit about the person he was tutoring. It felt long and torturous, which wasn't to say that this wouldn't feel torturous in its own way, but the reasoning was way different.
Even if he had to wait to be with Deku the way he wanted to be, it felt nice being with him at all, and it especially felt nice to be needed by him.

Katsuki's alpha enjoyed feeling like Deku couldn't handle this without him, like he was providing him with something essential.
Katsuki might've bristled at having to do this, but...

He leaned back in his chair, eyes glued to the omega as he began to scribble his work on that first empty page int he workbook.

He'd just started right up as soon as Katsuki told him to. "Do you understand it?"
Katsuki asked.

The omega nodded. "Yeah, I know how to do this one."

Katsuki hummed. "If it's so easy, why couldn't you just do it at your house?"

Katsuki didn't mean anything by the question, especially nothing rude, but the omega flinched all the same.
Tears pricked in Deku's eyes, and a weird feeling pooled in Katsuki's belly... a /bad/ one. He wanted to say something, to make that look go away, but he couldn't find the right words, and the omega was already opening his mouth to answer.

"I... I," he stuttered.
The omega sat there for a moment yet, struggling with his words, and Katsuki did much of the same. He wanted to say /something/.

"I couldn't /focus/," the omega sobbed, tears escaping his eyes. He dropped his pencil on the table to scrub the droplets from his cheeks.
"Hey, hey," Katsuki called, words finally bubbling up out his throat as his hands reached to turn the omega's face toward him, thumbs brushing tears away. The omega's eyes turned downward, away from Katsuki, as if to avoid his gaze. "You can focus on it here now.
What was distracting you at home?" Katsuki asked. Although Deku's tears had stopped flowing for the moment, his thumbs remained on the boy's cheeks, gently brushing over the soft, freckled skin, which was now flushing pink at Katsuki's question.
"I couldn't stop thinking about Kacchan," the omega admitted, voice quiet. Katsuki could distantly tell how embarrassed the omega was, the shame in his voice, but it was hard to care about that knowing that Deku had been obsessing over /him/ since they last met.
Katsuki felt warm all over, his chest tight but in a pleasant way.

"That's okay, Deku," he replied, voice soft and low. "You're supposed to be thinking about me."

"But, but," the omega stammered, "I couldn't /do/ anything. I kept thinking about how Kacchan was mad at me."
"What?" Katsuki exclaimed. "Mad at you?"

"You, you told me to /leave/," Deku sniffled, stuttering through his sobs, "a-and your dad... wal-walked me down."

Katsuki was taken aback by this. How could Deku think he was mad at /him/?
It was his stupid fuck of a father he was pissed at last time for coming and trying to take Deku away. Just the thought had Katsuki feeling angry again.

"I wasn't fucking mad at /you/, Deku," Katsuki asserted, massaging a hand through Deku's messy curls.
"I was pissed at my old man." He frowned, annoyed that he even had to voice the words, but... it seemed important he said them to Deku.

"Not at me..?" Deku asked, those green eyes, tinged pink from his crying, peered up at him. They were so big and green.
"Nah," Katsuki denied, hand slipping from the omega's hair to cup the side of his head, thumb tracing his earlobe. "Thing were getting good with you... Real good."

Deku picked up on the suggestive tone in Katsuki's voice, cheeks growing even pinker.
"It... it's good to know you weren't mad at me," Deku sniffled, tiny hand rubbing at his nose.

He was so small, soft and fragile. Katsuki just wanted to pull him into his arms and carry him back to his room, the two of them wrapped up in a nest.
Deku enveloped in his big, strong arms, the two of them warm together... it was so domestic, but it sounded so nice. However, Katsuki couldn't even imagine something like that without his dick stirring in his pants. If Deku couldn't focus, he certainly had to.
Otherwise, he'd /never/ get the omega on his back, and Katsuki desperately needed the two of them to get horizontal, and /fast/.

Katsuki removed his hands from the smaller boy, placing them back down on the table. "We'll get this done fast, Deku," Katsuki said.
"We'll start with your math homework. If you get stuck at all, just let me know and I'll help you work through the problem."

Deku scrubbed his face clear. "Okay, Kacchan," he said, the words muffled through his hands.

Katsuki reached for his own book bag.
"Does Kacchan have homework, too?" Deku asked as Katsuki pulled his own notebook and textbook from his bag.

"Yup," Katsuki sighed. "Part of being the best in the class is taking the hardest classes. Assignments aren't tough for me, but they're still fucking annoying."
"Kacchan is very smart," Deku said, chewing at his eraser. Fuck. Cute.

"No surprise there," Katsuki grinned, flipping open his textbook. "All right, little baby. No more getting distracted by how great I am. Get to work."

"Kacchan is very /strict/," Deku muttered.
A playful smile tugged at the corner of the omega's lip, but he set his pencil to his paper.

"Yeah, you keep that up, baby. I'm sure you'd like getting your ass spanked into next year, huh?"

Deku squeaked at the threat, growing red down to the neck.
He thought he'd gotten the omega to shut up, but Deku continued to surprise him.

"Kacchan is inappropriate," the boy muttered, pencil moving against the paper.

Katsuki gave the boy a threatening glare, their eyes meeting and his heated red gaze a sufficient warning.
Deku averted his eyes, obviously uncomfortable with the intensity of Katsuki's gaze.

It's not that it was actually threatening... not in a real dangerous way. It was more playful, suggestive, and it was apparent Deku could feel that heat behind it.
The mood of Katsuki's stare was hardly conducive to either of them completing any homework. Deku made a smart move not pushing him any further.

Katsuki grabbed his own pencil, suppressing a sigh. He kinda wished Deku had pressed him. He could just see it.
Deku in one of those big fluffy sweaters he always wears, except this time it's yanked up to his shoulder, most of his back exposed. Those tight little leggings yanked down. Not much, just enough to expose those pert ass cheeks, fat and pretty and spattered with freckles.
God, he wanted him bent over this table. Katsuki would make those cheeks even prettier, nice and pink with his handprints. He'd slap that ass so good, it'd be days before the omega could sit down without remembering the bruising Katsuki gave his behind.
He had to work hard to stop his groan from escaping and giving himself away. He sniffed the air, checking to be sure he wasn't releasing any pheromones that could send their study session in an unsavory direction.
Besides... even if he threatened to spank Deku, there was no way he'd try something like that without some kind of signal from Deku that it wouldn't get him in deep trouble.

Trouble as in permanently damaging their relationship. The words of the representative hadn't left him.
He had to be careful here in a way he'd never been forced to be in the past, at least if he wanted Deku to like him.

Initially, he hadn't really cared whether the omega would like him. He only cared that the omega got his dick wet and not much else.
But now?

Deku hating him felt like an absolute nightmare. He didn't know what the hell he was thinking before.

Some idealized notion of what the program would be... that he'd get shipped some omega who would just /want/ him right off the bat.
It was easy for Katsuki to believe it, knowing how much of a catch he was. He wasn't oblivious to his own appeal, his virility, his intelligence, his wealth. He had just assumed that whatever omega came would immediately recognize that and spread their legs.
And this had Katsuki, for one of the few times in his life, feeling stupid.

Of course this could be hard on an omega. Especially one like Deku, Katsuki thought, glancing back over at the omega.

He was chewing the inside of his cheek, brows furrowed in concentration.
At least he was managing to get something done, Katsuki smiled.

Deku was sensitive... Katsuki had been with omegas, been with girls, and they all were sensitive to a certain extent, but...

Deku was different. He was intelligent, witty, playful, but he also felt... delicate.
Like it wouldn't take much for Katsuki to break him, and for the first time ever, Katsuki cared about that... about /not/ breaking someone.

Because he couldn't replace Deku.

Deku was special. Katsuki's. And that meant...

That meant Katsuki had to take care of him.
Katsuki wasn't entirely certain when he'd decided on it, but it felt right. He was going to take care of Deku.

That's what a good alpha would do, and Katsuki was the best at everything he did... which meant he needed to be the best alpha to Deku.
Still... maybe Deku would let him spank him sometime. Eventually. He'd bring it up later. Much later.

Katsuki began working on a problem in his notebook, comforted by the idea that perhaps Deku could be convinced.

They worked in relative silence for quite a while.
The only sounds that could be heard were the pencils scraping on paper, their breathing, and the occasional hums Deku couldn't stop himself from making.

Katsuki didn't mind the noises. They were soothing sounds to him, indicating every once in a while that Deku was near.
Not that Katsuki needed a reminder of that. Deku's presence had a heavy influence on the atmosphere, and Katsuki could feel it just by being next to the boy. Regardless, the noises were nice, not because he needed them to know Deku was there, but because they were cute.
"Um, Kacchan," Deku quietly spoke. "I'm done with this assignment."

"Hmm?" Katsuki hummed, putting his pencil down to lean over Deku's shoulder, peering down at his work. Sure enough, the page was entirely filled, every problem solved.
"Well, on to the next one," Katsuki said, returning to his own work.

He glanced over when he noticed the omega was just sitting there, a pout on his face.


"Can I..." Deku began, "take just a little break?"

Katsuki wanted to indulge the omega.
However, Katsuki also really wanted to get this done as soon as possible. Yet...

"You need something?" he asked.

Deku nodded. "Can I please have some water?"

That made it easier for Katsuki to nod. "Sure. I'll go grab some." His alpha preened at the opportunity to provide.
Katsuki made quick work of it, running to the kitchen to grab a cold water bottle from the refrigerator and returning to Deku. He twisted the cap, snapping the seal and handing it to the boy before sitting down.

"Thanks, Kacchan," the boy said.
He gifted Katsuki with a wide toothy smile, and the alpha's chest felt tight once more. Katsuki just hummed his response, his face feeling a bit warm.

The boy took several gulps of the water before placing back down on the table, glancing at the alpha.
"Want some?" he asked.

Katsuki was about to shake his head no, but then remembered the omega's lips on it just a moment before and changed his mind.

"Mm," he hummed, lifting the water bottle up to his lips, trying to somehow discretely lick the lip of the bottle.
Katsuki probably looked like an idiot, trying to make out with the water bottle, but he'd already given his last shit. The man was taking whatever he could get at the moment, and if that was just a hint of a taste of the omega, he would take it, however pathetic it was.
"Kacchan drinks water funny," Deku said, suppressing a giggle.

"Yeah, well, Deku talks funny," Katsuki retorted, wiping spilled water from his chin with the back of his hand.

"Just as I thought!" Deku said, his tone revelatory yet teasing.
"Yeah?" Katsuki said. "And what the hell did you think?"

"Kacchan is very rude."

Katsuki snorted a laugh. "Great job figuring that out, baby omega."

"Thanks," he said, picking up his pencil as if to signal he was returning to work.

Except he didn't really, Katsuki noticed.
Deku's pencil remained poised above the paper, Deku's eyes squinting at the page, tiny lips moving and mumbling.

"What's up, Deku?" Katsuki asked after a moment.

"Um," Deku said, "Well... I don't... really get it."

Katsuki leaned back over to see Deku's workbook.
His arm once again pressed to the boy's shoulder, a pleasant point of contact.

"What don't you get?" Katsuki asked.

"Everything," Deku sighed. "I don't get any of it."

"Did the teacher explain it to you?"

"Just told me to look at the textbook."

Deku frowned.
"Did you?" Katsuki asked.

Deku nodded. "Yeah, I looked it over a couple times. It didn't make sense. I just sort of gave up trying."

"Grab the textbook," Katsuki said, and Deku quickly snagged it off the table, opening it and flipping to the correct section.
"It's this one," he said, pointing to the page.

"Ah, this one," Katsuki said, pulling the book from Deku so that it sat in front of him instead. "This can be a bit tricky."

Deku's expression seemed to soften at that, no longer so dejected looking. "Yeah.."
"Fortunately for you, I'm a pro at this stuff."

"Really?" Deku asked, casting hopeful eyes on him.

"Why the hell would I lie about that, Deku?" Katsuki mocked, snatching up his own pencil and ripping a loose leaf sheet of paper from his notebook.
"I can teach you way better than the stupid teacher at your school."

Deku smiled, something soft and understated but appreciated by the alpha. "Okay."

"Just watch me, yeah?"

Deku nodded, and Katsuki proceeded to walk him through the first problem.
Deku was very receptive to Katsuki's teaching, and Katsuki found he liked watching the different expressions Deku made.

When his brows furrowed with confusion... when his lips pursed into that little 'o' when he finally understood something..
And especially when Deku smiled at Katsuki, that wide beam of gratitude for Katsuki teaching him, for something so simple that came so easy for Katsuki.

"That wasn't so hard, huh, Deku?" Katsuki asked as Deku finished up a problem on his own.
"No," Deku said, a warm smile tugging on his lips, "You're a good teacher, Kacchan."

"I'm good at everything," Katsuki bragged, and Deku laughed at his joke, a light and bubbly noise that had Katsuki laughing along.

Deku gave him a long look, that smile staining his lips.

"It's nothing," Deku said, glancing away, but his eyes kept gravitating back to Katsuki.

"Think you can finish it on your own now?" he asked.

"Mmhmm," Deku said, pulling the workbook back in front of him. "But I will say something if I need help."
"Good," Katsuki said, returning to his own work. This wasn't so bad. They were making good time. Surely if they kept this up, Deku could be done with most of it by the end of the night.

He was right in that regard, at least when it came to math.
Deku finished up that second assignment pretty quickly, only occasionally asking Katsuki a question or two.

The third assignment was also hard for him, but Katsuki was able to teach Deku how to do it easily enough. He had just finished it when Mitsuki popped her head in.
"Hey, boys," she said. "Izuku, your mom is here to pick you up now."

Katsuki hadn't realized how fast time was going by, though it made sense, he supposed, that their time together was nearly over. After all, Deku had finished three math assignments.

"He has to go?"
Katsuki asked.

His mother nodded. He'd already known the answer to that, and he already knew what would happen if he tried to rebel against it, but he couldn't stop himself from asking.

Deku closed up his workbook and began to pack up his things.
Katsuki felt helpless watching him, an unpleasant and foreign feeling, but if he wanted Deku back anytime soon, he just had to put up with it and suppress the anger already boiling inside him as his mother watched them from the doorway.

"Kacchan," Deku said.
Katsuki turned to look at the smaller boy, now standing next to him with a fully packed bag, Katsuki himself still seated. "Thank you for helping me with my homework."

"Mm," Katsuki grunted.

Warm lips pressed against his forehead as Deku leaned down to give him a soft kiss.
Katsuki felt warm all over, not in a sexual way, but... but like when Deku giggled before or gave him a genuine smile. A sweet and pure and unfamiliar feeling.

Katsuki grabbed Deku's wrist as he began to pull away, yanking the boy back close to him to press a kiss to his lips.
Katsuki really didn't give a shit that his mom was standing in the doorway, not with Deku's lips against his own. His tongue dipped out, brushing against the seam of Deku's lips, and the boy opened up to him, allowed his tongue inside to probe.
Katsuki distantly heard the door click shut, and he was grateful that his mother for once showed some degree of decorum.

"Deku," Katsuki breathed, yanking the omega forward until he was seated on his lap, legs off to one side and arms wrapping around Katsuki's neck.
"Kacchan," Deku yelped, clutching him tight as to not tumble off of him.

"C'mere," Katsuki growled, fingers curling in Deku's hair, pushing his head forward to join their lips once more.

This time, he was more aggressive, forcing his tongue into Deku's mouth.
Although force didn't quite seem to be the right word, with how receptive Deku seemed to the kiss.

The boy clumsily kissed him back, his own tongue dancing against Katsuki's, little gasps and moans escaping him.

Katsuki nipped the omega's lip.
Deku rewarded him with a moan, and when he pulled back, those green eyes were dark, pupils dilated, eyelids drooping.

He wanted to fuck him so bad, but a knock at the door reminded him where they were.

"Fuck," he breathed, pressing a wet kiss to the corner of Deku's mouth.
"We're gonna finish up tomorrow, okay?" Katsuki said, hands running all over Deku's back, down his sides, to rest at his hips. In his rational mind, he knew that probably wasn't the case, but fuck if he didn't want them to be. Hell, he wanted them done now.
Katsuki wanted to pluck Deku up into his arms, carry him up to his bed, and have his way with him then, the small disheveled thing that he was, and it destroyed him that he couldn't right now.

Deku seemed skeptical, too, but the pretty young omega just smiled. "Okay, Kacchan."
Katsuki helped the boy off his lap, standing himself once Deku was off him.

"Izuku?" he heard the old hag say through the door.

"He's coming," Katsuki called back, unable to keep his annoyance from his voice in its entirety.
"Yeah, sorry, I'm coming," Deku said, rushing to the door. Katsuki followed behind him as they walked to the house's entryway.

He opened the door and there Inko was, standing on the steps waiting for him.

"Hello again, Katsuki," the small woman said.
"Thank you again for agreeing to help Izuku with his homework."

"It's nothing," Katsuki said. That much was true. He'd do it again in a heartbeat. "You coming back tomorrow?"

"Well," Inko replied, "how much did you get done, Izuku?"

"I finished all my math."
"Wow, Izuku," Inko said, eyes widening in surprise. She glanced back at Katsuki as he stood in the doorway. "Are you okay with helping him again tomorrow?"

"Yeah," Katsuki replied. More than okay. He needed Deku back tonight. "He can come back."

"Hmm," Inko considered.
"Please, mom," Deku pleaded, cheeks heating in embarrassment, voice lowered as if he was trying to hide his words from Katsuki. He smirked but tried to suppress it as he remembered Inko in front of him. "Kacchan was really helpful, and I could finally concentrate."
"All right, then," she said, a smile of her own tugging on her face. "It sounds like you're in good hands with Katsuki." She turned back to the alpha, addressing him. "As long as you're okay with it, I can bring Izuku back around the same time tomorrow.
I'll pick him up at the same time, too."

"Sounds good." Sounds incredible. Amazing. Please do.

"Let's go then, Izuku," Inko said, turning back to her vehicle parked in the driveway.

"Okay, mom," Deku said, but he lingered near the doorway,
"Thanks again, Kacchan. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" Deku beamed at him, and Katsuki smiled back at him.

"Yeah," Katsuki said. "See you tomorrow, Deku."

The nerd turned, looking reluctant, and climbed into his car.

Katsuki watched them drive off.
Katsuki found he wasn't as angry after Deku left this time. When his mother tried to talk to him in the kitchen after Deku and Inko had driven off, his responses were curt, his annoyance thinly-veiled, but there were no screams or expletives. There was no venom.
Yes, Katsuki was angry Deku had to go so soon, but...

He knew he'd get to see him tomorrow, and that kiss at the end may have had him feeling needy for the smaller boy, but it could also tide him over until the next day.

Especially considering what he'd stashed in his closet.
Katsuki made his way back up the stairs to his room, quickly shutting the door behind him to snatch the blanket out and press it to his face.

"Fuck," he breathed, the scent of Deku's slick invading his nostrils, however stale and faded it was.
For a bit, he'd been worried the scent would disappear before he'd get to see Deku again or somehow replenish it, but his worries were somewhat assuaged by his and Deku's study session today. He would get plenty more of Deku, and he could smell him from the source.
Katsuki walked over to his bed and fell onto his back, nose still buried in the blanket, cock twitching with every inhale. Behind his eyelids, images flashed of Deku, the tiny little omega.

The freckles all over his soft skin..

The taste of his lips..
And that sweet, brilliant smile he directed at Katsuki for the first time tonight, as if Katsuki was the best person in the world.

Which, of course, he was, but just knowing that Deku might feel that way filled him with the most pleasant warmth.

He made Deku look like that.
Katsuki groaned, his cock already plumping in his pants and making the slacks far too uncomfortable on him. He hadn't changed out of his school uniform before Deku had come.

The alpha quickly unzipped them, shimmying them down his waist along with his underwear.
He pushed them down past his knees and to his ankles, kicking them off to land on the floor so the only thing clothing his lower half was his socks.

Fuck, he felt hot. He yanked everything off, shirt, socks, so he was entirely bare in his bed. Just him and the blanket.
Katsuki clutched the blanket close to his chest, the length of it tangled between his legs and caressing his now-hard cock.

"Deku," he groaned, hips gently grinding against the fabric, his cockhead slipping up and down against it. He wanted it to be the omega so bad.
Katsuki bit the blanket into his mouth, tongue laving over what remained of the slick that stained it from last week. His hands now free, he let one fall down to wrap around his cock through the blanket. He could feel the blanket getting wet, his pre-come soaking through it.
Katsuki couldn't stop the long, deep groan that escaped him, too far gone on Deku's taste. It felt like forever since he'd last had Deku in his bed, since he last touched him the way he wanted to, and his alpha was begging for release, eyes fluttering shut and rolling back.
The groan transformed into a gravelly growl, and his gums ached. He only distantly registered the drool now soaking the blanket clenched between his teeth.

He rolled over onto his belly, hands balling up the end of the blanket so that the bulk of it sat under his hips.
Hips humped at the blanket balled up beneath his hips, cock too desperate for relief to care about how shoddy of a substitute he'd made for the omega.

His mind didn't seem to care much either, too focused on that taste, his alpha chasing for relief.
Katsuki continued to growl, hands looking for some kind of leverage, anywhere, until he eventually reared up to grab at parts of the headboard. The blanket trailing from the ball under his hips to his teeth was now pulled taut, strained by the distance.
Katsuki felt unhinged by it. He wanted to do such terrible things right now. The blanket wasn't Deku, it wasn't...

He yanked the blanket with his mouth, tearing it from side to side and listening to it rip. He needed to bite it, needed to puncture something, anything.

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