✨You Ever Sext Before?: A KiriBaku Thread✨
PART 2 of Nerdy Bakugou x Delinquent Kirishima, which can be found here: https://twitter.com/maneatingmomma/status/1243778975526203393?s=19

Sexting, nudes, phone sex, voice kink, masturbation, mutual masturbation, almost virgin!Bakugou, experienced!Kirishima, dirty talk, etc.

Katsuki practically growls in aggravation when his phone vibrates from across the room.

It's 10:11 p.m. on a Tuesday night, he's home alone, and he's studying for the Wednesday morning pop quiz that Aizawa always gives his class.

Or at least he's /trying/ to.

/Buzz buzz./
With an almost scream of annoyance, he stomps across the room to snatch his phone off of the night stand, angrily inputting his code to see 11 new messages.

/Buzz buzz./


All from Kirishima.

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Bakugou!

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Baaaaaaaaakugou.
πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Hey

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Bakugou are you there?

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: C'mon, it's really important!

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Pleeeeeease?

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Pick up!

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Fuck, please, I'm dying!

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Bakugou!!!

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Broooo
πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: It hurts!

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Bakugou!!

/Buzz buzz./


πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: AHA! I SEE YOU READING!!!

Katsuki curses loudly, damning read receipts to hell as he reluctantly types out a return message.

πŸ“² Me: What the fuck do you WANT Shitty Hair???
He gets a response before he's even able to put his phone down.

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: It hurts!!

πŸ“² Me: WHAT HURTS???

This time he takes a little longer to respond, but when he does, Katsuki drops his phone onto his bed in shock.

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: (image_001)
It's a picture of Kirishima's dick, just as thick as it had been the last time Katsuki had seen it almost three months ago, give or take a few days.

The picture was taken from a low angle in between Kirishima's spread legs, and it showed off his cock perfectly.
Hard and red, shiny with lube from his hand, which was wrapped tightly around the base, just above his large, full balls.

Katsuki's mouth /waters/.

He scrambles forward to retrieve his phone again, noticing that in his daze he'd missed two more incoming messages.
πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: It hurts so baaaaad.

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: I think it misses your sweet little mouth.

Heat scorches him from the inside out, putting a bright blush on his cheeks as he types out a hasty reply.

πŸ“² Me: Kirishima what the FUCK
Kirishima's answer isn't in words, but in the form of another picture, this time of one of his fingertips playing in the clear fluid leaking from the tip of his cock.


He swallows heavily, shivers rolling down his spine as his dick hardens in his sweats.
He feels hot all of a sudden, and he knows exactly why.

He can still /clearly/ remember the way Kirishima's precum has tasted on his tongue, thick and salty and that subtle sweetness that made it that much fucking better.
He remembers almost drowning in the scent of sweaty balls as Kirishima humped his face, choking him as he pushed inch after inch of hard cock into his mouth.

But most of all, remembers the feeling of hot, sticky cum pulsing down his throat.

/Buzz buzz./

He's panting when he picks up the phone this time, his heart thudding heavily in his chest as he opens the messages again.

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Look what you do to me, pretty boy.

/Buzz buzz./

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: (video_001)
It isn't a long video. Maybe 10? 15 seconds?

But it instantly has him harder than he's ever been in almost his entire life.

Kirishima is stroking himself, slow and tight, the slick sound of his hand moving up and down sounding deafening in the quiet of Katsuki's bedroom.
He watches as the fat head fucks in and out of the circle
Kirishima's fist makes for however long it lasts, and just before the video cuts out, there's a low, rumbling groan of male pleasure that makes his dick /weep/ in his underwear.
πŸ“² Me: Fuck

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: I miss your mouth, pretty boy. It felt sooooo good.

πŸ“² Me: Shitty Hair I'm trying to study...

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Awww, what's one little break?

Katsuki bites down on his bottom lip, his gaze flicking over to his desk.

He /has/ finished a lot...
/Buzz buzz./

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: C'mon, baby. Don't you wanna help me cum...?

He whimpers softly, his hands sweaty as he types out another reply.

πŸ“² But I have a pop quiz...

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Aizawa's Wednesday Quiz? You already know you're gonna ace that.
πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: You're the smartest one in that whole class.

It's true.

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: C'mon pretty boy...

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Help me out?

He exhales slowly, his eyes briefly flicking up to his desk again before he answers.

πŸ“² Me: ...how?
πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: You ever sext before?

He hasn't, but he knows what it is. He's seen and read stories about it, and the thought alone has him impossibly hot under his thin t-shirt.

πŸ“² Me: No. But I've heard of it...
πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Perfect! Then it shouldn't shock you too much when I ask for a picture of that pretty mouth of yours πŸ’–

He frowns lightly, fiddling with the case on his phone. His mouth is /far/ from pretty, especially when it's full of metal and rubber bands.
πŸ“² Me: Fine.

Pulling up his camera, he takes a quick, closed mouth front camera shot of his face, making sure it isn't too blurry before sending it.

It doesn't take long to receive a reply.

/Buzz buzz./

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Open your mouth, baby. Show me that pretty tongue.

He pulls up his camera again and holds it up, tilting his head back to let his mouth drop open and tongue hand out as he glares into the lens from behind his glasses.

πŸ“² Me: How's this?

πŸ“² Me: (image_001)
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Across town, Kirishima has to grip the base of his dick /hard/ as the picture that Katsuki's sent him pops up on his phone. It's amazingly lewd, even though he isn't really doing anything except letting his mouth hang open.
But Kirishima sees remembers when it covered in spit, tears, and cum, and it makes his dick /throb/.

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Fuck, your mouth is so cute.

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: I wanna fuck it again.

Katsuki chokes on his gasp, his thighs rubbing together as he squirms.
πŸ“² Me: You do?

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Fuck yes

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Wanna see you choke for me again. Watch you cry.

He falls into bed after reading, putting his phone to the side so he can awkwardly kick off his pants and underwear, leaving him in his too big sleep shirt.
He feels like he's on /fire/ between his legs, and just the brush of the sheets against his skin makes him let out a weak sigh.

πŸ“² Me: I liked it too...

Kirishima almost combusts, groaning as he types out a one handed answer while stroking his dick.
πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: I know you did.

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Your little dick was so hard for me.

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: I still remember how you shook under my tongue.

Probably kind of like how he's shaking now, his chest heaving as he reads the dirty words Kirishima is sending him.
πŸ“² Me: Fuck

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Send another pic, pretty.

He's opening his camera to take another picture before he knows it.

It's from above again, but only the bottom half of his face is showing, which means he can see the braced teeth nervously digging into his bottom lip.
He's not showing off anything too raunchy, but the way his nipples are pressed against the fabric of his shirt makes him flush, and in the corner of the image he can just barely see the head of his cock, leaking onto his bared stomach.

πŸ“² Me: (image_002)
Kirishima groans loudly, bucking into his fist as he devours the picture with his eyes.

He's /weak/.

The teeth digging into Katsuki's bottom lip are bad enough, but the outline of what he knows to be pink nipples pressed against his shirt makes him /starved/ for a mouthful.
πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Holy /fuck/ baby

πŸ“² Me: Is it good?

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: What do you think?

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: (vid_002)

Katsuki whimpers when he presses play, his own hand wandering down to his filling cock as he watches Kirishima squeeze out more of that tasty precum.
He can hear his breathing too, louder than it was in the previous video. He sounds like he's run a million marathons at once, and his camera work is more jerky than it was last time.

"You don't even know what you do to me, do you?" He whispers at the end.
"Fuck," Katsuki whispers, stopping to yank his fogging glasses off of his face to toss them onto the night stand. It's a little blurrier now, but he can still make out his phone screen.

πŸ“² Me: Jesus Kirshima

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: I could say the same for you lol
πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: (image_003)

Another picture, this time of him cradling his full balls in a lubed up hand, the fuzzy hairs glistening in whatever low light was in his room.

πŸ“² Me: Fuck

πŸ“² Me: Kirishima

πŸ“³ Shitty Hair πŸ’©: Call me.
He's quick to do as commanded, and in a few quick taps, he's on the other end of a ringing line that stops almost as soon as it starts.

Kirishima's breathing hard, and Katsuki can't tell if he's imagining the slick sound if his hand moving on his dick, but it makes him whine.
"Fuck, baby, I really wish that I could have your mouth right now," is the first thing he growls, and Katsuki shudders as the deep growl in his voice sends electricity down his spine. "Pictures just don't cut it."
"K-Kirishima," he huffs, his breath catching as he reaches down to wrap a hand around his own throbbing erection.

"That's it baby, touch yourself for me," Kirishima groans back. "Make those pretty little noises for me."
"I-I want that, too," he whispers, his chest almost bursting with embarrassment as the words flow across the line. "W-Wanna taste you..."

"Fuck!" Kirishima hisses. "Keep talking, pretty boy."

"I-I wanna smell you again," he continues softly. "You s-smell so good..."
A strained laugh fills his ears and makes him shiver as he strokes himself faster, his hips humping towards his hand.

"You gonna sniff my sweaty balls again, baby?"

He blushes deeply, but frowns as well.

"S-so?! Is that so bad?" He snaps back.
"Fuck no, it isn't," Kirishima grunts, and the wet sound of his hand gets even louder. "Would love to see your nose buried up under my nuts again."

Katsuki inhaled sharply, lust stabbing him in the gut.

"Kirishima," he whines out.
"You gonna let me fuck your face again?" Kirishima purrs. "Bet you can get a nice whiff if you let me fuck that pretty throat of yours again."

Katsuki groans loudly, his feet pressing flat against the bed, giving him leverage to fuck up into his fist.
He feels unhinged with his need, and even this little bit of friction is already making heat coil in his stomach.

"S-shit, Kirishima," He wheezes, looking down at the blurry sight of his hand moving between his legs. "It feels so fucking /good/-!"
"N-not better than your mouth," Kirishima grunts back, his head laid back against his pillows as he works the head of his cock in sharp, twisting motions, his thighs flexing as he forces himself closer to the edge. "And /definitely/ not better than my mouth."
Katsuki shudders hard, his body arching off the sheets as he remembers the way Kirishima had sucked him before, the feeling of his hot mouth and wet slimy tongue sliding up and down his dick.

"I want that," he whines loudly, louder than what was probably polite for the time.
"I-I wanna feel your mouth on me, too!"

"/God/, you're driving me fucking crazy," Kirishima snarls almost violently as he strokes himself faster. "You gonna let me swallow that dick of yours, pretty boy? Gonna cum for me like you did on the roof that day?"
Katsuki doesn't even get the chance to answer before he's cumming with a loud wail, arching into the air as white, sticky lines shoot from the tip of his dick to paint his clenching stomach and the edge of his t-shirt.
On the other end of the phone, Kirishima gives himself a few more quick jerks before he's following the other over the same edge with a grunted curse, his eyes squeezed shut to enhance the moment.
They both come down slowly, their harsh breathing slowly turning soft as they bask in the presence of each other.

"You're a pervert," is the first thing Katsuki mutters.

Kirishima's laugh is soft and tired.

"Oh, yeah, like you're any better than me, pretty boy."
"Wha-?! I was studying!"

"Mmmmm, but you didn't /have/ to stop for me. You /chose/ to stop for me."

Katsuki doesn't answer, and is glad that the other can't see the way his cheeks redden.

"W-well, you were very...persuasive..."

Kirishima hoots, and he almost hangs up.
"Well, thank you for your help, pretty. Although I do wonder about how you're going to explain how loud you were to your parents."

"What? My parents aren't here."


Katsuki winces in disgust at the drying cum on on his belly, reaching for a few tissues.
"My parents aren't here. They have fashion week coming up, so they're pretty much moved into their studio until the end of the month."

"...So what you're saying is..."

Katsuki freezes where he's wiping himself down, his heart suddenly thudding again in his chest.
Kirishima's voice is smooth like silk, wrapping around him in all the very best ways. He has to fight down a needy whimper just hearing it.

"...Is that you're at home, alllllll alone, with no parents around for the rest of the month?"

He swallows heavily.

"What did you say your address was again...?"

✨~THE END...? πŸ‘€~✨
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