i mention this a lot, but the tweets always seem to mysteriously get buried. a reminder elon musk is *not* the founder of tesla nor of its technologies. he bought his way in & forced the founders to sign contracts to name him a co-founder, then proceeded to kick them out. https://twitter.com/SecretGamerGrrl/status/1259979911814619136
and remember when elon tried to pick on and discredit the work of a woman scientist in nanotechnology by saying nano was BS? he really tried to google a few things to pretend he knew what he was talking about. he's an absolute joke. https://www.livescience.com/62669-musk-nano-nanotechnology-real.html
also! a top AI conference in the world (NIPS, now renamed NeurIPS) didn't formally invite elon (he has no scholarship in this field), so he used his money to buy out a venue next door to it. he used the opportunity to make sexist jokes. https://twitter.com/timnitGebru/status/939995193943646208?s=20
we can also talk neuralink. i was studying brain-computer interfaces when he announced it, and we knew it was nonsense then. where is neuralink now? maybe this will remind you that elon has no idea what he's talking about. https://twitter.com/sonyaism/status/1195174698348400640?s=20
elon musk is someone who talks big, who insults experts and thinks himself the expert, who exploits his workers, who uses his social media platform and wealth to bully others. since 2013 i've been getting flak for calling him the donald trump of tech, but the receipts are here.
am i scared one day i'll say too much? yes, but we need to speak truth to power. elon has always been a bully. like when he called the thai diver a pedo to smear his name, or when he called out ashlee vance (who wrote musk's biography) for revealing how bad a person he was.
i'm just some kid who never bought i to any of it from the start. i've been yelling about musk for almost a decade now, and it's vindicating to see more and more folks come to the same conclusions. he isn't some enlightened tech savior. he's just another libertarian with money.
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