Went on a Starbucks run this afternoon and met something unexpected. This poor baby kitten. Gonna try to keep it alive until I can give to @austinpetsalive.
We believe she's a girl. We're naming her Macchiato, after my drink order when I found her. And to say she had a flea infestation is an understatement...

We're bathing her with Dawn dish soap now and carefully tweezing off fleas. Feel so bad for her. Vet consult tomorrow AM.
Macchiato has been fed and is now resting in a box with a heating pad and towels inside of my dog's travel crate. We had to bath her thoroughly due to all the fleas and she was a trooper.

Milk coma.
Just finished our overnight feed. She's learning to like a bottle but still hasn't started grasping fully yet. But she's been fed three times since she's home and by all accounts, doing well.

With this experience, I do not want children anytime soon. God bless you parents.
Daily Macchiato update:

Vet teleconsultation went fantastic – shoutouts to PAZ Vet and @AvaGG & @Clayster for recommending them to us. They estimate she's three weeks old, give or take, but a bit small / underweight. Feeding is going well and eyes are slowly starting to open.
Her night vision goggles are starting to open up on both sides. Making real progress. Every day will be something new but so glad she's hanging in there.
Daily Dose of Macchiato:

Her eyes are fully open finally! We've been gently massaging her face with our fingers, warm wash cloths and a toothbrush (to imitate mama cat's sandpaper tongue). She's been eating like a champ, finally latching on the bottle, and has gained 0.6 oz.
She's getting so strong.

Eating seven times a day and starting a vet-recommended neurological and retinal supplement and goat milk kefir mixed in her kitten milk replacement next week. Can't believe the strength of this baby kitten.
Second bath has been complete and Macchiato is completely flea free officially!

Shoutouts to @kittenxlady for the comprehensive guide to bathing / defleaing young kittens. She's drinking her KMR very well and is happily snuggled now in her box with heating pad.
"Allow me to introduce myself..."
We bought a new couch today. And Macchiato is taking it all in. Bottle feeding is becoming easy now. She's latching and suckling well and getting all her KMR nutrients.
Long day but ending it right by spending some time cuddling Macchiato. She's finally starting to purr and I can already tell once she's grown, that purr will be really loud, similar to our other cat Doris.

Lots of lovies for the baby.
Daily Dose of Macchiato:

She had diarrhea and some GI upset overnight, but we spoke with our vet and it's not uncommon with the diet change.

We've dewormed her this AM and are going to put Pedialyte in her KMR to help her electrolytes. If it gets worse, we'll go to the vet.
Hardest day so far for Macchiato since the day we found her.

She's had diarrhea most of the day, even in between meals / cleanings, but she's still doing okay. We've used Pedialyte to keep her hydrated among it all. Hoping it gets better soon.
In other news, she got blepped...
The journey continues.

Macchiato is still having diarrhea but we're in contact with the vet and if she doesn't regulate by the end of the weekend, we'll take her in. But she's still trying to walk and is keeping hydrated.

Nobody will break her stride!
Extra Shot of Macchiato.

Still learning how to walk. She's had an upset stomach all day but we've been in touch with the vet and if it doesn't improve by tomorrow afternoon, she'll go to their office Monday.

She's still hydrated and is feeding mostly well. Hanging in there.
One Venti Macchiato vs. one smol Macchiato. Both found at @Starbucks.
"You okay in there?"
She always looks like a bowling ball a little bit after a good meal, but I'm happy to report that she's not had a single accident all afternoon.

We've been watching #TheLastDance together while cleaning, feeding and burbing. Trying to teach her that Jordan is the GOAT.
You've heard of Air Jordan, but have you heard of Air Kneads?

Macchiato is doing well. She's finally starting to poop solid and as you can see here, drinking all the KMR with zero hesitation! She's also starting to gain weight faster. Nearly half a pound now!
My girlfriend is knitting Macchiato a pouch. She's officially been with us for a full week and her progress is very noticeable.

She's slowly starting to see things, she's beginning to really walk and she's pounding KMR out of the bottle in one shot. So happy she's improving.
Macchiato's eyes are starting to dilate and her personality is starting to show. She's very sassy and spunky but loves to be burped and purrs so loud when cuddling.

She also loves penguin Pillow Pets and we're getting her a warm Snuggle Kitty with a heartbeat. Good baby.
We finally felt it was safe to introduce Macchiato and Doris to one another. Doris was perplexed, as you can see. Macchiato didn't quite get it.

We'll continue to allow them to interact in small increments until Macchiato is old enough to bounce around.
We're learning what this is today. 11/10 heckin' confused.
Macchiato is officially over half a pound!

She's gaining weight slower than most kittens do but we're seeing about a half ounce a day. She's gotten so much better since we found her last week and her progress is really noticeable in this thread. So happy for her.
May be TMI, but it seems Macchiato pooped in the litter box by herself for the first time today. Still hasn't quite gotten the hang of it but she's learning!
Another day, another Macchiato.

No significant updates but Macchiato is doing well and getting out and about the house some more. Doris is still confused, Sager loves her to death and she isn't quite sure about either.

Gonna need Doris to teach her how to cat.
Macchiato's Snuggle Kitty has arrived. It's a stuffed animal you can put a heat pack in, but more importantly, it has a battery-powered heartbeat pack that runs round the clock. Just like a mama cat.

She's doing well. We've discovered she likes to listen to tunes. Good baby.
Macchiato is getting so fast! Every day she gets a little bit better at walking and we're finally seeing her come into her own.
Getting her to stand still for a photo is nearly impossible, but we'll take that as a good thing. Here's a video from our post-meal burp and cuddle session.

She's been jamming to Donna Summer all day. Apparently funk/soul music and R & B get her to calm down.
She was too shy to do it for the camera but I caught Macchiato grooming herself after I got her a little wet from cleaning up spilled milk on her leg and chest. Another milestone.

We also think she's starting to use the litter box on her own. Proud of the little one.
More Macchiato for you.

We've officially hit double digits. This afternoon she weighed 10.09 ounces. We were concerned as she wasn't gaining enough weight daily but with a bit more food, we're getting somewhere!

She's been dewormed again and will see the vet on Tuesday!
We caught her in the act today. Macchiato is en route to officially being litter trained!

She still needs some human assistance, especially to poop (sorry, TMI, I know) but she's been peeing in it all day by herself. Four weeks old is coming with lots of good progress.
We're socializing Macchiato a lot more now as she begins to be able to play a little bit. She got a bath today after a poopsplosion.

We recently bought a new cat tree as I didn't have room to pack the old one in the van from Brooklyn. Here's her and Doris having some fun.
Slowly learning how to cat. Finally got Macchiato on camera grooming herself.

She's been doing this irregularly the past few days, as well as learning how to pee in the litter box (still haven't figured out the poop yet though). Progress.
Hunting instincts coming online. She's started to get a lot more playful with us the past few days.

We've ordered her some crinkle balls and other toys but right now she's learning about Doris's fish.
Litter box = conquered.

She still hasn't figured out how to poop in it quite yet but she's gotten peeing in it down to a science. She usually won't do it unless me or my partner are around, but that's okay. Gotta be safe. We're very proud of her.
Commence Session: How to Cat 101.

Instructor: Doris
Student: Macchiato

Target: Cheetah Print String.
No Macchiato post today in honor of #BlackOutDay2020. We'll be back tomorrow.

To find out more ways to help support #BlackLivesMatter , check out this website with a list of links and details. https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ 
We're back with the Macchiato updates and boy, do we have a bunch.

She went to the vet today. Good news, bad news. Good, our vet complimented our work and her health overall. Bad, she has an upper respiratory infection and a potential urinary tract infection.
She's still acting normal and upper respiratory infections aren't uncommon for babies. Many get bacteria or diseases passed on at birth. She's too small for antibiotics, so best we can do is give her supplements and let her fight.

Also, she started weaning today! Carnivore time!
Macchiato's fecal sample returned positive for coccidia, an uncommon but treatable parasite that causes GI upset and is contagious to dogs, humans and other cats.

We're still working on weaning this week, to make her not have to get air when sucking on the bottle.
She's taking to eating from a plate really quickly. She's stepping in it, which is to be expected but she's finally eating wet kitten food mixed with formula.

She does have blood in her pee, but we're taking in samples for urinalysis today. Trying to get her to good health.
Macchiato does in fact have a urinary tract infection, likely from cross contamination of her poop when she's had accidents due to the parasites.

She'll be getting an antibiotic injection here in about 30 minutes. Again, shout outs to PAZ Vet in Austin for helping her.
She's back home after getting her shot and in pretty good spirits. Was a little shaken up after the fact but we're glad we're taking steps in the right direction.

Here's to a speedy recovery for the baby girl! 🥂
We've upgraded Macchiato's accommodations to the large dog crate without restrictions now that she can regular her body heat.

She has a box with a towel and heating pad to sleep in, a water dish, a litter box, some toys and a cat mobile.
Not sure if we rescued a pig or cat. Hard to tell the difference right now. 🐷🐱😂

She's doing pretty well. Still under the weather but eating like a champ from a plate. Took no time at all for her to adjust. Here's to weaning and speedy recovery!
Breaking news: we have discovered water is not only for baths.

After sticking her paws in it for the past 24 hours, Macchiato has discovered that water is also for drinking. Glad she is keeping hydrated herself as she gets new food, supplements and medicines in her system.
Still bathing in her food but ya know, we're just happy she's eating so well. Five meals a day like this today.

She's congested and had to use the litter box very frequently but she hasn't exhibited signs yet of GI upset. Hopefully none at all.
Macchiato got lots of good sleep and a hearty breakfast this morning. We're slowly starting to introduce more wet baby cat food and less formula.

This morning she's been out playing in our bedroom with a stuffed fish and a crinkle ball. Making a steady recovery.
Gone Fishin'.

Macchiato has been really playful and loving today. We've seen rapid improvements with the coccidia parasite and UTI issues (only one accident today). She's been really lively, purring frequently and eating more wet food than formula. Good progress.
Have to careful of this tiger in my household. So vicious!

Macchiato is slowly learning how to pounce and jump, stalk her prey and zoom. Slowly becoming a cat.
For those cat owners of you who prefer all-natural, non-clumping litter – perfect for baby kittens like Macchiato who's tried to eat it – let me let you in on a secret.

40 pounds of this stuff is $6 at @TractorSupply. The same stuff, but name brand, is $12 for 20 pounds at Petco
Macchiato is starting to get extra playful. Caught her entertaining herself with toys from afar.

We've had a solid day of eating, playing, using the litter box and drinking water. She feels like she's getting over the hump but we still have about a week of medicine left.
Sorry for the lack of Macchiato post today, but here's one.

She's begun to climb... a lot. Earlier today she climbed my leg and jumped, grabbed and hung by the neck of my shirt while I was getting her medicine. She's also started cleaning Beverly's hair.
Cheese! Look at those baby teeth!

When we found Macchiato she had no teeth, could barely drink from a bottle and weighed 5.46 oz. Now she's got nearly her full set of baby teeth and weighs 14.78 oz.

We're nearly to a pound. So close!
We feel pretty confident Macchiato's various ailments are subsiding, so we let her be back around Doris and Sager today.

To my surprise, Doris began to clean her and welcome her to her pride. They hung out around the house for a little bit and Doris has become a bit protective.
We've gone from cleaning and acceptance to a little bit of rough housing.

Macchiato and Doris both have been playing but man, Doris can be a bit rough some times. Having to keep a close eye. Nonetheless Macchiato seems to enjoy some socializing.
#ThrowdownThursday Macchiato Edition.

First picture is the day after we found her, second is tonight. After dinner she weighed 17 ounces. We're officially more than a pound!

Still behind in growth but we're so proud of her strength and of Doris and Sager for being sweet.
Macchiato update!

We're done with our Albon treatment now and we believe the Coccidia parasite and her UTI are both gone. Her breathing is also better. What a kickass immune system!

Her and Doris go to the vet together Thursday. Macchiato will be getting FeLV and combo shots.
Five weeks!

Today marks five weeks of Macchiato living with us. We got Starbucks twice to celebrate.

She's doing so well. She's able to run around really fast, starting to play with Doris and toys and as you can tell by the picture, she LOVES to eat. Thanks for the well wishes!
More meat, less foam.

We're completely off slurry now, as Macchiato has transitioned to wet kitten food 100 percent of the time. She ate it all like a champ and I'm sure we'll see her put on more weight.

Her and Doris go to the vet together Thursday. Will update with results.
Who doesn't want some fresh Macchiato in your day?

She's been out and about more lately than ever, playing with Doris, confused why Sager is so big and hiding under the couch. She's going to be in the crate mostly for another three or four weeks, till she gets spade and recovers
Pre-vet bath complete. Our baby girl is extra fluffy right now and smells like baby wipes from the shampoo (most scented shampoos are still a no-go).

Her and Doris go to the vet in about two hours. Will report back with progress!
And we're off to the vet. 💜 is Doris, 💙 is Macchiato. Doris is due for her annual rabies shot and exam and Macchiato gets her first round of vaccines and follow up on her previous infections.

Wish us luck!
The vet check-up went super well for Macchiato!

Vet said there are no signs of upper respiratory issues anymore, that she doesn't seem to think she has an UTI anymore either and that she barely recognized Macchiato, in a good way. Very encouraged by her growth! 😻
Macchiato took the road trip in stride. Her and Sager sat in the back and she used the litter box while on the road.

But we have bad news: our vet got back to us and said her fecal sample from yesterday was still positive for coccidia parasite. We'll start treatment again Monday
Macchiato is 7 weeks old!

Tomorrow will be six weeks since we found her and we estimate she was 7-12 days old then.

We've been spending time in the Rio Grande Valley this weekend and she's been doing great. Very playful, enjoying meeting everyone too. Road trip home tomorrow!
"I would like some food right MEOW."

We're back home and Macchiato is doing well. We've begun treatment for coccidia again and will continue for the next 9 days.Hoping it clears up.

In the meantime, she's gotten a new litter box, begun running around the house and playing.
So vicious. So scary.

Macchiato has begun to pounce, thwap, stalk and attack. She's a giant goofball, basically.

Pretty amazing how far she's come from being unable to walk, see or hear when we first found her, to this. So happy she's survived and made it this far.
We owe y'all a Macchiato update, so here you go.

We estimate she's just over 8 weeks now, a huge milestone for an orphaned kitten. She's gotten really playful and personable. We're still treating for coccidia and will get retested later this week. Fingers crossed 🤞.
Her and Doris are playing slaps under the door. We've let them be around each other some but still want to limit since we don't know if Macchiato is coccidia free or not.

Doris is taking to her mostly. Sometimes Doris is a little rough and asserts her dominance but all good.
"Doris... help me..."
"Red dot is confusing... But I must chase it."
Pretty kitty. Macchiato is more than eight weeks old now and her eyes are developed mostly – we think they're gonna stay blue.

She's still about half a pound too skinny, but eating well. She's gonna get retested for parasites next week and then spay surgery in a few weeks.
Macchiato wants to bite and play with everything, including my shirt and fingers, so we've had to be really diligent in discouraging that behavior.

She's so sweet but also very much a kitten. Training will come with time.
As you can see, play is a little rough. But Macchiato is often the instigator, biting Doris's tail and neck. Couldn't help but laugh at this though 😂.

They're getting along. Doris is being a bit maternal now, which is good, other than that she made Macchi pee on our bed.
Went to North Austin to buy a small cat scratching post for Macchiato to teach her to scratch cat trees, rather than furniture and feet. Came home from the grocery store to find her like this. 😂
Must... catch... feathers!
We have birds who come on our balcony every single day. Doris frequently chirps at them and they like to taunt her – flying repeatedly away, then right back. So I decided to introduce Macchiato to them.
Working out those back legs. Macchiato has been trying to jump up on stuff lately, but she's not figured out the movement fully. But we're getting there.
The entertainment system is now... Macchiato approved.

We're doing well over here. She goes back to the vet on Monday for her next round of booster shots, as well as the latest on her coccidia parasite situation.

For now, zoomies around the house with Doris and aquarium videos.
Macchiato is officially 2 pounds! We're about two weeks behind on weight, albeit not particularly unexpected given she's an orphan.

She goes back to the vet today for next round of shots, a check up on whether or not she still has coccidia, and to do a pre-spay examination.
Good news!

Macchiato is free and clear of coccidia. Big move for her, as she'll now be able to come out of the crate full time and share litter boxes with Doris. So glad she is bouncing back. 👏
My partner has this fluffy blanket she bought from a discount home store a few years ago and for whatever reason, both cats adore it.

Doris will constantly knead on it and Macchiato has now discovered it. It is very much adequate.
Day 3 of being out of the crate and Macchiato is loving life.

Woke up this morning to her and Doris laying on my partner's chest, staring at me. Yesterday she basically cuddled with my partner on the couch the entire day. Now she wants to attack Doris's tail.
Macchiato has discovered the wicker basket in our living room that holds all of the blankets. She's been laying in for the past two hours.
Sorry for the lack of Macchiato posts lately. Been a busy week.

Anyway, as you can see, she has become a big time cuddler. This morning she woke me up three times between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. by tapping my head and chewing my hair. Then she fell asleep like this with me.
We've been working on sitting for food/treats. We taught Doris how to do this cause she bulldozes us for food. Macchiato is similar.
And my whole crew is loungin'.
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