#ObaMAGAte Three
In Hebrew the words
"Baraq" is the word for Lighning.
"Bahma" Heaven or high place.
The letter "O" is used in junction to join phrases.

“And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” (Luke 10: 18 KJV 
I beheld Satan as Baraq O Bahma
Obama's Election Campaign slogan was "Yes we can"
Remember the crowd cheering
Yes we can, yes we can.....

Played backwords =
@BarackObama held his first election acceptance speech in Denver.

The stage was designed after the "Alter of Zeus" in Turkey, Pergamon (spelling varies)

Revelations 2:12 refers to it as seat of Satan
During the time of the alter use it was the Political epicenter for the Roman Empire.

A short 7 min history of the alter and why Apostle John called it the
"Alter or Seat of Satan"
The Cult of the Risig Sun, Communism and the many lies of @BarackObama

Frank Davis Marshall was mentioned 22 times in Obama's book "Dreams from my Father"

What he didn't mention was that Frank was a card carrying member of the #Communist Party USA .
Card no. 45744
Frank was under constant surveillance by the FB!

According to 600 pages that have been declassified on Frank Davis Marshall.

Frank was put on a #Communist watch list.
In the event of an act of war on American soil by the Soviet Union, Frank would be arrested and held.
Frank was editor of the Communinist Propaghanda in both Chicago and Honolulu.

If you want to go through the 600 FB! pages on Frank,
they are achieved here:

The goal to reach a global Communist dictatorship has always been to succeed by infiltration and subversion, slowly and silently.

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov explains the #Russian long term subversion plan to destroy America.
Phases 1 and 2 are complete.

3 and 4 Normalization and destabilization go hand and hand.
#coronavirus has created the destabilization and the "new normal" push is on.

The video was recorded in the 80'
Edited and posted to youtube in 2013.

(Globalist Gov)
Brainwashing of a
"new normal"
A push on for a new digital currency and to have each person microchipped in their hand.

Included on the "RFID Verichip"
Health Records
GPS Location Tracking
The push to have ppl microchip started in 2000 when it was first unveiled.

When the media calls something a #ConspiracyTheory, you know you're on the path of truth.
Obama Sr became a drunk and leaves Obama Jr and his mother.

She then meets Lolo Sotoro in Hawaii where he to was studying.
Married in 65
Lolo is summoned home to Indonesia.
Helped in a brutal military overthrow of government that killed a minimum of 500,000 people.
In Indonesia @BarackObama's mother worked for the C!A.

She used @USAID as a front job.
See screenshots
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