My housemate @LadySabrielle and I are embarking on a 65-film animated Disney & Pixar marathon. We're starting with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937) and ending with Frozen II (2019). So... guess we'll how this goes.
Okay, slight delay while we watch all 8 Harry Potter films first. I really don't care for the first 4, but we did just finish entire MCU binge (after having watched a few recently as well) so I owe her. There's never a time bearded Cap doesn't make me weak at the knees.
@LadySabrielle We've started.The marathon begins. Snow White and Seven Dwarves first. I remember being a kid and planting toys around the house, digging them up and singing "heigh-ho" and the mirror wigged me out.
The gender roles in this film are problematic to say the least. Cute bunnies though.
We went through a lot yesterday. Made it to the 50s. We hit Pinocchio, Bambi (still holds up - humans are the worst), Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland (this is much more trippy than I remember). Animation really is something.
The Pinocchio lie/nose thing is barely in it. I remember that being such a big deal as a kid, yet it's one scene and done. Also, how fucking comfy do Disney pillows look? I want one. Peter Pan is next.
@LadySabrielle and I are taking this very seriously. We will end up with the definitive list and it will be right. You just have to accept that.
Wow ... Peter Pan was ... um ... a lot more racist and sexist than I anticipated. We've moved on to Lady and the Tramp now and @LadySabrielle is burying her face in a pillow cause she can't handle puppy Lady.
Also, R.I.P RKO Pictures.
Tramp is the coolest voiced character in Disney animation. That dog has unlimited swagger.
Lady and The Tramp aged much better than Peter Pan who is a massive bellend. Probably for the best he never grew up. He'd be the sort of guy who'd vote for Brexit, use libtard as an insult, troll youtube comments and swear blind Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy are just friends.
Here is the updated league table. Bambi is causing a lot of contention in the household. Might even cause more than our arguments over who is the hottest Chris and whether cereal is an appropriate meal option for dinner. Spoiler alert: it is.
Sleeping Beauty now and it's stressing me out. A bit of common sense and all this mess could've been resolved in the first act. This film needs Elsa.
I enjoyed Sleeping Beauty, but 101 Dalmatians has skyrocketed to the top of my list. The art style is gorgeous, the music is great and the cat Sergeant Tibbs cracked me up. I'm pretty sure this film began my decade long odyssey in convincing my parents to let me have a dog.
Plus, Anita is an absolute fox.
Moving on from Anita swooning to The Sword in the Stone. I don't remember seeing this as a kid, but I'm sure I have. Either way, very weird start. England doesn't have a king as should be (no queen either) so I'm rooting for the sword.
Merlin is definitely stoned and also somehow a time traveller. It's not yet explained how or why. Arthur is also American.
The Sword in the Stone was not great. Arthur spent the majority of the film just being prey and the sword is kinda shoehorned at the end. The wizard battle is the best bit. Next is ... THE JUNGLE BOOK. One of my absolute favourites.
I love Jungle Book. League table update. As you can see, The Sword in the Stone was not a popular choice.
Since I've been asked, yesterday I was playing Rise of the Tomb Raider. Then watched my favourite comic characters get butchered (not die, butchered) in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. Did not enjoy that one. So I could use some Disney. Normal scheduling resumes tonight.
We're back and we've hit the 70s. The decade of roller disco, Watergate, the greatest FA Cup win in history, David Bowie's Heroes and The Aristocats.
This is another one I didn't remember well, but it was a nice. That Thomas O'Malley was quite the progressive chap. Hint for what's next ... WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?!
It's Robin Hood. Robin Hood is next.
Cracking film. Take a bow Robin.
Did you know David Bowie wrote 'Rebel Rebel' about Robin Hood? I mean, it came out in 1973, then four months later Bowie releases Rebel Rebel. It's not a coincidence. 70s did produce some damn good content.
The updates I know you're waiting for. The Aristocats is a solid mid-table film. Definitely does it on a cold, rainy Tuesday night in Stoke. Robin Hood is a Champions League film. I disagree with @LadySabrielle placing it so low.
Next up is The Rescuers. I have not seen this and have no idea what it's about. I only know it has mice.
The mice have a United Nations. What the fuck is going on?
The Rescuers was not what I expected at all but I was rooting for Penny the entire time. Cute film. The Fox and the Hound is next.
I'm to assume the villain of The Rescuers get eaten alive by alligators. A fitting Disney villain end.
Bloody hell, that was a brutal start to The Fox and The Hound. I truly hate fox hunting.
Oh Big Mama you cheeky matchmaking lass, you.
The Fox and The Hound is a cute one. I don't think I ever saw it all the way through until today. Hitting a few firsts today. Next is The Black Cauldron (again, not seen) and our first Disney castle intro. No more classic Hollywood cinema intro credits.
One of the first lines in The Black Cauldron is "Yes cat, I know you want your breakfast, but thinking is more important". I'm gonna disagree with this chap.
The pig sees into the future. The pig.
The dog talks like Gollum.
Dragons took the pig.
This film is a disaster and I can't look away.
The pig is the prisoner.
A princess just appeared from under the floor and was pretty nonchalant about being told the guy's pig can see into the future. As if that's a frequent occurrence.
Everyone is taking this pig so seriously and they keep calling the pig's owner the 'Pigkeeper' like the pig is the one pig to rule them all.
Taran really just said "stupid girl" to the person who saved his ungrateful ass.
The fellowship now consists of the pigkeeper, an old artist, a princess and the gollum dog. The pig is missing. A whirlpool took them to fairies. This is madness.
There are witches now. They turned the old guy into a frog and right now he's suffocating in her cleavage.
The big bad created an army of skeletons.
One of the witches is so horny for the old guy.
I have absolutely no fucking clue what we watched.
Here's the thing with The Black Cauldron, was it a good film? Probably not. Was I bored? Absolutely not. It is hitting the rankings at a ridiculously respectable 12th place for me and 14th for @LadySabrielle
I've completely missed the political storm on Twitter since I've been playing Rise of the Tomb Raider all bleeding day. What a game. Disney resumes tonight with what I consider one of their most underrated films; The Great Mouse Detective.
Ratigan is such a diva.
Fun fact: I was nearly called Basil. Would have made it increasingly difficult to convince people I was anti-Tory with a name like that though. The climatic fight in Big Ben is stunning animation.
Plus, how freaking adorable is Olivia Flaversham? Unlimited cuteness and a spectacular wardrobe.
The Great Mouse Detective is ace. Oliver & Company is next which is another I haven't seen before. I have just been told it's Oliver Twist with cats and dogs.
The soundtrack is so deliciously 80s. And damn, the villain just full died getting hit my a train. Top Disney villain death that one.
Disney updates. Clearly some difference in opinions are starting to form here.
We've hit the renaissance. It's 1989. My mum is pregnant with me and this absolute cracker has arrived.
Sebastian was way on point.
If there's one quality I share with Ariel it's we both have perfect hair.
Ariel: I'm 16 years old. I'm not a child anymore.

Young me: You tell him. Fight for your dreams.

Eric is definitely a top 5 Disney hunk. Handsome, dreamy eyes, great jawline, top bod, loves dogs. He's practically an animated Chris Evans.
Ursala said "fool!" The ultimate Disney villain insult.
Those sleeves
The Little Mermaid is spectacular. I love it. Next up is The Rescuers Down Under. We're in the 90s now.

Note: only Disney films with a theatrical release are part of the marathon. None of that Return of Jafar but not Robin Williams stuff.
We've reached our 7th decade and we're not even a third of the way through the list.
Back to The Rescuers Down Under and all the Aussies have American accents. The mice also all know morse code.
Okay, can everyone speak to animals in the Rescuers or just a select few?
The villain is trying to feed a small child to crocodiles.
The Rescuers Down Under was a solid film and I think the only Disney sequel on our list (outside of Pixar) until Wreck-it Ralph 2 & Frozen 2. The considerable lack of Australian accents in Australia held it back.
This was tough, but the better music just puts The Little Mermaid top of my list. @LadySabrielle and I may not agree on much, but we agree on the best film we've seen and the worst.
Beauty and the Beast is next and it might just have the best opening in Disney with that hit number "Girl shouldn't read."
Standard Disney trope. Need drama - send in the wolves.
In any other reality, if you heard an old man drinking tea and a child say "his moustache tickles, Mumma," you'd call the fucking cops.
They treat chip like such shit in this film.
Love a good Disney princess dramatic cry.
Think Belle might have been my first crush.
'Be our guest. Be our guest.
Stockholm syndrome is the best.
The owner has one hell a temper
and the accessories are accessory to kidnapping a girl'
It's a good thing turning human also healed the Beast's fatal knife wound.
I love that Belle isn't quite sure it's him even though she's aware of the fact he used to be human and saw him transform in front of her.
This might be the best and worst bit of the film.
Is it weird he looked better as the Beast?
That dress though. Is this the ultimate Disney dress?
Beauty and the Beast is one of the best. Next up is another big-hitter, Aladdin.
Marry for love? Jasmine, don't be foolish.
Abu really fucks everything up. Selfish little shit.
Robin Williams is the MVP of this film. He was spectacular and ridiculously charismatic in everything he was in. This film just leaps in quality the second the Genie turns up.
The Sultan is hopelessly inept and Jafar is a top creeper. It's either him or an upcoming antagonist in France who takes the prize of top Disney creep.
A Whole New World was my generation's Let It Go.
Carpet. Vastly underrated Disney character.
Jafar using Aladdin's own song to take over the world is a baller move.
According to my Mum, when she took me to watch Aladdin in cinemas, the Genie terrified me so much that I hovered next to the exit wanting desperately to leave. She laughed.
Here is the updated table. This is starting to get tough. Aladdin takes my top spot. Beauty & the Beast for @LadySabrielle HOW ARE WE NOT HALFWAY THROUGH?!
Sorry guys, no Disney updates yesterday or today. Lots of Rise of the Tomb Raider for me and Animal Crossing for @LadySabrielle I know you've missed my tweets. Normal service resumes tomorrow.
We are back and the next film is taking a strange turn with Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas which I have not seen. It looks weird. I don't think I knew this was technically a Disney animation film until I put the list together.
Ooooohhhhh, this is where that Halloween song comes from. In retrospect, should have probably figured that out.
Is this a Halloween film or a Christmas film?
Eh, was fine. Visually a great looking film. Music didn't really sit with me. I was just confused throughout the whole thing.
Next though...
Simba's a bit of a privileged prick
Love this bit
Scar is so deliciously evil
Timon and Pumbaa are the GOATS
Nala thirsty af. Simba feeling the vibe. Camera pans away.
Bill, this Hamlet script is good, I like it ... but it needs something extra. I might have an idea Hear me out. You ready for this?

This, but with lions.
When the hyenas attack Scar:
Lion King is the Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson of films. Style and substance. No faults.
We're not quite done. We're in 1995 and I actually remember watching this one in cinemas. Pocahontas is next.
Forgot Mel Gibson was one of the voices.
They're not even off the boat yet.
Another banger.
Wiggins : Do you think we'll meet some savages?
Ratcliffe : If we do, we shall be sure to give them a proper English greeting.
At least the colonising part is pretty accurate.
@laurassic_parc just sent this my way. Never have truer words ever been spoken in cinema.
Pocahontas to John Smith:
Another Pocahontas to John Smith:
Ratcliffe : Wiggins, why do you think those insolent heathens attacked us?

Wiggins : Because we invaded their land and cut down their trees and dug up their earth?
Moana got be chief.
If only this film wasn't called Pocahontas.
We've got to a point that one image is not enough space. The Lion King takes my top spot. The Nightmare Before Christmas didn't bring joy.
Lads, it's 1995 and look who's just entered the fray...
I love this film, but [insert controversial opinion] I really hate Randy Newman's singing voice.
That's where that's from. Didn't know it was used literally.
Fun Toy Story related story. When I was 6 or 7, we went to Disneyland and if you ask my folks, I got really lost during the Toy Story parade for a good few hours. If you ask me, I had a great time at the parade. I found them by the teacups with a lot of worn out security guards.
Mr. Potato Head is such a little shit stirrer.
The MVPs have arrived.
Sid definitely grew up to be an incel.
Buzz is every mediocre white man who realises they ain't special.
Toy Story is great. We're heading back to Disney animation now, down Paris way.
This is definitely the same priest who helped Hugh Jackman in Les Mis.
I was beyond traumatised by the book. This was the first time I realised Disney changed things... sometimes for the better.
Damn, gurl
The music is - and I loathe to overuse this word - epic. It's epic.
Esmeralda is the coolest. Made the guards look like chumps.
Djali is a baller.
It's time for the "this girl makes me real horny and that's a sin" song
I had a complicated enough relationship with religion growing up and this film probably didn't help.
French architecture is incredibly flammable.
Quasimodo really takes the love of his life falling for someone else like a champ.
That is one hell of a nasty way to go.
That Notre Dame crowd:
Here's my updated rankings. The Hunchback and Toy Story take a solid top ten spot.
Here's @LadySabrielle We agree on both being top ten additions. Will they make it to the end though?
Hercules is next yo
I want the Muses to narrate every film. Avengers Infinity War, Halloween, The Proposal, All The President's Men... there's not a film they wouldn't improve.
The plot is basically Superman origin, but with Kal-El/Clark Kent scratched out and replaced with Hercules.
James Woods is absolute, relentless trash, but I still love Hades.
I basically live life to this mentality
Every song is a banger.
We were learning Ancient Greece in school when this came out. This was me.
Danny DeVito is great. I'm glad he's still great.
Greatest cinematic montage.
Meg is great.
She is basically Lois Lane. Even nicknames him. Wonderboy, farm boy, Smallville. All the same.
This sequence is spectacular. I remember it being a nightmare to complete on the PS game.
What. A. Tune.
Why is she so cool?
Fun fact: Hercules and Wonder Woman are half siblings.
This was me in first year uni.
This is the best song. One of the GOATS.
We all need Hades during those moments.
If my city was constantly under attack from monsters like Thebes or Gotham, I'd just move.
Meg barely makes a sound when her spine is cracked in two from a falling stone pillar. Meanwhile ... footballers:
Such a boy scout
I stan ... did I use that right?
As if this film wasn't any more perfect, Michael Bolton pops up during the credits.
It's not a competition any more. Hercules is taking my top spot. The rest of the marathon is about fighting for second.
Next up is Mulan
Is Li Shang the first LGBTQ Disney character?
According to Li Shang, I've still got a bit of work to do before I can graduate as a man

✅Swift as a coursing river
⬜Force of a great typhoon
✅Strength of a raging fire
⬜Mysterious as the dark side of the moon
Mulan has mad thigh strength keeping a horse between her thighs as she is pulled up a cliff.
We all have that family member.
Mulan is good. We're back Pixar way with A Bug's Life.
Gross, Kevin Spacey is in this. Let's take a break from my Disney fun to say "fuck Kevin Spacey"
That rapid grasshopper is terrifying
Urgh, rabid
Flik is infuriatingly naive and inept.
The premise of this film is everyone sucks at their job.
These guys are great.
Flik is getting on my nerves
Flik: it's so sad ... everyone thinks of me as a screw up cause *checks notes* I screw up all the time.

He's a sympathy slut. Doing my nut in.
Hopper going the way of all Disney villains. They either fall or get eaten alive.
These guys make the film.
Hercules takes the top spot for me. It's the best of the 30 we've seen.
Beauty & the Beast retains the top spot for @LadySabrielle Very respectable positions for all three films.
We've watched 30 fucking Disney films in 15 days and we're not halfway.
Phil Collins presents Tarzan is next.
Soundtrack is delicious.
We've all had those sort of days, Jane
We're to assume Jane is a descendent of Beast and Belle, right? Maybe they escaped to England when the French started to eat the rich.
Ha, Brian Blessed
Janes tells Tarzan he could meet Darwin who dies a good 20 years before gorillas are even discovered.
What a way to go. Prime Disney death.
Tarzan is great. The music is on point. I just checked and Phil Collins did win the Oscar. Fully deserved. We've reached the last film of the 20th century and our first Pixar sequel.
Buster is a good boy.
Damn, forgot how much of a gut punch that bit was. Pixar gave an entire generation toy separation anxiety.
What did the toymakers do different that made Buzz Lightyear and his entire line/ensemble not self-aware like all the other toys?
Did it better than Star Wars. Change my mind.
Once again, these little fuckers steal the show.
Next up is something neither @LadySabrielle or myself have seen, The Emperor's New Groove.
Disney removed the casting couch bit in the credits from Toy Story 2. Smart.
Tom Jones is in this. What the hell?
And that's John Goodman.
This bit slayed me.
The Emperor's New Groove was stupid, but it was a lot of fun. Kronk made it.
Watching all these films one after the other you start to really take stock in how different they all are. Yes, Disney has its formula, but each film has a unique little something.
The updates. Toy Story 2 beats the first, Tarzan takes a respectable position and The Emperor's New Groove overachieves at 18.
@LadySabrielle Tarzan takes a top 10 spit. We agree Toy Story 2 beats its predecessor and again, The Emperor's New Groove overachieves and breaks the top 20.
We're back with our first of Disney's three 2001 films. First up is Atlantis: The Lost Empire which I saw for the first time a couple of months ago.
Kinda watched this with one eye so no real insights apart from it's got a really great voice cast. Mole cracked me up. My little sister's favourite is next ... Monsters, Inc
If only the UK government reacted as swiftly to coronavirus as the monsters reacted to a child's sock.
Boo looks exactly like my sister Mollie when she was that age. Which is why my family still calls her Boo and Moo.
Child trafficking is a dark turn for a Disney film.
We took a wee break. Back tonight for @LadySabrielle birthday. Lilo & Stitch is next and a favourite of mine.
Treasure Planet is next and another one on the list I haven't seen... Space pirates. Fun.
An alien who only makes fart noises has appeared.
Ew, Jim became a cop at the end.
I really enjoyed Treasure Planet. John Silver was by far one of the more interesting characters we've come across lately. Made me want to pick up Treasure Island which i've yet to read.
Still rambling on about Disney in the evenings, but here's my updated league table.
And @LadySabrielle - celebrated her birthday with Lilo & Stitch and Treasure Planet.
We're back with Finding Nemo tonight.
I'm not a fan of Ellen Degeneres so this doesn't bode well for Dory.
I like sharks and support the sharks eating the majority of this cast.
Bruce: Fish are friends, not food.
Anchor: Except stinkin' dolphins

Dolphin aren't fish.
Controversial opinion I guess: Finding Nemo is alright. Pixar have made better.
Phil Collins presents Brother Bear is next. League table update to follow.
I dunno why Kenai is so unhappy he got a bear. Bears fuck shit up. It didn't turn out so great for Leo.
He did win the oscar though so it didn't turn out so awful.
Brother Bear is a vastly underrated film. I feel seen as an eldest sibling in this film (of five I might add).
It hurt to put Brother Bear so low, but I couldn't put it above Tarzan. I saw it for the first time when I moved in with my housemate so the lack of childhood nostalgia holds it back. Finding Nemo takes a mediocre lower mid-table spot.
@LadySabrielle update. Her sister being a massive Finding Nemo fan featured heavily in her decision making. I'm off to play Tomb Raider.
Home on a Range is next, Neither @LadySabrielle nor I have seen this and I'm already put off cause Roseanne Barr is the voice.
We're ten minutes in and there's no plot. The piglets attempted to murder a goat and the cow keeps making references a cow from 1889 should not be making.
They must have given Judi Dench one hell of a payday for this.
I have no clue what is going on.
This is gonna be a good day for last place The Sword in the Stone. We've still got 45 minutes left and this film is utter shite.
Home on a Range was dreadful. Can't believe I stopped playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider for that. What's next? Do we have time for one more tonight?
Pixar's greatest character has turned up.
Scene stealer
Jason Lee is great
Is it really a Pixar film if it doesn't have that Mum ass?
The Incredibles breaks my top ten. It's superheroes, of course I love it. The Sword and the Stone loses its title of worst film.
@LadySabrielle update. No Pixar film has broken her top ten.
We're back tonight with another film I haven't seen before ... Cars.

(It should be Chicken Little and Meet the Robinsons, but I already suffered through those films once. They were disqualified from the marathon on the basis that I don't wanna)
Owen Wilson is a distracting voice.
So this is a world of sentient cars. Did they murder all the humans Flight of the Conchords style?
The cars having tongues makes me uncomfortable
Cars wasn't one of the best films I've seen.

Back with Ratatouille tonight and I'm impressed I spelt that right on my first try.
I was distracted by The Last of Us Part 2 reviews. I'm so excited for that game.

Ratatouille is a cute little film. Next up - and possibly a controversial addition - is Enchanted. It has animation, even if it's just a little, so it counts.
The animation style is actually gorgeous. Shame this is the last of it.

Plus, Amy Adams is ace.
How is Idina Menzel in this and not do any singing?
All of us in primary school when there's some delicious playground gossip:
League table update. Cars didn't rank high.
@LadySabrielle update. Next up is WALL-E.
WALL-E is adorable.
I love WALL-E. Next up is Bolt
That hamster is brilliant
League table update. Bolt's ranking is solely based on that hysterical hamster.
@LadySabrielle fell asleep during WALL-E
Next up is the last film of the noughties and one I only saw for the first time a few months ago; The Princess and the Frog.
Princess and the Frog is the last of this hand-drawn animation style too which is a real shame. Turns out having princess in the title and being released a week before Avatar (🥱) killed its box office.
Ray is a solid chap.
I feel like The Princess and the Frog is an underrated one. Next up is Toy Story 3.
Mr. Potato Head sucks
Barbie with the slobberknocker
I babysat frequently for this kid Edmund from when I was about 14 to 21 and took him to see Toy Story 3 in cinemas. He brought Woody and Buzz with him. I was so tense during this bit. I thought I was going to have to explain death to him.
I really liked Toy Story 4, but 3 had the perfect ending.
Next up is a favourite of mine; Tangled.
One of my favourite running jokes
I count at least seven concussions for Flynn in this short sequence.
Me whenever I express a political opinion to the family:
Me at social gatherings:
Me looking back at my life choices:
This whole sequence is lovely.
The MVP and the most inappropriate Disney character.
Tangled takes a top five spot cause its ace. Toy Story 3 and The Princess and the Frog take top table spots.
@LadySabrielle and I agree Tangled hits top five just below Aladdin.
We're taking a break from The Last of Us Part 2 (which is incredible I might add) to get back to some Disney. We made a mistake and missed Up, so that's our next one.
@LadySabrielle hates the physics in this film. She'll accept anything Marvel, Jurassic Park or Twilight, but the balloon thing is apparently a suspension of disbelief too far.
Cars 2 is next and I've got nothing to add. It's not great.
There is a lot of murder in this film and for some reason secret agents.
I can only imagine Michael Caine did Cars 2 because he either owed someone a lot of money or someone held his family hostage... or he was drunk.
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