Took my 1st AsianAm Studies course in 1993 w/Yuko Kurashashi (now @KentState). We watched @rtajima’s WHO KILLED VINCENT CHIN. Changed my life. Thrilled 2 B part of #AsianAmsPBS series debuting tonight! Thx Renee @sleochiang + team 4 dreamy opportunity to talk AsianAm history!
Fueled up the fam w/homemade scallion pancakes, precious hot and sour soup from frozen lunar new year stash, beautiful salad greens from local Peoples Market CSA, dumplings gifted from @CaraCaddoo. Ready for #AsianAmPBS!
Here we go! #AsianAmPBS
Wow-->20K pounds human remains of Chinese transcontinental workers repatriated to China #AsianAmPBS
More here: Chinese Railroad Workers in North America #AsianAmPBS
It's Mae Ngai! And a cartoon rendering of extraordinary couple Joseph + Mary Tape -- "one of the first Chinese American families" (read more about the Tapes in THE LUCKY ONES) #AsianAmPBS
#YellowPeril gains momentum late 19c -- Ngai: "a terrible time to be a Chinese in California" #AsianAmsPBS
#twitterstorian @prof_erikalee: Chinese exclusion sets in motion "laws + mechanism for deportation, "in essence, Chinese immigrants became the first 'illegal immigrants'" #AsianAmPBS
Yick Wo v Hopkins (1886) --> victory for 14th Amendment's equal protection clause "It's the Chinese who help define American citizenship" #AsianAmPBS
#twitterstorian @losthistories on early South Asian migrants' "peddler network": b/c they were dark skinned they built their lives, families in African American communities (New Orleans, Harlem)

(live tweeting is hard! how do you guys who do this all the time keep up?)
Hollywood Hotties / matinee idols Anna May Wong + Sessue Hayakawa! THE CHEAT (1916) "Hayakawa's character Westernized on the outside, but Oriental thru-and-thru" -- OG BANANA #AsianAmPBS
Anna May Wong shut out of leading roles in MGM's THE GOOD EARTH (1937). To her credit she refused to settle for lesser parts. (all these #yellowface + #blackface clips make me nauseous) #AsianAmPBS
Elaine Chao?? BOO😫 #AsianAmsPBS
Episode Two starting now! A QUESTION OF LOYALTY, narrator Tamlyn Tomita (which hashtag? #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmsPBS)
*Color* footage of Nisei youth! Amazing #AsianAmPBS
Buddy Uno was a Los Angeles Nisei journalist who ventured to Japan in late 1930s in search of greater opportunities than ones available to him in US -- he was "willing to overlook Japan's transgressions" 
What's striking to me about this episode is how it centers a very conflicted story about Japanese Am loyalty 1930s-1940s, including very painful family divides -- not sure this would have been even possible or well received until very recently #AsianAmPBS
These testimonies + images of FBI visits to Japanese American families after Pearl Harbor are terrifying #AsianAmPBS
United States government agencies (Office of War Information, War Relocation Authority) produced a number of propaganda films about Japanese American removal + incarceration during WWII -- links here #AsianAmPBS
"Loyalty Questionnaire" --> historian Brian Niiya explains "there were no good answers in a lot of cases" for Japanese Americans imprisoned in the camps #AsianAmPBS
Susan Ahn, daughter of Korean independence activist "Dosan" = loved playing baseball as a girl! First Asian Am woman in US Navy. Love the badass Navy gunnery officer photo #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmsPBS
World War II changed everything for Asian Americans. Military service absolutely key. Some people lied about their age to be able to enlist #AsianAmPBS
twists and turns in the Uno family story are sad, surprising, shocking #AsianAmPBS
For those who want to know more, my teacher historian Yuji Ichioka wrote about Buddy Uno here: Yuji Ichioka, "The Meaning of Loyalty: The Case of Kazumaro Buddy Uno," Amerasia Journal 23.3 (winter 1997) #AsianAmPBS
Post-WWII Susan Ahn worked as Russian code breaker for NSA -- and then "just came back home everyday as a normal mom" - (Susan's daughter) #AsianAmPBS
Edison + Amy Uno are definitely social justice fighters who deserve more attention  #AsianAmPBS
Yuji Ichioka sighting! 👊 #AsianAmPBS
#twitterstorian @janehongphd you did great in Episode 2! Looking forward to seeing you tell your family's story tomorrow night!
that's it for tonight! be back tomorrow! #AsianAmPBS #AsianAmsPBS
Nice to wake up to all the West Coast #AsianAmPBS tweets! Looking forward to tonight -- my favorite time periods -- post-WWII + beyond! @sleochiang @rtajima
Ready, set, T minus 3 mins #AsianAmPBS
Episode 3: Post-WWII America! Opens w/classic 1950s films FLOWER DRUM SONG (almost-all Asian American Rodgers + Hammerstein Musical!) + SAYONARA #AsianAmPBS
Post-WWII a "time of promises + peril" for Asian Ams--military service, GI Bill critical to opening up life possibilities for Asian Ams, recasting image of Asians into "Good Americans"

On Filipinx in US Army, WWII
(just thinking about raising eight kids -- as a single mother no less -- exhausts me) PROPS to Toy Len Goon
. @prof_erikalee: Asian "model minorities" in post-WWII era (those who were able to achieve some level of upward mobility) -- were most likely Christian #AsianAmPBS
1949 -- Mao/PRC Revolution , 1950 Korean War -- splits Asians in US into "Good Asians" (anti-Communist) + "Bad Asians" (Communist)-- once again making Asian Americans' loyalty to US suspect by assocation #AsianAmPBS
Historian Renqiu Yu wrote about history of Chinese Hand Laundry Alliance (leftist workers group) in TO SAVE CHINA, TO SAVE OURSELVES 
No surprise 1950s was a tough time for Asian American Left -- @HelenZiaReal : "We were perceived as the enemy" -- Chinese Ams fell under suspicion for sending money home to families in China, China Daily News editor Eugene Moy convicted under Trading With Enemy Act #AsianAmPBS
Paper Sons + Daughters = Chinese immigrants who used false documents to gain entry into US (sometimes you can tell when you visit old cemeteries when people's Chinese + English names don't match up) #AsianAmPBS
1956 "Confession Program" under guise of fighting Communism, US gov't tried to smoke out paper families; Chinese American families conflicted about whether or not to "confess," lots of mistrust of US gov't. David Henry Hwang: "It was government terrorism." #AsianAmPBS
(Oh hey it's me and @zentronix!) Hawai'i once an independent kingdom, colonized by US. Asians in Hawai'i benefit from settler colonialism, colonial economy. By post-WWIII Asian Americans also achieving real political power in Hawai'i #AsianAmPBS
Awesome photos + footage of the inimitable Patsy Mink!  #AsianAmPBS
Hiram Fong + Daniel Inouye elected to Congress in 1959 -- Patsy Mink takes long shot run (w/o backing of HI Dems) for Congress in 1964-- and WINS

Appearance by @SenDuckworth! #AsianAmPBS
#DidYouKnow Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) sent a small delegation to 1963 March on Washington #AsianAmPBS
love love love vintage home movie footage! #AsianAmPBS
In 1960s Congress did NOT think passing 1965 Immigration + Nationality Act would lead to large scale migration from Asia + other parts of Global South (d'oh!)😀 #AsianAmPBS
Bruce Lee wearing a dapper slim suit! Randall Park! #AsianAmPBS
Yuri Kochiyama sighting! #badasswomen #AsianAmPBS 👊
EPISODE 5 begins w/ Filipinx farmworkers manongs #AsianAmPBS
"[People forget] it was Filipinos who started the grape strike" #AsianAmPBS
Asian American nurses served in Vietnam -- histories of nursing + empire connected in so many ways (see for instance @CCenizaChoy's EMPIRE OF CARE) #AsianAmPBS 
STRIKE! self determination, disrupt, bullhorns! curriculum proposals for Asian American Studies courses! (Did you notice Iranian Student Association poster?) #shutitdown #AsianAmPBS
Ronald Reagan + S.I. Hayakwa sporting his signature tam-o-shanter ("I'm the first Japanese Uncle Tom in history, I think it's an achievement") BOO #AsianAmericanPBS
SF State has an archival collection of primary sources from student strike: #AsianAmPBS
THE Asian American Movement! Here's my recap in 250 words (scroll to bottom) #AsianAmPBS @
. @Tadillac1's A SONG FOR OURSELVES is an amazing doc on the Asian American Movement w/killer footage, graphics, soundtrack -- catch it here: #AsianAmPBS
Would there even be an "Asian America," or Asian Americans, without the anti-war and Black Power movements? These two movements were absolutely fundamental to formation of "Asian American" identity #AsianAmPBS
If you haven't looked @ primary sources from Asian American Movement, well worth your time to browse GIDRA magazine (Los Angeles, 1969-1974) #AsianAmPBS 
. @viet_t_nguyen on his refugee family's experience + *literally* rewriting the history of America's military intervention in Vietnam #AsianAmPBS
. @viet_t_nguyen on learning about "the necessity of Asian American Studies as an activist practice" as college student #AsianAmPBS
Asian American Studies courses taught at San Quentin 💜 offered through Asian Prison Support Committee @AsianPrisonerSC #AsianAmPBS
Episode 5: @harikondabolu: DON'T FREAK OUT WHITE PEOPLE (+ shout out to the one and only always fierce @margaretcho!) #AsianAmericansPBS
. @harikondabolu: "I grew up in the future. It's Queens" #AsianAmPBS
Who Killed Vincent Chin? #mustwatch #AsianAmPBS S
. @RevJJackson showing up for Asian Americans in aftermath of Chin's murder #AsianAmPBS
Mee Moua = first Hmong elected state official (Minnesota) #AsianAmPBS
Sa-I-Gu Los Angeles April 29, 1992 #AsianAmPBS
. @zentronix: "Our revolutionary dreams were going up in smoke" #AsianAmPBS
Angela Oh: "Korean America was born in 1992" #AsianAmPBS
Viet Nguyen: That's the hope of [racial] solidarity -- to reject white supremacy + transform the system #AsianAmPBS
Do you Yahoo?! (the "world wide web") #AsianAmPBS
Asian Am journalists have been/remain INVALUABLE for highlighting issues in our community #AsianAmPBS

*rooting around for "Paid By The Piece" coverage of low-wage Silicon Valley piecework by K. Oanh Ha (1999) but San Jose Mercury News website doesn't seem to have it*
That's a wrap! GRATITUDE to everyone who made #AsianAmPBS come together! #AsianAmericanHistoryFuckYeah #instantclassic 👊
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