Love this Turkish television show solely because of the crisis it has caused among Pakistani men.

Bless the actress playing the female lead, I hope she does not read her instagram comments.

But uff. This is so SO great to watch. Because you realize what is happening right?
For so long, Pakistani men had maintained this dichotomy between white women and muslim, pakistani women. This clear divide to service their madonna-whore complex.

The white woman is the object of lust and desire.
The brown, muslim woman is to shoulder this man's piety and honor
Until God performed a miracle and brought the Pakistani man's fantasy to life.

Here is a Muslim woman who shares your religious heritage, will supposedly get all your religious references but she comes with the desirability of a white woman. It's almost like the reward you were
awaiting in paradise, is actually just the Turkish woman.

And now. There is a crisis. Because the Pakistani man has no access to this woman to control her sensuality and for her to play by the Muslim rules and service his piety.

But the Pakistani man also has no self control to
reign in his lust he has since so long sought in the white woman, who was all at once a woman to be desired, and woman to be conquered.

This woman is already "conquered". She identifies by your rules. But does not play by them. And suddenly this fantasy has become a crisis.
Because if this woman reigns back on the Muslim-ness, she becomes as foreign and as unacquirable as the white woman.

If this woman reigns back her "white-ness" she becomes as ordinary and as familiar as the brown, Muslim woman.
Pakistani men wanted both. They have both. And now they don't know what to do with it.

This fantasy has become a crisis. And they are constantly swinging between their lust and the piety whose burdens the women associated with them carry.

*chef's kiss*
Every other commentary about culture and history and whatever is meh... sure, whatever.

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