"I'm so confused! Look how easily I can pick apart what Boris said! Look how unclear it is! Look how it can mean this or that or the other! Here's a meme illustrating the utter chaos!

Most of this is coming from the people who understand BEST the government's mind & their own.
It's not that there isn't confusion or vagueness or even stupidity or recklessness. But is the faux confusion helping anyone? Better to help people make sense of this situation than compound the confusion for those who are most vulnerable and genuinely confused.
You have no idea what this kind of over-egging does to people who are vulnerable. The absolute shit people were saying about Brexit was a major trigger (important wording there) for my late mom's breakdown, which led to sectioning, hospitalisation & then life in a dementia home.
Now people (often the same people) are just as careless with how they speak about the Covid-19 situation. Others are watching & listening, & you're adding to the distress. You're not helping. You're hurting.
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