Can someone please explain what Obama Gate is and why it’s trending??
Oh ok so for my fellow political junkies, #ObamaGate is some hashtag Trump came up with earlier tonight. So what had happened was... the Attorney General dismissed the case against Flynn (Trumps former national security advisor).
In layman’s terms, Flynn was suspected of aiding the Russians in messing with our 2016 elections. So Obama spoke out against this travesty and on Trump’s poor handling of this virus. So this mornting while we were making our mothers breakfast...
Flynn’s lawyer goes on Fox News and says that there was a call made on 1/5/17 from the Oval Office to the FBI Director. She CLAIMS the conversation was proof of how her client’s entire case was “orchestrated” by Obama and the FBI.
So of course our extremely mature Liar in Chief had to throw stones. He creates the hashtag Obama Gate in order to draw parallels between Watergate and the current claims against Obama right now. #obamagate
If you scroll through, you can see this hashtag is being used by many MAGATS and racists as a ploy to discredit all of the great feats Obama has accomplished for the betterment of this country. It’s infuriating. #OnamaGate
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