1/ Some #HumanRights thoughts about yesterday's confusing statement from the PM about the easing of lockdown in England - together with the lack of accompanying detailed guidance. As things stand, a significant no. of people risk being expected to return to work today in unsafe
2/ conditions and - given that many will have to go by public transport - in non-COVID-safe travel conditions. The risks posed by the govt's approach are foreseeable & avoidable.The #HumanRights issues are wide-ranging: e.g. potential threats to rights to health, life, safe and
3/ and healthy work conditions. And, across it all, #equality and #discrimination, given that the poorest & the most socially vulnerable (which often align with ethnicity and gender) are most likely (a) to be told they are expected to return to work by employers and (b) work in
4/ conditions that render social distracting etc difficult. In turn, the risk of transmission will be relayed back to those workers' families. And that is before we get to the indirect effects of the situation. For instance, the pressure workers will face in the absence of
5/ schools/childcare reopening increasing the likelihood that parents will have (have to) take decisions that are poor from a child safety perspective (eg.leaving kids home alone) putting children's rights at threat.
6/ And not to mention the unbelievable pressure that the situation puts on (generally fenale) sole parent families which are likely to be less socio-economically advantaged in the first place #COVID19 #HumanRights
7/ Some of the #HumanRights standards above are primarily based in intl law that the UK has volunteered to be bound by but the right to life, non-discrimination & - crucially given this situation - #tradeunion rights are v much part of the UK's domestic #HumanRights regime.
8/ and of course lack of reference to the position of older people or those who have been shielding is a whole other #HumanRights story... #COVID19 #borisjohnsonspeech
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