Hi everyone, my name is Owen and I am a geochemist and mineralogist, meaning I study the chemistry and minerals of the #PlanetEarth (specifically near the surface). In particular, I work with the element tellurium. Why tellurium? read on... #ThisIsMyScience @pintofscienceau 1/5
My research focuses on understanding the biogeochemical cycling of #tellurium, from solid minerals including #gold tellurides, to dissolved species via both microbial and inorganic processes.
You can read all about it in my recent review article
here: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.earscirev.2020.103150 2/5
#tellurium notably hangs out with #gold. The two elements have a strong affinity for each other and tellurium can be used to trace gold deposits. Pictured: the gold telluride calaverite, photo credit Brent Thorne. 3/5
#tellurium is also an emerging critical metal. Tellurium is used in some solar panels (as the compound cadmium telluride) and new electronic devices, as well as in some alloys.
Human exposure to tellurium is also increasing through activities like the refining of copper. 4/5
My research is undertaken at @MonashEAE , @Monash_Science and @museumsvictoria in Melbourne, Australia (along with field trips to south western North America - Otto Mountain, California pictured. Feel free to ask any questions by replying to this thread :) 5/5
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