What else happened today on Twitter? A QAnon-promoted hashtag -- #Obamagate -- has been trending for effectively the entire day. It peaked at #1 in the United States, and is still being aggressively promoted by QAnon accounts, at 1.7 million tweets and counting. https://twitter.com/Millermena/status/1259714345489088517
What's unique about this case? Like many other partisan hashtags, it inspired a competing (anti-Trump) hashtag trend, which peaked at #4 but which has now dropped off. Unlike many other partisan hashtags, however, this one's still trending at full force with its initial meaning.
As is the case when Trump tweets out a hashtag, it will often peak in regional trends by virtue of journalists, bluechecks, and opposing political partisans amplifying it with a different message. But in this case, #ObamaGate is untainted, with wall-to-wall positive promo.
When I started this thread 10 minutes ago, Twitter showed 1.7 million tweets on the hashtag. It now shows over 2 million. I'm not familiar enough with Twitter metrics to say whether this is indicative of latency on Twitter's end, or indicative of 300,000 new tweets being shared.
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