Was out of town at our little lake cabin. Not fancy at all. Cedar walls, no insulation, wood burning stove, 500 sq ft-best part? Quiet lake for swimming and no internet. So I come home to news of another stupid anti-shut down, anti-science, anti-truth protest.
There’s this group, the Washington Three Percenters (WTP), who are essentially just an anarchist group, no different than anti-fa. In this case, the WTP, think ignoring science is good for our economy, it’s good for our elders, it’s good for kids, good for healthcare workers
They think that a business that chooses to demand that to you need to wear a mask in order to get service is somehow fascist. These are the same people who said last year that a business has the right to choose who it does business with. They are the same people who said
states’ rights are most important. However, they are parroting an agenda born out of the current federal government, the trump administration. They are tools to an administration that is banking on their fealty to a selfish, debased notion that their individual feelings
are more important than what is right, sound, and most importantly, what is essential in an operational and effective democracy. The Washington Three Percenters are nothing but boot lickers for a budding oligarchy that will eat them alive at the first opportunity.
So I’m laying it down here. Right now. I’m sick and tired of these groups. Whether it’s the WTP, or some other right wing shadow dark money fed groups who think their threats to citizens who stand for and stand up for the rule of law will keep us quiet. Game on.
You think only you care about our country? You think the vast majority of us will idly stand by while you defame, debase and degrade this country? You picked the wrong fight. As the first tweet of this thread says, if you don’t start adapting to new realities, that new reality
will not adapt to you. Evolution and the truth of natural sciences says adapt. Time is a wasting. You have a chance here to be part of ideas and solutions for our new reality. Will you join or will you fade away? #Covid_19 #TheNewNormal
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