Hi Twitterverse, I am a developmental neuroscientist, and microglia lover😍, determined to find a way to repair brain damage🧠 in newborn babies 👶 working in the ace @NeurodevHD program @ResearchRMIT @pintofscienceau #ThisIsMyScience #OurBody


I helped lead the design of an amazing nanoparticle therapy that loves finding its way to microglia – the coolest glia. The 3DNA nanoparticles made by @Gensiphere can deliver therapies to reduce brain injury – exciting stuff!!


I also study cell death after hypoxia/ischemia and testing ways to improve outcome after injury – repurposing drugs where we can to try and get help to where it is needed quickly. #ThisIsMyScience


and, I am part of @Premstem, an EU funded collective of passionate clinicians & researchers. We are going to nail down how to use #stemcells to treat brain injury in #premmies!
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