multis. who. stan. multiple. groups. don't. always. have. to. announce. that. they. are. not. voting. for. *bts. yet. they. always. are. vocal. about. their. non. voting. objective. with. BTS. while trying. to. manipulate. army. to. not. vote. as. well.
this is funny because if I Stan people who up against each other, I'm rooting for both & imma keep quiet about who I'm streaming more in a given week, I'mma keep quiet about my voting or I'mma vote for 1 in 1 category and vote for the other to win in another & say that out loud.
I don't get how mfs multis but can't stay that when voting comes, it's never I'm voting for BTS in this and _ in that, never I'm not voting for _ in this but I'm voting BTS in that, & its never them quiet, it's them loud yelling I'm not voting for BTS yay floppies come rt me
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