So first thing this morning our Supervisor calls me to say that from our team of 60+ 3 left on Saturday via cycles for their village in Bihar.
This, despite salaries, an advance for any untoward requirement plus a supply of dry rations.
Reason: 5 men who worked from 9 am-9 pm on most days had now been cooped for 40 days in a claustrophobic small rented quarter.
After taking turns to cook their meals, wash their clothes they had absolutely nothing to do except except stare at the ceiling or check their phones.
On 4th May, when the reopening of the factory still seemed remote, they had run the idea of leaving for their homes to the Supervisor who had managed to dissuade them, then.
This morning however the two who opted to stay back (room rent shared & paid) informed the Supervisor that besides the killing boredom, the prospect of spending an undermined long period in a closed, hot room was getting to be unbearable.
They knew quarantine awaited them on the border but still the 3 decided to take their chances - the plan being to cycle during the night & rest under trees along the highway during the day.
They had also discussed that if & when work resumes, they’ll make their way back the same way.

For now I’m told their phones are switched off & there is no news of how far they have reached & if all is well.
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