woooooo Its that time again! Nightly appreciation time! @GraysonDolan I do one of these every night you have yet to see one but thats okay, im happy just typing them. ive been making these for 36 days now, im surprised I never manage to keep stuff like this going
you may think why I would take time out of my night for 36 days straight just to type out these stupid posts, sometimes people look at numbers and forget the person behind these fanbases are still human and dont get the full love they deserve
I dont like looking at numbers I look at the person behind them, you have motivated me so much and I even have my own youtube channel which I will link at the end of this thread if anyone else reading wants to check it out
today I hit 100 subscribers and although to you that may see tiny but its a huge deal to me, last time I checked I was at 102, I got up to eat came back and I was down to 95 which is what I started the day on
and honestly that kind of hurt a bit, but then I reminded myself I do videos because I have fun putting them together not for the numbers and if my videos can help just one person im happy
you and Ethan amaze me, and I am so proud of how far you two have come, you have become a huge inspiration to me and I thank you for that, before I discovered the DT channel I was struggling my way through school, failing all my classes, had no friends, and
had a bad habit of hiding out in the bathroom during classes and hiding out during PE Bullying got so bad I would only go to school 1-2 times a week... I then became online schooled, when I was 15 I completely gave up, I stopped trying
continued to fail, and I was constantly stressed but I stuck to doing it, when I was 17 my mom finally let me drop out since ill be 18 in august, now Im here trying to build myself and follow my dreams, I still get told to kill myself on a daily but at least
its not to my face, and theres no cuts and bruises, I mean social media has a block button for a reason. Thank you for inspiring me and getting me out of this constant feeling of being stuck, I love you, have a good night @GraysonDolan
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