Remember that new domestic #coronavirus infection I mentioned in #Wuhan yesterday? The 89 year old man has now passed it on to 5 others who’re also officially infected with #covid19. In this case there’s a lesson for the CommunistParty of #China but it’s not been learned...[cont]
An official from that #Wuhan housing compound has been removed for allowing 6 cases to develop on his patch. Why is this bad? Potentially not their fault (who knows)? Crucially: It creates a climate where officials might try to keep cases quiet for fear of losing their jobs.
#China’s 7-man Politburo Standing Committee met last week to discuss improving the early warning system for outbreaks like the #coronavirus. It was all maximum effort etc etc but the CommunistParty’s command and control system under Xi is powered by a fear of stuffing up...[cont]
It’s this risk-averse approach to save one’s arse which led to attempts to silence Dr Li Wenliang in #Wuhan. It also led to the way too slow decision to warn everybody when the first #covid19 clusters broke out in #Hubei Province... [cont]
Handling the #coronavirus requires openness, passing on information, telling the truth about the situation, not local officials quivering in their boots because they might be seen to have done the wrong thing and subsequently be tempted to sweep stuff under the matt. #covid19
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