1/ Potus tweets at 3:11 on 5/10 about #ObamaGate for the 1st time.
Potus tweets at 10:10 on 5/10 about #ObamaGate for the 2nd time today.

Post 311 is about Obama
2/ Post 1511 shows us who was at what position. 1511 is 3:11 pm military time
3/ so then Potus tweets #ObamaGate again at 10:10. Notice how on Twitter it has the day number but not the month number. So Potus is obviously pointing at 1010.

UK/GER [5 days].
Choice is yours.
4/ I'll refer you to this thread to check out the German Protests today. https://twitter.com/TheSpeaker2018/status/1259190393108717568?s=19
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