I'm going to say this, and its going to contradict a lot of comics, but Batman doesn't use guns because he is opposed to them. He refused to use guns because it's far more terrifying to not use one

Criminal: I'll fucking shoot you
Vigilante Cryptid: It won't help you.
Furthermore, Batman doesn't kill because he is opposed to killing. Batman doesn't kill to induce fear and spread his legend. He's literally going out at night to traumatize criminals of Gotham. Death is scary, but surviving the bat will make you check your closet at night.
Batman may speak a high moral game, but that isn't what he is doing. He's not being a better person. He is being a terrifying person.

Frankly, we don't see enough of that. We got GLIMPSES of it in the 89 Batman, but Batman doesn't fight, he attacks.
Batman should really be a horror film. Or at least have that horror vibe when we see THE BAT on screen. Everything he does is straight out of a slasher film. Everything.

And that is on purpose. His whole reason for existing is making criminals too afraid to break the law.
This is what the movies get wrong and the comics only sort of touch on.

Also there is no way in hell that mother fucker doesn't start using fear toxin in his smoke bombs after the first fight with the scarecrow
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