AlienQ mini decode
Alot of Q posts have a 2 year delta, meaning, a Q post 2 years before today often matches the news 2 years later. With #ObamaGate trending on Twitter, the next few days will place the eyes of the world on this platform. What does Q say? Let's see...
Wow- All about #Obamagate. On THIS EXACT day Q posted 2 years ago... Lets take a look at some more shall we? #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE
3/ On this date..
This one is a link to a story with themes of nurse negligence on aged patients. Q comments "this is not a game". Are we going to start hearing more stories of unnecessary covid deaths due to hospital negligence? How amazing that it is relevant exactly 2 yrs ago!
4/ Same day. "Nunes Report" Google it. When this report was released heavily edited- a TWITTER hashtag #RELEASETHENUNESREPPORT WENT VIRAL like THE #ObamaGate TAG oh and btw the report is all about #ObamaGate
5/ Same day same shiznay
Oh look its the flag
Castle LOCK ?
The white house is secured by that famous front GATE.
where have i heard that word 'gate' recently?
Same day
Read slowly
Why do former dignitaries still have high level security clearance/access?
Obama still has high level access.
Relevant TODAY? Even mentions Future proves PAST
Topics: Space X, China Surveillance capability and F9
Relevant today?
lets see.. I googled China Rocket f9..
Today's news.
So if we link chinese surveillance to these massive orbiting rockets, is China able to survey the world with some big rockets? Clearly they have the tech.
I hear the doubters saying "oh its easy to backtrack in hindsight". Ok, so lets look at tomorrow. It's all about us. All about twitter. It's telling us to stay calm during this #obamagate stuff. Dont get excited and share untruths, confirm your sources. We are the Q Army. /
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