My favorite personal subplot of #TheLastDance is Scottie Pippen’s quest to get back on @tcb747 Christmas Tree.

When I was a kid, we had Christmas tree ornaments of a lot of the great 90’s athletes. Ken Griffey Jr, Michael Jordan,
Brett Favre, etc. We also had a Scottie Pippen ornament. Scottie was inarguably one of the great 90’s (and all time) NBA players.
Scottie had his place on the tree with the other 90’s great - right up until the infamous end of Game 3 of the ‘94 NBA Finals, when he sat out the last 1.8 seconds.
To dad, quitting on your teammates was unforgivable and since then, Scottie’s ornament has stayed in the box come Christmas time every year since then.

But since #TheLastDance started, and we’ve gotten a better look at Scottie, @tcb747 stance on it has softened.
By next week, Scottie might even complete his legacy by making his long awaited return to the family Chistmas tree. Or the ornament might be donated to goodwill. Still too soon to tell.
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