#TaraReade is like all pathological liars. They embellish a story with each telling. The more they talk, the more they unwittingly expose their con. When you tell the truth, your story doesn't change. Read on. /1
Before I get to the plethora of lies in @megynkelly's impotent interview of Tara, here are some other things which, cumulatively, strip Tara of credibility. We'll begin with the less consequential lies. /2
This was the Twitter acct (TaraMcCabe94) began in Sept 2016. Points I make will be relevant as we go. It's the account with which she demonstrated admiration for @JoeBiden twice in 2017. /3
TaraMcCabe94 account tweeted: "I am new to Twitter" on Oct 18, 2016. The problem with that? It's a lie. In Oct 2010, she had the @SoulVibesShow account (Frankie and Tara). Therefore, in 2016, she wasn't "new" to Twitter. /4
Tara's Nov 11, 2010 tweet in SoulVibesShow account: "Is textguilting an effective tool when used as emotional manipulation on loved ones?" How telling that she mentions emotional manipulation since that's what she's doing on the backs of real #MeToo survivors. /5
By the way, we know the SoulVibesShow is #TaraReade because of this tweet that mentions her brother Collin Moulton. /6
Back to her TaraMcCabe94 Twitter. On Nov 21, 2016, she tweeted a link to a GoFundMe allegedly for a "nonprofit we founded to help." No such nonprofit called "Boudicca Rising" was ever formed. /7
Guess who was the beneficiary of that GoFundMe for the non-existent nonprofit? You guessed it. #TaraReade.

Here's the link to that GFM: https://www.gofundme.com/f/boudicca-rising-legal-assistance

The organizer of the fraudulent GoFundMe that would benefit Tara Reade?

Mariana Nava of Eureka, CA. She's employed by @DisabilityCA. /9
In 2013, Tara also had this GoFundMe. The young woman in the photo is her daughter, Michaela. /10
In 2012, Tara had a blog (now hidden from public view) in which she talks about failing the California bar exam. TWICE.


Now to the Megyn Kelly interview, rife with lies.

Tara can't even come up with a plausible answer to describe a human resources dept where she allegedly filed the complaint. She was 29 and a college graduate, alleging she was worldly. But stumbled on this response. /12
Megyn asks if Tara has an attorney. Tara lies and says no. "Just me kind of stumbling around trying to tell my story." She wrote MANY articles. Testifies in court as an "expert." Graduated from law school, so knows law... but is "stumbling around trying to tell" her story? /13
Remember her tweet about "emotional manipulation?" This is what Tara does. Also, the crying is entirely fake. Not one tear even leaves her eye. And remember, she claims to be an actress with extensive training and enough talent to get into Juilliard. 🤣 /14
Someone who is a trained actress AND a pathological con, has a double advantage of pulling off a scam.


Tara is asked why she would praise @JoeBiden on her other account.

"I'm an expert witness on domestic violence issues . . . so that was an account that was part of that awareness."

The problem? It wasn't. I reviewed EVERY TWEET in the @taramccabe94 account. NOT ONE is about domestic violence. Half the tweets are telling people to check out her comedian brother. The account had nothing to do with "that awareness." Blatant lie. Easily debunked. /17
She claims she was "lacking in courage" when the local paper asked her if it was sexual assault. Claims it was "the first time" telling the story. She'd already written the Medium piece. /18
Tara expects us to believe that a woman who TESTIFIES as an "expert witness" in domestic violence cases and who went to law school lacks "courage" to tell the truth? This is the same woman who describes herself as the "alpha in the room." /19
And finally, the kicker. In 1993, women were required to wear pantyhose in Congress. Tara NOW alleges that not only wasn't she wearing pantyhose, but she was wearing CROTCHLESS PANTIES (lingerie) because she was meeting her boyfriend later? /20
Bear in mind that at the time of this Megyn Kelly interview, Tara (whatever-the-fuck-her-name-is-this-week) is a 56-year-old ADULT woman who's been an actress, gone to law school, and testifies in court as an expert witness, but she can't say the word "crotchless?" /21
A woman who allegedly WORE crotchless lingerie underneath her skirt to her new job at the Senate, who had the confidence to allegedly do that, says Joe's fingers were inside her "private area." area" and can't say "crotchless." Give me a fucking break. /22
Also in the Megyn Kelly version of Tara's story, she HANDED the gym bag to @JoeBiden. (She makes a point of saying she didn't know where it was, to cover her lie.) Then put one hand up her shirt & the other under her skirt while holding the gym bag. Does he have three hands? /23
Tara added more embellishments. Says he opened her legs with his knee. First claims Joe said a lot of things. But says it happened fast. But there was no small talk. But he was saying things while he was doing it. (Reminder: Biden stutters. He doesn't talk fast.) /24
#TaraReade is unstable and sociopathic. Why ANY credible journalist would even continue to give her attention makes me wonder about their motives as much as hers. #IBelieveJoe #BidenHarris2020 #VoteBlue /25
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