The following year is 96 and I'm asked to go with Jerry Stackhouse to play in Fred Whitfield's "Greatest Pickup Game"...I'm a college kid in a lockeroom w/ Scottie, Rod Strickland, C Webb, Allan Houston, Ron Harper, etc...We're down 1 & Ron Harper (Coach) calls Timeout.....Cont'd
MJ says "Give me the damn ball so we can get the hell outta here and party tonight". MJ catches the ball at the hash and hits a 28 foot contested jumper. The ball sits on the rim for 2 seconds, and drops in...I'm in disbelief. Cont'd
I turn and look at MJ and he's running to the lockeroom escorted by security...The most insane moment Ive seen with my own 2 eyes.... #thelastdance
Later that night, we're at the Greensboro Coliseum for a Will Downing concert and to hear an unknown comedian named Bernie Mac...In an arena of 15,000 ppl, I'm sitting at the front table with the Chicago Bulls....Cont'd
Mind you, I'm scared as hell. Everyone is dressed like millionaires and I'm a college student with khakis and a polo shirt. Jerry Stackhouse tells me "Bernie Mac, is gonna destroy you if he see you with that BS outfit on"..I'm nervous as hell as Bernie takes the stage...Cont'd
True to form, Bernie takes his shots at everyone at our table. He crushed Scottie, destroyed Ron Harper about his speech impediment, then he looked me dead in my eye. I slid down a bit in my chair and skipped over me and joked MJ for a few seconds... Afterwards, we went in the
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