#Obamagate #FlynnWasFramed
I've prior made a thread re A. McCabe's motive to want to take out @GenFlynn
Let's 🧐🧐into BHO's incentives - it doesn't seem to be reported WHY BHO was SO adamant on preventing Flynn being part of Trump admin!
Link in 3/6
"....rise of the Islamic State (ISIS) was the result of a “willful decision,”—not an intelligence failure—by the Obama Administration."
"...Pentagon and USIC believe that President Obama has committed clear impeachable crimes against the U.S. Constitution."
Quotes in 2/6 are from 2015 - almost a year after Gen. Flynn 'resigned' from DIA (pushed by BHO admin).
In 2015 Flynn had an interview with Al-Jazeera (above quotes included):
In '12, Flynn wrote a report "VISION2020: Accelerating Change Through Integration" (I've not been able to find/gain access to report). Report countered BHO's claim Al Qaeda was retreating.
☝️part of BHO's discontent w/ Flynn (in other words that Flynn refused to be a puppet)
The 1st report (2010) from Flynn, co-authored (also w/ Ezra Cohen-Watnick), related to useless intelligence coordination+minimal educated personnel that could lead to exposing terror-groups, their plans etc - that US basically had fallen into a trap!
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