everything about mewgulf x peraya crumbs and interactions — a thread for the relevant couples in this industry ✨
mew - KU 69
gulf - OSK 134
singto - KU 72 ; OSK 130
krist - KU 73

singto, krist & mew all went to kasetsart university (KU) while gulf and singto both graduated from suankularb wittayalai (SK) school so they have this junior-senior relationship and met each other before ☺️
we got to witness the osk boys' relationship during the line tv awards this year when singto tried talking to gulf 🥺 meanwhile, look at mew in between getting confused so gulf explained about the situation 🤭
ohm and mew kept looking back and forth at singto and gulf SO CUTE 🤧
remember when osk boys gathered during the award show and they took a photo together 🥺 gulf won best kissing scene with mew (TTTS) and singto won best dramatic scene with ohm (he's coming to me) PROUD OF OSK BOYS ✊
never forget who took the osk picture gulf posted on his instagram story, yes! it was no other than mew suppasit 😭 HE WAS VERY SUPPORTIVE I LOVE THIS SO MUCH 💖
caption (1): tonight's party
caption (2): p'sing helped me rank up

mewsing are actually gaming (rov) buddies and it's so cute how mew called singto phi even tho the latter is 3 years younger than him 😂
mewsing had a common friend: bxxm_jj and they were gaming buddies 😂

j: how many stars are hurting? mission from con. to dimond is real 😂😂😂😂
s: for real, we keep downgrading as we keep on playing. i don't understand 😭

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