Ok so I'm finally making this thread. I just thought that it'd be really fun & a cool idea to do this thread & plus I haven't seen it before so please don't judge😉....apologies if anyone has done it before. So, this is #HeartbreakWeather songs as animals ~ a thread👇👇
#HeartbreakWeather reminds me of a Rabbit because it's a song that just makes you want to jump around & dance like crazy which in some sense describes the personality of a rabbit.🐇🐰
#BlackandWhite reminds me of a Panda cause its a song with very cute & innocent lyrics just like a panda, who is filled with innocence & cuteness. Zebra & Penguins are also a great option!🐼🦓🐧
#DearPatience definitely reminds me of a turtle, cause its one of the many few animals that is a perfect definition of patience. And the lyrics in the song also talk about having patience.🐢🐢
#BendtheRules reminds me of a cat...the sadness in the eyes of this cat describes the sadness of how a person is feeling when they're going through such a stage in their relationship and it also describes how anyone would feel when they listen to the lyrics of the song.🥺😿🐱
#SmallTalk reminds me of a tiger. A tiger usually hates to do any sort of talking, and it would just go ahead and get straight to the point and do what it wants to do. Ok so this is quite random, but if you think about it, you'll understand why I chose this😉😂🐅🐯
#NiceToMeetYa definitely reminds me of a dolphin cause this song has lyrics that are very cheeky & the personality of a dolphin is also very friendly & cheeky. Perfect fit!☺️🐬
#PutALittleLoveOnMe reminds me of a white dove cause even though this dove symbolizes peace, it also defines love & this song beautifully describes the emotion of love and how one feels when they're heartbroken🥺💔🕊
#ArmsOfAStranger reminds me of a dog cause as the lyrics say, '..now I'm lying in the arms of a stranger, trying to get over you' we often tend to find love in the warmth of animals especially a dog (cause they understand humans the most) when we are sad🥺🐕🐶
#Everywhere reminds me of a Frog. This is also quite random but frogs are very active (they love jumping) just like this song & frogs are also everywhere 😜🐸
#CrossYourMind reminds me of a lizzard which can also be a little random, but since lizzards can be bold and shy at the same time...it kind of describes the person that the song is talking about.🦎🦎
#NewAngel reminds me of a Parrot. I don't know why but this was literally the first animal that came in my mind when I thought of this song...probably cause parrots are very vibrant & colourful which is also how the song is, gives good & new vibes 😇👼🦜
#Nothing reminds me of a chipmunk (probably random) but I can totally imagine Alvin & the Chipmunks jamming to this song....who agrees?😜🐿
#NoJudgement reminds me of a monkey just cause this song is very fun & carefree. And a monkey is such an animal that doesn't care about anything and will do whatever it wants to do.🐵🐒
#SanFrancisco reminds me of a hummingbird cause this song reminds me of a beautiful calm place and its such a heartfelt melody, and the hummingbird just gives those vibes.🥺🐦
#Still reminds me of a beautiful butterfly cause when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it completes its journey....just like this song completes the journey of the album, with its emotional lyrics, instrumentation and the whistles.🥺😭❤🐛🦋
Hope you all like this thread, and feel free to give your opinion if you think of different animals for some songs. I just wanted to thank @crystalclearnh for helping me for a couple of them (especially the monkey one😄) and @killmykivi for the zebra idea 😉😉
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