Decided tonight to play a drinking game...every time MJ throws shade at Krause I’m drinking #thelastdance
I bet Jerry Krause family cooking up their own episode 11 & 12 talking about how bad MJ has been as an GM/Owner in the league #thelastdance
Between 1985-1989 all Krause did was:

Sign Paxson/Cartwright
Traded for Pippen in the draft
Drafted Grant, BJ Armstrong
Hired Phil Jackson and later name him HC after Firing MJs Coach - Doug Collins
Drafted Kukoc (didnt play with Bulls until 93’) #thelastdance
Krause drafted 3 All-Stars (2 of them BJ and Grant became All-Stars after Jordan retired the first time)
He also drafted a HOF (Pippen), one of the best foreign players to play in the league and hired the best NBA Coach of all-time when NO ONE knew him!
MJ as a GM would never..and he knows that and that eats at him..better put some respeck on Krause name lol #thelastdance
Hate em or love em Krause played a major role in getting the Bulls 6 Rings

Could the Bulls won more if Krause didn’t break it up? Sure..but Krause helped create the dynasty so the question should be how many rings would MJ won if Krause didn’t make all those moves #thelastdance
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