THEORY -- In the end, the Trump/Flynn/Pence facts will be these: Trump asked Flynn to do the calls. Pence knew about them and that sanctions were discussed. Flynn didn't lie to Pence. 1/
(THEORY) - Pence's statements about the calls were not incorrect because Flynn had lied to him. They were talking points, and they were lies on Pence's part. They didn't want us to know Trump was undermining Obama's sanctions. (They still don't want us to know what was said.) 2/
(THEORY) - Trump/Pence thought we'd never learn the true topic of the calls. So even when Yates advised McGahn they were concerned that Flynn had lied to Pence, they did nothing. Why? Flynn had been doing their bidding and he'd lied to the FBI to protect all of them. 3/
(THEORY) - It was only when the nature of the calls became public, that Trump/Pence felt compelled to fire Flynn. They didn't want to say anything about Flynn's lies to the FBI, so they came up with the "He lied to Pence" claim. That was a lie on their part. 4/
(THEORY) - Now, of course, they're lying every which way -- about the facts, law, the case -- to dismiss the charge against Flynn which likely wouldn't have occurred at all if Pence hadn't lied on Face the Nation, thereby triggering DOJ concern about Flynn's "lies" to Pence. /End
How many times has Pence lied to the American people??? Too many to count.
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