Hi, I’m a PhD candidate @foalab @TasSchoolMed and I’ve been asked to introduce #ThisIsMyScience for @pintofscienceAU. Well, are you ready to learn some secrets of our #BeautifulMind? I’m here to tell you all about the intriguing role of #serotonin in brain #development. #PhDchat
Serotonin is a “wonder” molecule that controls most of our body functions and social behaviours. It keeps us happy and on track. Scientists have discovered that serotonin may have yet another job, long before birth. The $1M question is: what job? Hold my beer… #ThisIsMyScience
The brain before birth looks like a community of #neurons (brain cells) that establish connections with each other’s to communicate, exactly as people do! I speculate serotonin’s unknown job is orchestrating how neurons select suitable partners to connect with #ThisIsMyScience
To test this wild idea, I grew neurons in a dish and exposed them to super-duper tiny molecules of serotonin. With the help of fancy microscopy, I discovered serotonin instructs neurons where to go, which could cause lifelong changes in the brain. #ThisIsMyScience
Why does this matter? Understanding how serotonin levels lead neurons to establish the right connection, could be beneficial to develop future treatments for neurodevelopmental disorders like #autism, that are likely caused by neurons selecting the wrong partner. #ThisIsMyScience
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