Cultish traits of the "Malay" community

-only one single religion (more correctly, only one sect) allowed
-blatant, introspection-less institutional racism/sectarianism
-insistence on clinging onto power
-politicization of cultural traits
One may say that each race has bad fruits and weak points.

But even among the worldwide Muslim community, the Malay Muslim community had a particularly cultish behavior.

Even Arabs, Turks, and Persians adhere to multiple religions. Malaysian Malays only adhere to one.
This cultish trait is what makes it a mystery, how does the country get this far without breaking into civil wars.

A warning to the Malaysian Malay community to start dealing with the cultish traits in their community or risk a civil war in the next 50 years.
"But what about other races in Malaysia?"

The cultish traits unfortunately is unique to the Malaysian Malays. Can't say the same for the Malays in other countries or to other races in Malaysia.
"This thread is anti-Malay".

All cultish traits are learned behaviors that can be reformed if there is a will. Saying that attacking these traits is anti-Malay is a false equation of a community with its bad behavior.

"Malay" is more than just a political cult.
"This is a sensitive issue"

All issues concerning subconscious behavior are to some extent sensitive. Again, without the will, we cannot deal with the issues properly.

The issues are gonna get worse if there is no introspection and reform, which is totally possible.
The "Malay" at its best is a diverse, vibrant, dynamic colorful and open cultural group.

It need not be a political cult that some conservatives subconsciously treat it as such.

We can restore back the conception of the "diverse Malay."
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