Republicans always lose and the swamp never drains because Democrats view politics as a life or death power struggle while Republicans treat it like a gentlemanly game of golf.
This is mostly a media problem. The media is so hostile to anything even remotely conservative, all we can hope for is watered down Democrat policies.

Because people are human and Republicans want to be loved and accepted like most people do.
A Republican, not matter how conservative they start out, eventually gets to Washington and they wear down. Even though it’s less than single-ply toilet paper, that bad write up in the Washington Post hurts.
That nasty Politico article about you isn’t fun to read. Friends and family make it worse.

“Did you see what Politico said about you?! They’re lying.” It’s sucks getting that call from mom.
And the pundits on the Right can be just as bad. You see, they’re trying to get in fancy parties and fancy boardrooms too. And you don’t get in those boardrooms unless you break ranks and join the newest rage mob and trash the guy who took conservatism “too far”.
That’s why we never win. Human nature. It truly takes a borderline sociopath to withstand that onslaught.

Just know this: Conservatism that doesn’t cause mass media rage across the board is conservatism that will never conserve anything.

That’s all.
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