Me vs the Dragon Prince character I am most similar too.

This one might be surprising, but it is true. And I have a lot to say about Lord Viren and @aboySimpson’s incredible performance as the character so— thread below.

Feel free to do your own! #TheDragonPrince
No, I’m obviously not evil or a murderer. But I can relate to a lot of Viren’s character flaws, and that attributes itself to the nuance of his character. Not only do I this Viren as a fellow INFJ (for reasons I’ll get into below) #TheDragonPrince #DragonPrince #TDP
but as someone who suffers from severe obsessive compulsive disorder I have a lot to relate to Viren about.

Viren is a character with extreme obsessive tendencies, portrayed so accurately it is actually frightening for me to watch at times #TheDragonPrince #DragonPrince #TDP
His relentless tenaciousness and funneled focus when he gets passionate is incredibly reminiscent of my own obsessive tendencies and disposition. Further, through this he spirals further and further down the rabbit hole #TheDragonPrince #DragonPrince #TDP
losing all sense of morality and justifying any means to an end.

This is not only indicative, but flat out relatable, to my own experiences fighting against my obsessive compulsive. I have been there. I have spiraled and caused harm. #TheDragonPrince #DragonPrince #TDP
Much of my life has been learning to control my disorder so I don’t cause more.

So yeah, Viren’s spiral into darkness due to his obsessive, extreme personality is very personal and downright relatable to me. #TheDragonPrince #DragonPrince #TDP
Falling into darkness, a voice whispering in your ear and spiraling out of control? Well, that’s just about the obsessive compulsive experience.

It’s a fascinating arc to watch play out, for sure. #TheDragonPrince #DragonPrince #TDP
And there are other things I can relate to Viren about. Obviously this is strictly in regards to personality, but it’s true. His introversion and introspection, his passion for the things and people he loves, his frustration at society understanding him. #TheDragonPrince #TDP
He is a remarkably well- realized and complex character, and one of the most fascinating villains I have ever had the pleasure to watch.

Lord Viren characterization gush over.

#TheDragonPrince #DragonPrince #TDP
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