Day 100: I suppose I'm meant to say something special today.

One hundred days.

Some will call it a great effort.
Some will call it a waste of time.

Quite honestly, I don't know what to think.

All I can think is that we need to take action on climate change.

And we haven't.
I considered making this a thread about the progress which had been made on climate change since I started doing this in Febuary.

But I didn't want to create some sense of complacency - some idea that we have come in any way close to fulfilling his great task before us.
I considered making this a thread about what I've done these past one hundred days.

But I didn't want to give the idea that this is in any way about me at all - not when it is far, far greater.
I considered bringing out some facts and statistics.
I considered demanding that we listen to the science.
I considered reminding everyone of the importance of this fight.

But I know I'd just be preaching to the choir.
So what should I say?

What should I say after 100 days?

100 days of calling for #ClimateAction?
I don't know what to say, really.

And that should be fairly evident to you if you've read this far.

Perhaps I've perfected Bismarck's art of using a great many words to say nothing at all.

Or perhaps there are simply no words apt enough to convey this despair.
I went for a walk today.

I walked down to my school - the school that closed on Day 48.

And for about an hour, I enjoyed the chance pick litter, alone, on the roadside where I'd so often picked litter before with my friends.

And it got me thinking.

(Dangerous, I know...)
There was no way I could clean up every piece of litter on that roadside. Not on my own.

Even when we'd worked as a group, there would still inevitably be some left behind.

Because it isn't down to one person. Or to a group of people.

It shouldn't be.
Picking litter isn't climate action.

But I was near school, so perhaps English lessons of old crept back into my head and span metaphors to link the two.

In neither case can singular actions win the day.
Victory - for the people and the planet - is contingent on greater change.
What's needed is a change to us all.

A change by us all. From us all.

A change throughout society.

Trying to clean away the pollution - be it litter or carbon dioxide - is not a solution.

It is a lie to make us feel better.

What we need is to stop it ever being there at all.
Just think of a world where everyone cared.

From the humblest human eking out a living in the dirt to the grandest institution rising high into the clouds.

If both cared equally, perhaps we cld build that world.

But right now, only one seems to care.

The one who lives it.
How many scientists must present the world with their evidence?
How many young people must make themselves a sign?
How many activists must be persecuted and murdered?

How many hollow promises must be made and broken and forgotten?

How many?

Before we act?
We could build a better world - right now - if we wanted to.

Or, rather, if those with the power wanted to.

Bcause we want to.
The people want to.
One hundred days.

One hundred fruitless, wasted days.

One hundred days where the deaths continued, the fires raged, the floods roared and the skies burst into storms.

One hundred days.

But we have to have hope.
Hope that we can build that better world.
Hope in each other.
Hope in the fight.

We can make it to that world.
We can make it through this crisis.

So I'll see you on the other side.

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